LIVE on CBS This Morning: #BlogHerPayHer

It's not every day we get to announce the State of the BlogHer Economy on national television. This morning it was my absolute pleasure to join CBS This Morning with Norah O'Donnell and Anthony Mason. Here's what happened: ...more
Congrats! This is awesome! I've never blogged. I'm just starting to figure out what blog means. ...more

Is Finding Balance All It's Cracked Up to Be?

I've seen a lot of posts lately on blogs or in comment threads discussing "finding balance." "How do you find balance as a blogger?" "How do you balance your work and family life?" "How balanced is your social media vs. face-to-face interaction with people?" ...more
Almost always when I hear the phrase finding your balance, my brain seems to shut down. the ...more

Garden Blogs to Follow This Spring

It might be cold where you are, or spring might have sprung early (like it has at BlogHer's office in California), but mid-March is time to start thinking about getting your garden on. Whether you've got tons of backyard space or are more of a houseplant person; whether you're interested in veggies or decorative plants or a little of everything—we've found great garden blogs just for you. ILONA'S GARDEN JOURNAL ...more
Thanks for sharing these links. I look forward to getting to know these bloggers and their ...more

What Do You Do ‘When Opportunity Knocks’? Here’s a 7-Step Plan

CNBC senior talent producer Lori Ann LaRocco built her success in the TV industry by creating a "trillion-dollar Rolodex"—an unparalleled network of trust with relationship industry leaders who give her the stories first. In Opportunity Knocking, LaRocco talks about how she created this network and succeeded in a competitive industry using what she calls the Opportunity Pyramid....more

The Other Woman in My Marriage

Every year we get the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start anew. Many of us make resolutions to lose weight, pay off debt or lead a healthy lifestyle.  So far, my goal this year has been to reconnect with my husband and kick the other woman in our marriage to the curb. You may know her by the name of Siri. ...more
This is hilarious especially since 2 weeks ago MY Facebook post was "There's a new woman in my ...more

Happy Birthday, Online World: 25 Reasons Why I Love the Internet

The internet just turned twenty-five years old! That’s a good year, isn’t it? A year to be noticed and applauded. As a birthday gift, I’ve made the internet a list of twenty-five ways it has impacted my life. If you have ideas to add, leave them in the comments below, or you can hop over to your own blog, write about it, and link back here for sharing. Here we go. ...more
BlogHer coolmore

Grab Your BlogHer '14 Blog Badge and Get Excited for Our 10th Anniversary Celebration!

You've been asking for a little bling to show your BlogHer '14 love on your blogs. We've been saying, "It's coming! Soon!" Well, wait no longer! We've got 18 great badges for you to choose from for this year's conference. And, oh, they look good this year, featuring our 10th Anniversary Celebration colors and such. I just love them, and I think you will too....more
MelanieShebel Not yet, but stay tuned! -Momomore

With Enrollment Deadline Looming, Sebelius Listens to Bloggers' Healthcare Stories

With the deadline for open enrollment for healthcare coverage looming on March 31, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius took the time today to speak with a small group of bloggers with questions to ask—and compelling stories to tell—about health insurance. ...more
A friend of mine lives in California and has been struggling to get work for several years, ...more

How to Organize Pinterest Boards

I reached a point of having so many pins and not enough boards and I could never, and I mean never, find what I was looking for on my own boards. And since I really try to use Pinterest, at least a fair amount of the time, to collect ideas for recipes I will actually cook, crafts I will actually create, and DIY projects I will actually do, I needed a better system. ...more
@mirthangel BlogHer  You're welcome!more

Memorable Moments in TV History Before Social Media Spoilers

Google defines the term spoiler as a person or thing that spoils something.  Most often your TV show. ...more
I will add Rosalind Shays walking into the elevator shaft on LA Law.more