Costa Rica - Natural Paradise

THINK of Costa Rica as a Rorschach test for tourists. Outlined on a map, it has no recognizable shape. But enclosed in tropical lines of latitude, with appropriate squiggles for mountains, coasts and interior borders, it's an inkblot for projecting travel fantasies. Beach enthusiasts trace the craggy coasts and see hammocks swinging in the sunset breeze. The eyes of the nature-minded glaze when they note all the national parks and adrenaline fanatics fixate on the mountains and rivers....more

San Diegans Eat Real on Food Day, October 24th.

Celebration and demonstrations about how the new San Diego Public Market creates access to healthy, affordable food and brings money into our local economy. WHAT:        San Diego’s Public Market will be filled to the brim with farm stands this Wednesday, October 24th. In honor of the second annual Food Day, local growers will stock their farm stands with freshly picked fruits and vegetables....more

Presidential Debates

I have watched both Presidential debates, the Vice Presidential debates and although I have already decided whom I shall vote for I am always amazed at how these things play out.  We have two grown men, fighting about who is the richest….it’s a bad thing in this case.  I can’t help but laugh at the stupidity of it all.  Two very wealthy men trying to convince the nation that one is wealthier than the other and that the wealthiest is a bad person…..seriously????  In my small world of poverty, if someone makes over a hundred thousand dollars a year they are filthy rot...more

Missing Child Jessica Ridgeway

Jessica Ridgeway, a 10 year old girl from Westminster, CO is missing as of Friday, October 5th 2012.She was last seen walking to school Friday October 5th.Jessica never made it to school.Westminster police have one good lead.Her back pack was found the next day in a neighbor in Superior, CO (about 20 minutes away).So far this is all I know per the local news station....more

When Public Breastfeeding Goes Too Far

I can assure you that my nursing adventures never, EVER garnered accusations of "sexualizing breastfeeding!" My bra size went from a 34B to a 38L. When the boob buffet closed, I was at a loss. Truth be told, I still miss it. When I see a nursing mother, I don't think "look at that smokin' hot breast" or "how dare she show her ladies in public!?!?" I sadly think, "I will never breastfeed a baby again." Maybe I have breastfeeding PTSD?...more
@HouseTalkN yes, luckily we are close enough to visit a few times a week, to give my daughter a ...more

World Animal Day


Starting Vegan MoFo with Some Apple Pie

Happy Meatless Monday! I'm so excited to start Vegan MoFo today, which means Vegan Month of Food. As a participant, I've agreed to write at least 20 blog posts during the month of October. I'm ready for the challenge, and actually have a pocket full of posts already written. Most of them are recipes, while a few are Deep Vegan Thoughts or Helpful Vegan Tips....more

Vegan MoFo


Celebrate Womanhood 2012

Today, September 16th is Celebrate Womanhood Day.  In that spirit, I choose to honor the friendship between women as today's topic....more