Time for a title

Sometimes I like to go backwards as in typing up my post before I put a title on it. Other times I will put up a title and work from there. Then the worst part is I will throw up a title and totally mislead the reader when typing up my blog posts....more

Grapes that go Sour

It is not that I do not find the value of participating in the month long blog post with Blogher....more

One Appliance Forever?

In the prompt for today I have to pick an appliance I can not live without thus the scenario is that there is electricity available in the post apocalyptic future where my very life essence is dependent upon an GE or Frigidere appliance.Well, since I have lived by myself and done some foraging for appliances that meet my needs I will go ahead and take you on a shopping trip ......more

My soapbox

Today's NaBloPoMo is Do you have a book in you? Fact or fiction? Related to your blog or totally different?I will just take the questions because my blog book sits on a computer hard drive in the Library of Congress as Unpublished. 1. Do you have a book in you? Yes, I wrote several stories in my teenage years....more

Blogger Opp $3000 Gift Guide Giveaway!

Holiday Gift Guide Event Blogger Sign Up.Sign Ups Close 11/25Giveaway is from 11/28 – 12/12, Open to U.S. and CanadaWelcome to the Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway Event- This is the Blogger Sign up page for Bloggers only!This Blogger Opp will bring you traffic that’s for sure!Will be open to the US and CANADA!...more

Comedic Timing

I grew up watching Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy and Joan Rivers make us laugh.Yet, I am not the funniest person I am probably what Anna Akana considers an Insecure Person because I will distract, be a snark, and otherwise tell you the tale of a frog with four legs.Trust me that one is hysterical ...more

The Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is key to happiness, creativity, and success. This app promotes positivity through a unique concept called clicking. Long story short... Half a decade ago, I began studying the power of positive thinking, which lead me to an experiment of counting my negative and positive thoughts using a hand-held tally counter - a clicker....more

Lift Home #nablopomo

Today's #NaBloPoMo is Tell us about one time that you benefited from the kindness of strangers.It in March of 2005 was after having knee surgery due to someone running me down in their car that I was stuck on a pair of crutches. I was trying to make my way over to a doctor's office and the sky was threatening rain but I was going to try anyway.I got a full three blocks and the sky decided to add Thunder and Lightening....more


I can’t believe it has been four years since a small idea became a yearly project that I love so much. Four years ago I was delivering a closet clean-out to a local women’s shelter that I had been donating to for sometime. I don’t I base all my donations on just women; it just happened to be their turn. I do try to spread the wealth as it were. ...more