Seven Blogging Lessons in Seven Blogging Years

I recently celebrated seven years of blogging. In seven years, I’ve learned a couple of things about this process.  Here are seven lessons about blogging that I’ve learned over the past seven years. ...more
It is nice to see a post from someone with such long term blogging experience , I realize I ...more

Isn't This Funny? A List of "Ugly" Feminists Including Jessica Valenti

This week the website Return Of Kings (which I had never heard of, but I’m sure is super important and relevant) published their list of The 9 Ugliest Feminists in America. My first thought was: What, they couldn’t find one more ugly feminist in order to round it out to an even ten? My second thought was: I wonder which pictures of me they chose for their post? Everyone knows that I am at least the third ugliest feminist in North America. ...more
First of all, you're in no way ugly no matter what the mean 12 year olds said. Secondly, these ...more

Announcing the Preliminary BlogHer ’13 Break-out Schedule

It’s a big day at BlogHer! We’re excited to unveil the preliminary agenda for our annual conference! Visit the BlogHer ‘13 agenda page to see all what’s in store for you in Chicago this July. This first round of programming includes the break-out session in the following eight program tracks....more
Will there be a place to print these printable agendas? Many people no longer have printers at ...more

Registration Is Open for Pathfinder, HealthMinder, and Viewfinder Day

The BlogHer annual conference may be a two day conference, but it's really a three day experience. We began building up the Thursday program two years ago, to provide more intensive subject matter focus in smaller groups, for attendees wanting to ease into the main conference events on Friday and Saturday.In 2011, we introduced Pathfinder Day and it was so warmly received by conference attendees that that in 2012, we added HealthMinder Day to the Thursday schedule. This year, we're pleased to dedicate a day of programming to yet another key focus for bloggers, and today we're opening registration for what is now three pre-conference programming days at BlogHer ’13:...more

Does Age Matter When It Comes to Social Media?

How much does age matter when it comes to the Internet? On one hand, the computer can become not only a great age leveler -- it can release us from all the preconceived notions we bring into a conversation with someone we can see face-to-face. It no longer matters how you present visually; it matters what you have to say. On the other hand, with age comes viewpoint, wisdom, and focus. What would interest a teenager might not be what would interest a middle-aged woman. There are sites aimed at teenagers and sites aimed at baby boomers, and somewhere in between is this vast land of sites and conferences where people mix, prompting Jane at MidLifeBloggers to question what makes someone a midlife blogger, and wonder if there is acceptance in the vibrant online midlife community for those aging beyond. ...more
You know, I blog because in my world I find it's a great way to connect with others in my world. ...more

Jen Roe Featured on The Today Show + More!

Jennifer Roe's blog From Fat to Finish Line was featured on The Today Show. ...more

Look Who's Pinning: The White House & Government Join Pinterest

The Obama White House is no stranger to the tools of civic engagement. Its social media hub page, titled "Engage and Connect," offers easy access to its Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Scribd, Flickr, Slideshare, LinkedIn, FourSquare and even GitHub accounts....more

How I'm Using Pottermore to Teach My Kids about Social Media

Back in 2010, @shaylamaddox tweeted that Twitter makes her like people she's never met, and Facebook makes her hate people she used to like. And while I giggled because sometimes it's so true, it was also a warning call to make social media different for my kids. The first generation of users may have gotten off to a rocky start online as we figure out etiquette. Hopefully the next users will do better, though the only way we can do that is if we teach them not to remake our mistakes. ...more
I was heart warmed by your lesson in connection and growth.  It is lovely to hear that you are ...more

Great Wordpress Plug-ins to Help You Blog Better

You have a shiny new self-hosted blog, but now you need to know which Wordpress plug-ins to add in order to have your blog reach its full potential. Dishwater Dreams gives you her 10 favourites. ...more
Oh my, I stopped using a few of those because they're unstable. And I never use WYSIWYG ...more