Jan 22, 2015

So, the whole thing with my little gaming world....more
I bet cats can cure measles...keep up the work ...seriously..okaymore

Jan 21, 2015

So…I’ve recovered from this mornings bout of insane silliness. I still lack an A string, so I cant be all musical....more

Jan 20, 2015

wow you can work in the coffee shop...I use to be able to and it was a nice respite until I ...more

Jan 18, 2015

Interesting how SIMS can make more emotional connections than the reality...more


This week I restarted a blog post highlight or promoting other people. Why? Why would I take the precious commodity of my voice and lend it to other people? What value does promoting someone else provide me? Is typing up five questions tax deductible? Well, the short answer is that by promoting others you would gain more audience by promoting that person. The other answer is that the person whom you are promoting is paying you. The final answer is because you want to promote that person. ...more

Jan 17, 2015

There is lament and sadness and woe in my gaming world....more

10 Questions with Patricia Appelquist

Patricia Appelquist...more
Thanks Zoe for featuring me :)more

Jan 16, 2015 Spot on Lisa Rayns

Lisa RaynsAuthor of Adult Suspense and Romance…with a Paranormal Twist!...more