"Oh, You're A Joiner" - Why I Joined NanoWrimo

She sat across from me at the local coffee shop, checking her phone, looking around as we "got to know each other." I was the new gal in town and since it wasn't my first rodeo, I was out there doing what I do best or at the very least what I know I need to do to acquire that sense of belonging in a new place. I was reaching out to a fellow mom, a local, in the hopes of finding that one friend that can instantly take you from outsider status to outsider with a friend status....more
Karen Ballum I agree. I'm learning to wear my label with a smile. ;-)more

28 Days of Celebrating Thanks

Have you ever looked back on a year and thought about everything that you really should be thankful for? Things you should have celebrated at the moment but just didn't have the chance (or the time for that matter) to actually sit back and be truly thankful for what has been brought into your life? ...more
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Celebrating Thanks Day 2: A Time When You Were Strong

Was there a time in your life where you were at your strongest? I know that we are all strong in our own ways, every single day, but how did that one time being as strong as you could, impact your life? There are many times I have been strong in the face of adversity, or just sometimes strong enough to get through the day. But today, I decided not to write about my strength, but the strength that I see in one of my great friends who is facing cancer for the third time in her life. She is 30 years old....more

Celebrating Thanks Day 1: Blessings

It is so ironic for me that I started out this 28 Days of Celebrating Thanks with the first days topic being a blessing that you are thankful for in your life. Because if would have created this project 3 years ago, Day 1, would have probably never started out with talking about blessings. Blessings might have been one of the last on the list. And today, I am ashamed to say that....more

Xbox One Giveaway

Xbox One #Giveaway This is an awesome giveaway!  I’m sure you know this is the brand new Xbox! Good luck! Welcome to the #ItsChristmas, Xbox One Giveaway.  Organized by Mom Powered Media ...more

Wouldn't You Like to Be a Pepper Too?

Despite the witty title, this is a programming note.  And a warning if you hate people who post every day for the hell of it.Today, November 1st, kicks off a month of various writing challenges.  Since I am not a creative writer and have the patience of my cat when the food dish is empty at 4 AM, I am not participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)....more


Lately I’ve really been thinking about my social life. Yes, I get out a lot with Mason but a lot of the time it’s just talking to a kid, doing kid things. I’ve lost touch with the Tabitha that was always planning get togethers, not shy when around people. My family hasn’t planned a girls day in months. We hardly ever see any of my friends not even for playdates, so I’m not even getting that social interaction. And I miss it all!! I miss my friends and family… I see enough of my husband and Mason, lol just kidding ;)...more

November 2: No Train Pictures

Since my mom is visiting us, we took a day trip to Ronoake, so we could eat some fun food and visit the transportation museum that Things love so much.  My big plans were to take pictures of the day, especially at the museum, and then post about the totally awesome fun day we had.I forgot.  I had no pictures.  But whatever.  Our day involved Cuban food, trains, and cupcakes (for me just frosting, apparently this place only does gluten free on Fridays).  It was a good day.*****...more

christmas Cash Bash - Computer - 50 Prizes

 2013 Christmas Cash Bash Giveaway I'm so happy to be bringing you this huge giveaway! Wait til you see all the prizes! ...more

What's On Your Wish List $1000 Gift Card

What’s On Your Wish List $1000 GC GiveawayYou can buy whatever you want with this awesome giveaway!...more