Happy Birthday Mom

Your graceful rings, into an ink fragrance exudes calendar; every year, I will be in the calendar of the heavens, with affectionate miss, bless your birthday. Kind of like you father's birthday, and only the best, the real wish is enough. Happy Birthday! Heart blessing for your birthday, but love is with you all year around! Happy birthday, dear mother, I hope you can understand our hearts to love, will never be enough words to express. ...more

Sad and Inspiring

Alissa Sizemore 8 year old amputee dancer...more

28 March: Take part in the global Earth Hour event #YourPower

Hundreds of millions of people around the world will mark WWF’s Earth Hour by switching off their lights for one hour. This is a peaceful, international and symbolic event to show how much mankind cares about the future of planet Earth....more

Write Army

Today's prompt is Friday, March 20, 2015 Would you ever want to be on the front lines, reporting from a conflict? Why or why not?...more

What is the story, not you

Today's prompt isTalk about your favorite woman journalist either from print media or television. Why do you respond to the way she tells a story?From Barbara Walters to Robin Roberts women in news journalism have worked hard since the beginning. While getting access for minorities to be reporting the news to being a news story in itself women have long been great at getting the job done. ...more
Powerful post!more

Take the long way home……. #1000speak

 “FISH and the Bus Driver, FISH and the Bus Driver, CHICKEN and the Bus Driver” – The school bus was a torturous place....more

Going to a Blog Conference When Your Blog is In-Between

I accepted that I would feel lost, insignificant, and of course, in limbo, amidst the sea of confident women who probably wouldn't care about me. Why should they? We don't really know each other. I've only related to some of them virtually and so we only "semi" know each other. We're in-between. ...more
Youve totally made me feel normal again. Is there's time limit in being "in limbo"? I'm headed ...more

Maybe use a Pink Pen?

So today's prompt is :At BlogHer University, we're creating a mini journalism school this month. Why (or why not) do you think women make good journalists?While I can point out several women journalist have made headway and been points of contention in the past. I will make this one a simple answer...A pen, keyboard, or pencil doesn't care what sex you are when you are writing or typing. ...more

What values most to you

Do you have a roof over your head? Even if you share a room in a house in the boondocks next to the lighthouse with a fog horn.Do you have food in your pantry? Yes, Top Ramen 36 pack does count.Do you have an education ? The online tutors on Youtube help a lot don't they?Do you have a job and transportation to it ? If you catch three buses and a train to get to your two part time jobs in the city and your commute is 3 hours each way....more