#MicroblogMondays – How About NO?

This was the view from my front door this morning. It’s been s@#*ing (I consider it a 4-letter word of the foulest language before mid December) on and off since Friday, so the world was already white, but today it began in earnest. It’s been a heavy, wet snow that is supposed to turn to rain tonight and then freeze. I’m hoping it doesn’t....more

My head is spinning. Such is life as a blogger.

If you're my friend on Facebook forgive the somewhat duplicate commentary from me. I started to write it all there and decided, well, this is almost a post - is it not? And so, here I am.And in all my confused glory ...I am so all over the place when it comes to conferences this coming year....more

A Champion for the Just Right Chair

What do you do when you find out that one of your favorite bloggers slash writers slash truthtellers...Glennon from Momastery, is coming to your town? Well, you go out and buy yourself a new sweater, of course. Which is exactly what I did. Tortured my kiddos on a Friday evening for no good reason, to shop for me...only to come home with...yet another grey sweater.Which I'm pretty sure brings my grey sweater count total to about ... 7. Yes. I am overrun with (the need for) grey sweaters....more

One Week Done

It has been a full 7 days of blogging under the NaBloPoMo prompts and tips and information and blogs and pictures and topics and reading and exercising and did I mention typing?...more

Mobily KSA goes CSE !

Mobily Telecom business units including Key Accounting managers have participated in a 5 day workshop for Certified Sales  Executive, CSE. The CSE is designed to high level managers in Sales Management.   Mobily  is the 2nd largest telecom  company in Saudi Arabia  &  has more than 6 million subscriber with more than  $ 5.5 Billion USD in total revenue.   ...more

Aloha ?

My childhood was not horrible and I was not tortured but I don't have the desperate desire to vacation or honeymoon in Hawaii.I am sorry, Hawaii.Just for the record it is not your fault. My fond memories of Hawaii are cloudless, sun filled days of carefree youth running up and down the sandy beaches....more

#Photography101: Street & #NaBloPoMo Day 4

StreetRoyal Crescent BathRoyal Crescent Bath Summer 2014A little history about the crescent....more

#NaBloPoMo: Professional Bloggism

How do you get to be a professional blogger?  I really don't know.  I know that I'm not one.  By definition, to be a professional -anything- one must be paid for that …something…?  I don't think you could consider the 6 cents I've made off Google Adsense as making me a pro. ...more

Please show your Blog License, Ma'am

I do not think I am professional blogger. I really wish I was though because I would get some serious street cred. Okay, I think a professional blogger is what Joanna Goddard or Beth Kanter does because their posts on the internet not only connect you but they were writers and have written stuff that has been published in print like a newspaper or magazine....more

What Might Have Been

Dear JB,I can't celebrate my oldest son's birthday without thinking of you because it is yours as well. Or was yours-though you left us a week before you turned eighteen. You would have been twenty-nine this year and I can't help but imagine how differently life would have been had you not beenripped away. ...more