Share Your World - 2014 Week 6

Cee's Photography and the weekly list of questions for Share Your World started again this year. Here's to 52 weeks of sharing little extra tidbits about myself!For your convenience, at the end of every "Share Your World" post, I'll link my previous answers. Previous questions, with answers, from Cee's Photography can be found here....more

Gratitude Linkup - Week of 2/9/14

As I've been dealing with my father's health crisis, gratitude has been at the forefront of my mind. I've had immense gratitude for the smallest of things. Now that things are no longer critical, I have a little time to participation in Laurel Regan's Gratitude linkup over at Alphabet Salad....more

Figuring Out My “Mom” Beauty Routine

If you are a mom then you know that having any kind of beauty routine with a newborn is next to impossible. For the first five weeks of Lincoln’s life I was lucky to change out of my pajamas. Taking a shower was a luxury that didn’t happen every day. After Mike went back to work I told him I needed help with Lincoln to take a shower....more

Contemplating Mavericks ~ 1000 Words


The Ultimate Blog Challenge Recap

Last month, I published 31 posts as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I had felt in a bit of a writing slump, and I thought it might be a good way to motivate myself to write more....more

Saying vs. Doing: Are you giving yourself unearned credit?

This is some text! I’ll admit I’m somewhat of a podcast junkie. My 45 minute commute is much more enjoyable thanks to the help of my Stitcher Radio app. One of my favorite pod-casters to listen to is Pat Flynn. He’s an entrepreneur who focuses a lot on working efficiently so you can enjoy your free time....more

Five Sense Friday #6

Each of our five senses (touch, sight, smell, feel, and taste) help us to learn and understand the world around us. Here's a fun linkup to share your surroundings with us each week. There are those among us who don't have full use of these faculties, so gratitude and celebration for them is certainly in order. Hence,...more

Gratitude Linkup - Week of 1/19/14

Participation in Laurel Regan's Gratitude linkup over at Alphabet Salad, is a great place for me to spend some time each week.Nothing can keep you in the moment like a dose of gratitude. Participation in the linkup gives me a place to be accountable to my gratitude. It's a way for me to publicly share this gratitude, as well....more