Donna Karan Pre-Fall Preview 2014

Dear Fashionistas,We were so excited to be part of Donna Karan’s pre-Fall Presentation at The Ritz-Carlton Residences Chicago....more

Order In the Courtroom Tour

As I embarked on the second leg of my book tour alone, I had time to reflect and meditate on the success and the things that were in store for the Baby, The Brand and The Business. I was especially excited about the invite to NYC to partially cover the American Black Film Festival as well as be a part of it myself. It was a surreal experience to know that the novel I gave birth to, had grown into a screenplay with the potential of hitting the big screen soon....more

Signed book from Dean Koontz

If you've ever read any of Dean Koontz's books you may like this one.  Dean is offering signed copies to book clubs.One lucky reader will win signed copies of The City for their ENTIRE book club (maximum 20 copies), and Dean will give the winning book club a Facebook shout out to his 1.4 million Facebook fans!Read more here:

Share Your World - 2014 - Week 25

Each week I answer a few questions as part of Cee's Photography for Share Your World. Every answer should reveal a little something about me.In case you're nosy enough, I'll link my previous answers at the end of each post. Previous questions, with answers, from Cee's Photography are found here....more

Fashionista Chicago Trunk Show Recap

Dear Fashionistas,If you missed the open house trunk show this past Saturday, don’t sweat because we have the ultimate scoop for you!...more

Re-visiting Almost Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago I was enjoying life in our recently re-modeled home that my husband and I spent close to  3 years doing ourselves.  It was a lovely home with pool, boat slip, and RV in Punta Gorda, Florida.  I had my business teaching ‘special needs’ children reading and math.  We converted one of the rooms into a beautiful teaching room and even built an entrance porch.  The porch served as a ‘waiting room’ for any parents who wished to sit and wait for their child.  Little did we know that in eight weeks our house would be hit by hurricane Charlie on Friday Aug...more

Gratitude Linkup - Week of 6/22/14

One of the best ways to have perspective, for me, is to remember the things I'm grateful for. There have been times when I've gotten stuck in negativity that I've done a quick gratitude list (in my head or with another) and started on the path of releasing that negativity. Gratitude lists help me to remember what's beautiful and to remain present in my life.Each week, Laurel Regan's Gratitude linkup over at Alphabet Salad is a way for me to share a few of the things I'm grateful for with others....more

My First Post! [Virginity Taken]

Hey there! I'm Cyanide. I'm a 22-year-old mother of one. I've been married since April 2014. I have a cat, too. Currently, I'm trying to learn Japanese. It's kind of difficult. D: I'm obsessed with The Legend of Zelda. Like, seriously obsessed. Obsession to the point that I should probably seek psychiatric help. ...more

Building a Better Conference for Book Bloggers: An Open Letter to BookExpo America

I recognize that as part of BookExpo America, the BEA Bloggers Conference needs to address publishing-industry interests as well as those of bloggers. While those interests often align, there are also differences to consider. BEA Bloggers seems to be giving more weight to bloggers' interests each year, but there's still room to do more...if it wants to. ...more
Karen Ballum I got the same impression about less generally negative response to this year's ...more

True Story of Identity Theft

Book Readers Review Evil Shadows by Rick Hallock is a true and terrifying story of identity theft.  Hallock tells of his ten-year fight against US Customs and the federal government after the theft of his identity in 2000. Rick's battle against the theft of his identity went as far as the US Supreme Court.  Foremost is his uncovering and exposing undocumented methods used by the U.S....more
Wow, this sounds like a really cool book! I'll have to check it out!more