From Blog Fail to Blogging Tenacity.

I had been wanting to start a blog for literally years. I had a liveJournal that I attended to regularly for about a decade before I discovered Facebook for my social needs and let LJ slide. I'm not sure LJ counts as a blog blog... or does it? It's a blogging platform, but it doesn't feel legit as far as blogging goes. It's like a "planned community"... a housing tract full of neighbors, some of whom you mesh with, but others you keep complaining to the HOA about, and that HOA does nothing to clean the place up....more
Karen Ballum, thank you! Very happy here :)more

How to Choose the Perfect Emoji for National Unfriend Day

The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year is... emoji. Actually, it's not just the word emoji. It's the pictograph of a face sobbing tears of joy. Why that one? Because it turns out to be the most used emoji across the world. It's sort of the perfect emoji for today, National Unfriend Day, a day for you to go through your social media lists and untangle yourself from the people who bring you down. What started as a Jimmy Kimmel joke has evolved into its own social media holiday. ...more
You have NO idea how excited this makes me. Now I have an excuse to clean out my FB with No ...more

Christmas is in My Heart! Giveaways too!

Hi everyone!  First let me give a big shout out to Marina at Seams to be Sew for once again coordinating all the fun.  Thanks again to Fat Quarter Shop, they are giving away a $25.00 gift certificate each day of the hop. You can sign up for a chance to win at any blog that is showing the entry box.  Just leave a comment at each blog for an entry. Be sure to check out Christmas is in My Heart blog hop every day. ...more

Announcing: #BlogHerFood16 Experts Among Us in Austin, Texas

Hey y'all ...It's that time: time to share with those of you who did not attend #BlogHerFood15 our location for our eighth annual Food event.#BlogHerFood16 is heading back to a city we love ... Austin!    Ranked as one of the top 10 food cities in the U.S., Austin brings food lovers lots of flavor, fun, and festivities....more

Paint for Me

My  Sunday Photo Fiction challenge!...more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Social Media Bootcamp: Pinterest

Social Media Bootcamp: PinterestThese tools are constantly evolving. This session will explore best practices for building your community and audience, with a special focus on understanding policies in place to keep in mind if doing commercial or client work....more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Building Your Business: Brands on Bloggers

Building Your Business: Brands on BloggersOur perennial favorite discussion. But with a twist of hearing a little more from the brand and agency side. We've certainly all heard about bad PR pitches, but there are also bad blogger pitches! Learn what makes brands cringe, recoil, or leap at the chance to work with you!...more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Visuals: Video: Best Practices

Visuals: VIDEO: Best Practices to Organize, Distribute, and Promote Your VideosHow creative can you get with your YouTube channel? What should you post where … and when? What are the new homes for your videos that are up and coming?Moderator:S1, Melissa Haggerty, SheKnows...more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Craft: Podcasting the Time is Now!

Craft: Podcasting, the Time is NOW!...more

Smart Ways to Stay a Sane and Happy Food Blogger

Whether you've been blogging for one month or five years, you've probably experienced it. You start your blog, come out the gate strong, tell yourself that you're going to blog every single day, and then at about day three, your motivation tanks.After picking up the pieces, you start again, fully recharged. Lather, rinse, repeat....more
I like these tips, especially the messages about staying authentic and only doing the social ...more