Happy Mother's Day!

The world is celebrating on Sunday. Why? The very day to recognize that a mother has been born. Like Rajneesh once said, “The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.  She never existed before.  The woman existed, but the mother, never.  A mother is something absolutely new. “ And I like to dedicate this blog to each and every one of that special woman who has become a mother. Today is your day!...more
 @HomeRearedChef Thank you Virginia. I love talking to you :-)more

Etch-a-Sketch for iPAD

Oh my GOODNESS!Will you look at this video!?!?I can't believe how well this works. And you can save your drawings, put them on FaceBook, or e-mail them!It's a case for the iPAD which is fully functional, with all of its ports and jacksShake the "Etch-aSketch" to erase the drawing and start again!...more
 @feelingbeachie Hey there, Hilary! We never thought about being "addicted" to a plaything ...more

PERSUASION Review and Giveaway Sponsored by @PersuasionAD & @ArleneDickinson – worth over $180!

If you have not yet bought your Mum a Mother’s Day Gift you just HAVE to read this post and head on over to our sponsor website!  Give your mom a wonderful, heartfelt card, and let her know her gift is on the way to her home.  Trust me, this is THE perfect Mother’s Day Gift for 2012!...more


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Poppet’s Pick Blogs!

I love reading new blogs!  You must too if you’re here on a regular basis!  Often I’m introduced to topics I want to share with you, our readers, but don’t have the time to stay on top of it.  And you know what they say, out of sight, out of mind (especially for the mum of a toddler)!  This is the first installment of a new weekly feature on Pardon My Poppet.  We already tell you about our exceptional finds in Poppet’s Picks, and we’re extending it to the blogging world....more

Mom's Monday Mingle- # 2

Welcome to Week #2 of Mom's Monday Mingle.  I'm happy to see you here.  If you are new to my blog, check out some of my recent posts.  I recently started staying at home again, but love to get out of the house to keep busy.  I spend some of my time mystery shopping and coupon shopping, and love to share the secrets I've learned to help out other people who want to check out thes...more

I Am Not Boring: Quality Link-ups

It's a busy day for Sperk*! I'm featured at The Parent Du Jour and working on my link-ups for Monday Listicles and The Bloggers Dance Off:...more

Blog Hoppin'

(originally posted @ My Really, Real Reality) I'm not a "forward this email for/so/to" kind of gal.  I always delete the emails or toss the snail mails asking me to participate by sending a recipe to X and three more letters to the people of my choosing.   I don't post spammy type things just so everyone will know how I feel about.....more
LOL  I'm still on the fence about this whole thing...more

Sallie's Kitchen

I love link ups they are a great chance to meet new blogging friends.  I also love so many of the blogs out there, they have great ideas, are fun and sometimes make me realise we are about as normal  here in the Kitchen as anyone else!!  So today I have joined a link up at The Sasse Life....more