A Month of Breakfast Ends With the Charming "Breakfast for Claire"

I found jazz guitarist, graphic designer, and breakfast lover Bill Wurtzel in the New York Times just as the Month of Breakfast began -- and I melted. How wonderful is this fellow, who plays with his food to give his wife of nearly 50 years over 400 healthful, and adorable, breakfasts? ...more

And this was a great way to end Month of Breakfasts.

Food celebrations? Salads (summer's ...more

Hop on the Green Smoothie Love Train for Breakfast

Green smoothies are all the rage these days. And I, being a fan of rages, have fallen in love with the green smoothie. I was first inspired by the Healthy Librarian at her blog, Happy Healthy Long Life. Then, after some illnesses in my family and pleas from my sister for us to all eat well and stay healthy, I was primed to impulse buy a fancy blender on sale at Whole Foods while on my way to visit my mother in the hospital. I have been making the most of my impulse buy, however, and have been making green smoothies on the regular ever since. ...more
@Karen Ballum I store the leafy greens in a very large Tuperware type of container.  It keeps ...more

Great Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Even beyond Tofu Scramble Yellow, vegan breakfasts are so colorful -- see Melissa's red Israeli breakfast, Fat free Vegan's blueberry breakfast cake, Health Writer Eats' green breakfast shake, and Happy Healthy Life's purple pepper eater breakfast. ...more

I'm absolutely an addict. With maple, cinnamon, dates, and maybe a little almond milk.

See, ...more

What Is Your Favorite Leftover Breakfast?

I do love pizza in the morning. In fact, I'm a big subscriber to the theory that if you top anything with an egg, it's breakfast. You can also serve it with coffee or juice -- presto, breakfast! What about you? ...more

fried rice made from left over rice the night before paired with egg and cured fried beef, yummore

Happy International Waffle Day!

Happy Waffle Day! Wait … I mean, happy Vaffledagen, or International Waffle Day! Yes, there are two Waffle Days each year: U.S. Waffle Day is August 24, and International Waffle Day is today. ...more

Change Up Your Breakfast With Not-So-Sweet Oatmeal

When I was a kid, oatmeal meant one of two things: Either homemade oatmeal that I doctored with as much brown sugar and as many raisins as it would bear, or envelopes of instant Quaker Oatmeal from the assorted flavor pack, which I mixed before school. Regardless, the oatmeal I ate was always flavored sweetly, whether I used brown sugar, maple syrup, or, in the case of the Quaker packets, just straight up regular sugar with artificial flavoring. ...more

We love savory oatmeal, too. Last weekend we tried pancetta (previously cooked), aged cheddar, ...more

Bakin' With Bacon for Breakfast

Mir might say bacon's jumped the shark and TW might claim that waffles are the new bacon. But let's face it: Bacon is the new bacon -- and the old bacon. Those amazing bloggers taking part in Charcutepalooza even made their own bacon in February. ...more

Ummm...bacon... Here you are speaking my language, Julie! I am a pork fan, BIG time. Whether ...more

Try French Toast Baked or Stuffed

When I'm in the mood for a big sweet breakfast, it's almost always basic French toast for me (rather than pancakes or waffles). But frankly, I'm almost never in this mood. I'm much more likely to make French toast for a crowd for holiday mornings or brunch. In those cases, I want something a little more showy and decadent, full of ripe fruit or melty cheese. Or I'd like a make-ahead recipe that serves a crowd, so I can just heat it up in the morning. Or, ideally, both. That's where stuffed and baked French toast recipes come into the picture. ...more
I've made this caramelized apple and peanut butter stuffed French toast and love it! ...more

Make an Israeli Breakfast with Salad and Pita

In traditional Israeli form, my husband and I just had an argument about what should be included in an Israeli breakfast. I insisted on hummus. My husband did that little annoying Israeli tongue-click and told me that he had never, ever seen hummus served at breakfast. He added white cheese (blech!), which would never make it to my Israeli table. In the end, he won because he pointed out that I almost never eat breakfast anyway, therefore had no leg to stand on about what was being served. ...more

I love salad in the morning, and people think that's odd. But vegetables always sound more ...more

A Tribute to Tonight's Super Moon

Tonight the moon is at its closest point to Earth -- and also rises full, a coincidence that makes it the largest-looking moon since March of 1983 and gives it the title of super moon. Of course, I couldn't let today's Month of Breakfast post go by without a tribute recipe to this astronomical event. ...more

I don't believe in the good/bad moon stuff, despite the stories my husband tells me from both ...more