I Reject You, Higher Standards

The standards I once thought applied only to the landed gentry suddenly feel like they're applying to me sitting here in my home office in suburban Kansas City with plans only to buy my daughter a new pair of tennies and maybe hit a family-friendly pizza place on the way home tonight....more

New Facebook Gender Settings and How to Change Yours

Your body. Your definition. Now on Facebook. Facebook added the ability to set your gender outside the binary male/female choices just in time for Valentine's Day. Now you can define yourself with a choice more reflective of who you really are if the binary choices don't cover it. Facebook on phone, Image Credit: Shutterstock ...more
I just changed mine to "Female Dog"more

Eight Ways to Get LEGAL Images for Your Blog Posts

Blog posts without images? It's very rare to see that in this day and age.  Of course, you also know that it's illegal to grab any old image off the Web and use it on your blog... ...more
Creative Commons Search is another great tool. I've also read that you can use Getty images now.more

Why I Didn't Share My Urinary Tract Infection on Social Media

Earlier tonight, I put on my casual-dress-professional-cold-weather attire and went to an exclusive preview tasting at a chocolatier. I sipped great wine, ate fine chocolate, and mingled with friends, old and new. We exchanged lighthearted conversation about our blogs, and weighed in on other recent events many of us have attended. I exchanged hugs, social kisses, and sincere thanks to the people who hosted and invited me. And I did it all with the utmost sincerity. Of that, you can be sure. ...more
"Call me when your pee is prettier than mine."  Brilliant!!!!!  Gave me a good, hearty laugh. ...more

You Can Find Strange Connections on Social Media

Yesterday, I was editing a post on BlogHer, a cautionary tale on using images on your blog. (Uh, if you haven't read what happened to this blogger, you really should. Because I see illegally used images on your blogs all the time when I'm reading. Please be careful. And kind.) I squinted at the name of the artist whose image had been stolen: Marian Osher. She was my childhood art teacher. ...more
I contacted my siblings on my fathers side of the family who didn't know I existed until 2 yrs ...more

Lesson Learned: Bloggers, Pay Attention When Selecting Images and Make Sure You Have Permission to Use Them

It was last November.  I was writing a post about my mother’s final days on this earth. Mom had battled Alzheimer’s for more than eight years, and her sad, long journey was almost at an end. The image I chose for my post was a beautiful Tree of Life creation which fit perfectly with my subject matter.  I remember hesitating just for a moment.  Was it an image I had purchased from a service?  Had I found it in Creative Commons?  Was it okay to use? ...more
thegomamas Appreciate you coming to read.more

A Blogging Mission Statement Will Keep You Focused

There are five hundred forty-seven different reasons why people blog. I have determined my goals, and I actively try not forget them. I consider myself a writer, rather than a blogger. The website I created was intended to establish my online presence. The essays, lists and tutorials I post on my blogs are like my resume. ...more
redshutters mcarisa BlogHer I've been working on mine, and actually have written one for my new ...more

5 Sex Blogs You Can't Miss

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite fun, informative, and sexy blogs that highlight the diversity in sexuality. Check them out and tell us if you have other blogs to share! ...more
I am new to the sex blog scene, but don't let that fool you, I am pretty lewd! I also have a MD ...more

Clean Up Your Computer Day

A lot of people I know are doing some de-cluttering and organizing this month, whether they've made resolutions to do so or not. The new year is just one of those times when people have the urge to DO things, CLEAN things, and ORGANIZE things. While you're in the mood to tidy up, take an hour or two and clean up your computer. You might even want to do it today since it's "Clean Out Your Computer Day". Here are some tips to help you get started....more
I clean my cache and history regularly. I always run scandisk. It really cleans the files from ...more

Interviewing Oprah: Don't Get Caught Up in My Hype

There is a thin line between tooting your own horn and being the Kanye West of bragging so hard people want to punch you in the face....more
How courageous of you to "share the ugly parts." It's so easy to forget that, in social spaces, ...more