Mom to be, pregnant with third child.

I am mom to be third time. I have not been sick yet. I never experienced any morning sickness symptons,from my two last pregnancy. but I hope to have a healthy pregnancy and  everythings goes well to my plan. In September 2012 found out I will be expectinh my third child. Its come as a shock. I be lying if I said I wasn't nervous because I have two children from age 4 to 2 year old. One thing in mined when I find, I will be expecting  how I'm going to tell my husband I am pregnant again. I am all over the moon and very happy....more
Where is all the Americans mothers and Fathers! Please tell make sure our government,employees ...more

Money Making Blogger

When you started out blogging, maybe you did so for fun but since determined you spend so much time on it maybe you should turn it into a money maker.Well I am sure you are not the only one who's thinking like this, you can learn how to grow your blog into a business by attending blogger events, workshops, and conferences.For me these type of events have taught me so much as well as put me face to face with some of the best in the business.  I would love to attend more it's not always in the budget....more

Design Bloggers' Conference 2013

This Sunday is the beginning of The Design Blogger's Conference in Los Angeles.  For those of you who don't know what The Design Blogger's Conference is, it's conference where many of the top interior design bloggers come together and learn how to better there blog for you the reader, get the most out of our blog, and how to better reach the public.  Basically how to use technology to our advantage....more

The Blog Workshop Online Conference 13'

One of my goals last year was to attend at least one conference, event, convention, etc in order to build my skills and knowledge, but as the years progressed. I have allowed the universe to grant me the opportunity to attend The Blog Workshop Online Conference....more

The Beauty of a Woman Blog Fest: The Beauty of Women Friends

My mind is occupied with things that aren’t so beautiful.  Things like cancer.  Things like my second close friend in six months undergoing the knife to remove a piece of her that I imagine, as we all have, she’s grown accustomed to looking down at from time to time.  Certainly she’s been painfully aware of its presence recently, if she didn't pay it ...more

Public meeting: Let's build a movement for affordable childcare!

Saturday, February 9, 2:00pm Public meeting Let's build a movement for affordable childcare! ...more

Let's build a movement for affordable childcare!

Saturday, February 9, 2:00pm Public meeting Let's build a movement for affordable childcare! ...more

The Kitchen Think: You Go Girl (Scouts)!

These girls have it going on!...more
@mamashighstrung  lol Unfortunately, we have Little Brownie Baker in this area -- so no new ...more

Announcing the 2013 International Activist BlogHer Scholarship Nominations!

Today we are excited to open up nominations for the BlogHer 2013 International Activist Scholarship Program!The International Activist Scholarship was born in 2008, when BlogHer won the Anita Borg Social Impact Award from the Anita Borg Institute. The Award came with $10K in prize money. After community discussion, we decided to spend the award money offering four scholarships to bring activist women bloggers from around the world to BlogHer '09 in Chicago to present their work....more
Sounds like a great cause; I'll think about some women bloggers who'd benefit from this...more

Healthy Snack Food Competition enter here!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Healthy Snack food Competition, sponsored by OXO. If you enter, you have a chance to win the following items.SKUProduct Name...more