Dec 29,2014 Gettin' real tired...

Yeah, getting real tired of having to be a grown up.All I wanted to do was run to town and pretty much go window shopping. Alone. By myself. Sans company.So that seemed okay…until.Until I start getting ‘lists’ of things I should stop and pick up....more

Dec 28,2014 Pain

I am in so much pain today. My head, my wrists and hands, my knees and my back.I woke up after a little nap this morning and it was crushing. I felt fine just 3 hours before. I think maybe its the weather. Its like 75 degrees out and rainy. Warm and humid and damp....more

Dec 27,2014 Roleplay writers woes...

So I’ve taken a little ‘me’ time and spent it on my text based gaming. Last night, or rather, the weee hours of this morning, were spent trying not to gouge my own eyes out with a melon-baller....more

Dec 26,2014 Message from a motel room

patriciaappelquist Yes, I think I will. I think its a good practice for me to blog everyday. I'm ...more

Dec 25,2014 Not another Holiday post

Yeah, so, I’m not much the Christmas sort. YAY FOR ZOMBIES!!!Since I’ve had like an hour and a half of sleep in the last few days, I think I’m going a little loopy. Okay, well, always guilty of being loopy, but more so when lack of sleep is involved....more

Dec 24,2014 Something a little different

Hunter and Prey by Zoe Ambler...more

Okay 2015 Let's Get Started

I decided to take a holiday and will be back at the whole web blog on Thursday, January 1st, 2015.That does not mean I don't have like plans but my standards are getting tigher while clothes are getting looser courtesy of a slight addiction to sweating....more

Dec 24,2014 Tornados, Floods and Cats for Christmas

Loads of pics of the fat cat in her Christmas attire on the Official Page (’t the fat cat just beautiful in her holiday wear? FABULOUS!!! And she didn’t even put up a fuss as expected. I think its the cut of the outfit. I’ll have to remember that for future attire....more

Dec 23,2014 My Decision making skills, or lack of.

I am horrible at making decisions. My brain just doesn’t seem to cope well. It runs here and there and everywhere. In the end, after I make a decision, I find myself questioning it, then making all these scenarios in my head of ‘what ifs’.Its frustrating. My over active brain gives me no peace....more

Dec 22, 2014: My Book Released Today!

Well, today was the official release of The Road of Darkness.How did I celebrate?MARATHON!!! Yes, I’ve missed the last season, and half of season 9, so I took some time to catch up. I LOVE SUPERNATURAL.Its a great show. Its got everything. Horror, comedy, hot guys…...more
Sadly I havent had time to sit down and watch Penny Dreadful...Its at the top of my list though, ...more