My bags are getting packed

I was SUPER excited when I got to the Blogher convention last year and I believed, hoped and was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of blogs and blog related items. Then reality got to the door and I am left less than impressed. I did November NaBloPoMo but found that regardless of how I posted, when I posted there wasn't "a community" of people to relate with or have support from. ...more

Partnering with #WomensLives

My morning routine is pretty well set at this point. I wake up to my alarm at 6:00, take a quick but delightfully hot shower, take my thyroid medication, make myself a cup of coffee and while I enjoy just a minute or two of “me-time” before my kids wake up, I check my emails. This morning, I had a particularly special one in my inbox: READ MORE... ...more

Spotlight: Author Heidi Angell

Author Heidi AngellHeidi comes to us from the land of Google+. Well, that’s where I met her and drew her into my dark embrace. ~laughs maniacally~She graces me with patience and answers my 10 lovely questions!...more

Spotlight: Author August MacGregor

Spotlight: Author August MacGregorPosted by Zoe Ambler on January 30, 2015August is a an author of one of my favorite genres…the erotic fiction....more

Jan 29, 2015

Jan 29, 2015

Last night was way un-productive. I found myself on Netflix again. World War Z. I had to get a zombie fix....more

5 Questions with Zoe Ambler

I have the privilege of virtually meeting Zoe Ambler, published author of The Road of Darkness . Zoe is also participating in the Blogging 101 University along with publishing on Blogher NaBloPoMo posts. ...more

Jan 28, 2015

So, I a back, as you can see. Thank you all for your patience, and show of support.Its good to be back, really.My mood is in a funk, however. More irritation than anything....more

Habit Headaches or relief

Today I decided to do another NaBloPoMo post and the question is do you feel chained or released by your habits?I think the habits I develop consciously help me become a better person where as the habits I subconsciously are sometimes self destructive. For example going to the gym is my newest habit that is good for me as I am social as I exercise versus my subconsciously need for chocolate I will gain weight from eating 1000 Mars candy bars. ...more