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 I look at a LOT of films.After a while, you start to see things in them that aren't there.Like this chest x-ray, anyone else see a parrot here? ...more

Today is the Day

My birthday. Woot Woot!...more
@Darcie  Thanks so much! I'm having a blast!more

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Don't have time to cross-post tonight, so just adding the link to show I got my post in...http://caldreamsquirrel.blogspot.com/2012/11/nablopomo-day-19-comfort-food.html**Views do not reflect any physician group, hospital, or any professional institutions or associations with which I am affiliated.  ...more

Somewhere in the United States . . . .

 Somewhere in the USA (Arizona, for instance) it’s 11:25 p.m.It’s also 10:25 in California!So, technically, it’s still today, November 19, 2012, and I made this blogging deadline.So there.~:Le sigh.Join in the Fray: What have you been late for – really LATE – this week?Copyright © 2012 Michelle Matthews Calloway, ASwirlGirl™, All rights reserved....more

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I love watching cooking shows.  "Chopped," "Sweet Genius," "Iron Chef," etc.   And, to be honest, I never used to watch them until a friend came over for dinner and started talking about "Chopped."  I was intrigued, so I started watching, and now DH and I are hooked....more

Notes From My Mother

This week (November 15) I did a post on my ASwirlGirl blog (http://aswirlgirl.com/2012/11/15/just-an-old-fashioned-love-story/) commemorating my parent's 56th wedding anniversary. Evidently one of my cousins ratted me out, because last night my Mother left this note taped to my bathroom mirror. Ouch. ...more

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 For those of you that at this point still don't know what I do, let me tell you...I'm an ED doc... not ER, we're not an emergency Room any more, we are an...more

I'm Making a List . . . .

 A bucket list, that is!The Urban Dictionary defines bucket list as, “A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term ‘kicked the bucket.’”My bucket list is fairly long. Here are six items that immediately come to mind:...more

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Etiquette for a first Blate

Yesterday I got to go on a blate (blogger +date) (blog +meet) whatever, a blate with Amber and Neely!...more