The Day My Daughter Learned About Minecraft Griefers

My daughter's school was blown up. No students were harmed, but the main building on the campus was completely destroyed, as well as the nearby dorms. Before your start racking your noggin trying to recall when this horrendous act took place on U.S. soil, I should mention that this attack didn't happen in reality. Rather in my daughter's carefully constructed Minecraft world. During an epic online building jaunt with a few friends, a stranger came into her multi-player session and bombed the school she had meticulously built—a school that took her hours to create....more
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Six Essential YouTube Tips to Build Your Channel

You made a video—hooray! You uploaded it to YouTube—yippee! But before you walk away from the computer, there are a few things you need to do! Things I wish I’d done but unfortunately didn’t know anything about when I first started my channel....more
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Is the Term Mommyblogger a Put-Down?

My take: At one time, "mommyblogging" was used by some as a way to diminish the value of moms who blog, with the unstated notion that they weren't "real" writers, especially if they were writing about the mundane topic of daily parenting. But guess what? If you keep writing and if you keep connecting with other bloggers, you will build up a readership for your writing endeavor -- witness the tens of thousands of successful moms/bloggers here on the rolls of BlogHer. ...more
I love this! Well said. I've been a journalist for almost 10 years. When I found out I was ...more

Are Selfies Making Our Kids Narcissistic?

I wouldn't say I have T-Rex arms, but my limited arm-span isn't ideal for taking selfies. Not only that, but my little thumb can’t seem to push that button while its other four friends are desperately grasping the phone (proof of this deficiency can be found on my Instagramaccount where I only have a handful of selfies). ...more
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What Taylor Swift Teaches Us About How to Best Use Social Media

With a 12-year-old in the house, I want to be aware of how people are portraying themselves online. Soon, my daughter may want her own Instagram account. She hasn't requested it yet, but given many of her classmates are heading in that direction, no doubt we'll be facing her own account creation sometime during middle school. Who will she follow? What will she post? What examples are appropriate for her newsfeed? Following Taylor has helped me identify five characteristics about social media etiquette that I can reference for my tweens when the time is right. ...more
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Video Equipment: From Newbie Essentials to Best Production Value Secret Weapons

If you're just jumping into video production, you might find yourself spending hours on Amazon trying find the video equipment you need to get started. You'll be reading reviews and seeing suggested products like professional-level cameras, wireless microphones, daylight-colored lighting gear, and tripods with ball heads or pivot heads....more
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Los Gringos Locos Was Featured on House Hunters International

Tina, who writes about her life in Latin America on Los Gringos Locos, was recently featured on House Hunters International. ...more
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The Very Important Reason Why I Add a Watermark to Certain Photos

Recently, I have been asked a ton about the watermark that I put on some of my Instagram images. I've been asked how I add the watermark, how I choose what images to mark, how I place the watermark without distorting or compromising the image quality, and why I add it. The How is easy, the Why is not so much, but today I'm going to explain both. ...more
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Top 5 Video Tips From SheKnows Media's VP of Video, Melissa Haggerty

This month, I sat down with Melissa Haggerty, vice president of video for SheKnows Media and the brilliant mind behind all those gorgeous videos you saw at #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us, to ask for her top five tips regarding video. Here's what she had to say!...more

Is Your Child's School Issuing Tech?

My kids' school started rolling out Chromebooks for the upper elementary grades last year. Each child is assigned their own Chromebook that they borrow for the year, which is plugged back into a charging cart at night and left at the school. My friend was telling me that her school asked parents to provide each child with a device -- either a Chromebook or a tablet -- that they were to bring back and forth from school to home each day. With testing going digital and more of our lives conducted online, it makes sense to bring kids onto devices. But who should bear the expense and set the guidelines -- the family or the school? ...more
Hi from Australia. My daughter's high school (yr8-12) has had a tech policy since 2012. Each ...more