15 Ways Getting Published & “Fifty Shades of Grey” are Similar!

If you want to get published, it takes lots of passion and discipline to send your submission to fifty places. The stress may make you gray. Ironically, “Fifty Shades of Grey” is also all about passion, stress, discipline and submission. But you’ll be surprised to find there’s even more overlap! (Not including Christian Grey bending Ana over-his-lap) ...more

I am participating in Across Women's Lives with SheKnows Media and PRI!

Gloria Steinem, a feminist icon.I am so excited I just have to share this with you!...more

My bags are getting packed

I was SUPER excited when I got to the Blogher convention last year and I believed, hoped and was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of blogs and blog related items. Then reality got to the door and I am left less than impressed. I did November NaBloPoMo but found that regardless of how I posted, when I posted there wasn't "a community" of people to relate with or have support from. ...more

Partnering with #WomensLives

My morning routine is pretty well set at this point. I wake up to my alarm at 6:00, take a quick but delightfully hot shower, take my thyroid medication, make myself a cup of coffee and while I enjoy just a minute or two of “me-time” before my kids wake up, I check my emails. This morning, I had a particularly special one in my inbox: READ MORE... ...more

Spotlight: Author Heidi Angell

Author Heidi AngellHeidi comes to us from the land of Google+. Well, that’s where I met her and drew her into my dark embrace. ~laughs maniacally~She graces me with patience and answers my 10 lovely questions!...more

Spotlight: Author August MacGregor

Spotlight: Author August MacGregorPosted by Zoe Ambler on January 30, 2015August is a an author of one of my favorite genres…the erotic fiction....more

Jan 29, 2015

Jan 29, 2015

Last night was way un-productive. I found myself on Netflix again. World War Z. I had to get a zombie fix....more

5 Questions with Zoe Ambler

I have the privilege of virtually meeting Zoe Ambler, published author of The Road of Darkness . Zoe is also participating in the Blogging 101 University along with publishing on Blogher NaBloPoMo posts. ...more