My Video Recap of #BlogHer13

  My recent trip to Chicago for the BlogHer ’13 conference still feels like a big blur to me.Since I posted about my trip back to Maine from Chicago over social media, many people have noted that they “can’t wait to hear all about it.”...more
@Denise Thanks, Denise!more

Empowering Words I Heard at BlogHer'13

On Healthcare: Kathleen Sebelius, US Dept. of Health and Human Services:October 1st- Open enrollment for healthcare."Being a woman is no longer  a pre-exisiting condition"...more

What Twitter Took Away From BlogHer ’13

I blinked once and then BlogHer '13 was over. I don't know how every panel, every keynote, every workshop, every meal, every interaction, every party passed by so quickly, but here we are on Monday morning, trying to remember what we learned. I'm here to help, even though I'm clutching my cup of coffee closely. I'm bringing you links to liveblogs and relevant tweets today so you can check them out, refresh your mind and maybe learn something new. You're welcome!...more
Thanks for this! Any word on when the podcast will be up? Do you know where it will be posted? ...more

Me too

Walking through the expo at BlogHer is overwhelming. There are so many people and so many booths and so much of all the stuff in the world. I walk through alone because it's too much for me to be there in all that stimulus and carry on a conversation with a friend. I stopped to learn about Yiva, a cool looking natural PMS symptom reliever, and the nice PR guy asked me, "So, is this something you think you would write about?" "No," I replied. Simply put, no....more

Announcing : BlogHer Food '14 in Miami

On Friday we announced the dates and venue for our sixth-annual BlogHer Food Conference:BlogHer Food '14 will take place on May 16 & 17, 2014 at the Hilton Miami Downtown....more
Yay! Just registered! See you in Miami!more

BlogHer Voices of the Year! I Almost Made it Onto the Big Screen!

Blogher Voices of the Year were introduced by no other than Queen Latifah!  (Blurry but she moved around a lot):...more

Announcing BlogHer PRO '13 !

On Friday, at BlogHer '13 in Chicago we announced the return of BlogHer PRO! But this time we are extending the conference by a half of a day. ...more
I really would like to attend. I need to build an audience. I have been blogging for years now, ...more

Bye Bye, BlogHer '13

I recently learned that our brains consume 20% of our energy input, and I think that must explain why I’m so hungry right now, at BlogHer’s end. Well, that and the fact that my resident pneumonia finally seems to have moved out and my body wants back the few pounds it recently lost. I’m happy to oblige....more

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius of Health and Human Services Kicked off BlogHer's Healthminder Day

10 essential benefits mandatory for all people. It's a huge change for many Americans who have had years of frustrating experiences dealing with paying for insurance and yet seeing the word "denied" when they submitted a claim. Secretary Kathleen Sebelius sat down with BlogHer founder Lisa Stone for a frank talk about the Affordable Care Act to kick off the preconference event, Healthminder Day. From changing the national conversation about mental illness to the controversial Plan B, Secretary Sebelius candidly spoke about many of the issues specifically facing women today, especially when it comes to insurance coverage. ...more
My first thought when I read the headline was "why did they kick her off?"more

BlogHer '13, Day 1!

I am wiped, in the best possible way (also a bit from residual pneumonia; pneumonia be damned!), from Pathfinder Day, aka My Day 1 at BlogHer '13. Thanks to Maria Ross, Melissa Ford, Hannah Kaminsky, Elisa Camahort, Nataly Kogan, Bryant Terry and all the other great speakers and attendees I met and learned from today. Looking forward to kicking off Day 2 with tomorrow morning's bright and early Newbie