My 'non-attendee' inspirational story from BlogHer 2015

I wasn’t at the BlogHer 2015 conference (BlogHer is a U.S. based blog network) because I live in Singapore. However, I read a great article about being involved with #BlogHer15 from afar by Denise, and I took her advice. I followed BlogHer and SheKnows on twitter, instagram and facebook. I got regular updates and amusing anecdotes....more
MrsFreeloader I'm going to fix your typo right now. And, I'm so glad you felt connected from ...more

Nine Reasons Why BlogHer15 was Outstanding

Just got home from Blogher15 in New York City — the biggest annual women’s blogging conference in the industry....more

6 Things to Do After a Blogging Conference

If you’ve ever been to a blogging conference, you’re probably familiar with the term “conference hangover.”...more
Jill, thanks for the post! This was the first time I attended BlogHer and I'm curious about ...more

My Whipple Life

This is new to me. I feel like I have to express how I am feeling. I don't always want to complain to my family and friends. So I am now going to blog my thoughts.One year ago my life changed forever. I came to the emergency room with the most awful abdominal pain. I thought they would find out what was wrong and go home that night. I was wrong. Working in the emergency room and working in health care for almost thirty years and I still was just blown away....more

How to Pack Light for the BlogHer Conference

All day I’ve been crooning my inner Sinatra: “Start spreading the news. I’m leaving today…New York, New York!” For a farm girl from Wendell, Idaho, going alone to the Big Apple is 85% exciting and 20% terrifying. (I’m not good with math.)...more
Perfect tips and just in time. Seeing a show - color me jealous!more

The Serious Business of #BlogHer15

  What do you get when you take a bunch of fabulous women (with BIG IDEAS for brains and pens in hand- okay, keypads), and put them all together, under one roof, with a single mindedness to conquer the world, in an awesome city without prying eyes? Wine?Running tabs.Gab?Yes.Melting credit cards?Of course.Laughter?No. No laughter. Ever.New friendship-making opportunities?Hands-down....more


What Heaven Feels Likeby Calee ReedMusic AlbumJuly 7th 2015 by Shadow Mountain Records  Product Descripti...more

Amazing Grace

America’s Violinist Jenny Oaks Baker Website...more

My BIG PROBLEM with the Blogher Conference

Quiz question: How do you know you're moving in a week?Answer: You find yourself sitting on a lawn chair in your living room, drinking wine out of a coffee mug.That was me at the end of last week. Today I'm sitting at my cluttery desk -- one of the few areas that remains unboxed -- and mentally finishing packing while simultaneously working....more