How To Monetize Everything in Sight with What You Write!

One concept that has stayed with me from BlogHer 2014 is that I shouldn't write for free.  I should make my words work for me!  Does a surgeon remove your appendix for no charge?  Your mechanic rotates your tires as an "on the house" favor?  I don't think so! ...more

My first #NaBloPoMo

Say what now?It's not too late to participate in NaBloPoMo.I cannot believe I got that right on the first try.Even though I missed the first day of the month the people over at BlogHer are still letting me play.Hoorah!!It seems a little crazy, doesn't it?I mean, I'm absolutely the kind of person who - when asked about my blogging schedule - says I don't have one. I don't blog every day. I do it when I want to - when I feel the need to - when I'm assigning myself things to write about, ie: sponsored posts and book reviews....more
Welcome and good luck!more

A Tree at Christmas

My favorite holiday memories stem from Christmas and I know how that makes me a horrible person because of the incessant commercialization along with the War of Words of Happy Holidays to Merry Christmas. Christmas is not under siege or misunderstood its just a holiday I remember and is probably my favorite even though St. Patrick's Day is darn close....more

2015 Food Blogging Conferences

I sat down and created a list of all of the Food Blogging Conferences in the US for 2015. Here's what I have so far. Get out your calendars and start planning!See the list HERE...more

Pitch it to me?

Having received more than one email stating "Try on our clothes, show them on your blog and you get to keep the clothes for free" emails of late today's challenge is to dream up an imaginary company pitching to me and what my post would look like. you go their Pitch from that car company......more

Nature Chills Challenge

Hi :)Here is my post for today. I took part in the Nature Chills Challenge by A Momma's View. She will be listing her 10 fav entries on her blog so that her readers can then vote for the top three. This is exciting :) All the explanations and links are given in my post below. Check it out :)

Much Too Soon

This was the scene here Friday. You can see the white stuff, but you can’t hear or feel the howling wind. It was a pretty nasty day outside, so much so that marching band was canceled for the playoff football game that night. This was the 4th time marching band had been canceled this fall due to inclement weather. It’s been a disappointing season for my son’s senior year....more

Sacred Sunday - Music

So today is Sunday again.  Normally we make it a point that everyone goes to church together.  However, there are times that does not work out.  Some days we have ones who are sick.  Other days Dad has drills with the Army Reserves and can't make it to church.  Other times other things happen.  Today was one of those times.  My oldest son, daughter and I attended services at the church we found right down the road from where we moved to this past summer....more

Sunday Pray alot

 I was thinking about the challenge for the month of November and improving my writing.I keep hoping to magically get it right or write right?The daunting task of writing everyday means you have to open the gates of the peanut gallery to let you know that you have to go back to school to take English classes again....more
I totally agree with you about English class...maybe the teacher will seat us at the same table.more