Dec 23,2014 My Decision making skills, or lack of.

I am horrible at making decisions. My brain just doesn’t seem to cope well. It runs here and there and everywhere. In the end, after I make a decision, I find myself questioning it, then making all these scenarios in my head of ‘what ifs’.Its frustrating. My over active brain gives me no peace....more

Dec 22, 2014: My Book Released Today!

Well, today was the official release of The Road of Darkness.How did I celebrate?MARATHON!!! Yes, I’ve missed the last season, and half of season 9, so I took some time to catch up. I LOVE SUPERNATURAL.Its a great show. Its got everything. Horror, comedy, hot guys…...more
Sadly I havent had time to sit down and watch Penny Dreadful...Its at the top of my list though, ...more

First time..the Virgin Blog


Dec 20, 2014: So not feeling it

Totally not feeling good things today.Not feeling Christmas.Not feeling excitement over the book release.Blahs. I have the blahs.I even made some noodles to maybe perk myself up.Nope.Not feeling it....more
patriciaappelquist Thank you. You know, I tried cheering myself up with a Supernatural marathon. ...more

Dec 19, 2014: Nervousness and Noodles

I am nearly a wreck.I have been cruising around the different retailers, looking at my book, gathering links, joining FB groups and looking for more publicity, marketing and possible reviewers....more

Tips about blogging

Hi I am stale writer and am wanting to get back inb=nt writing ago=ain, but i have no ideas except my mental health....more

Dec 18, 2014: A Blog Award and my reservations

First of all, thank you to Veena at I’ve been nominated for a Liebster or Lobster award thing before…I dismissed it.I have my reasons, and I will share....more

Being true to yourself... Still time for your 2014 Resolutions

Sometimes they say all you have to do is decide... admit you have a problem and then, there! That's half the battle.All it takes is a DecisionWell I have been at half the battle for sometime now... almost a year plus since making the decision to de-clutter and approach life a quietened consumer with deeper, truer happiness and life based on material and financial minimalism. Shoot for the Stars...more

Dec 17, 2014: RP writing vs Novel writing

There is a huge difference between writing for Role-play gaming and writing a novel. I love both equally. I love gaming, and I have a head full of ideas, stories, possible characters, etc.....more

Christmas Russian Tea Cakes #fbcookieswap

This year I participated in the Annual Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap co-organized by Julie at The Little Kitchen and Lindsay at Love & Olive Oil. In order to participate, we submit an application and when you're accepted, you receive three names of other bloggers that are participating and you have a deadline to make one dozen cookies for each person and mail the cookies off to them.Not only do you get to try some delicious cookies from other bloggers, but it's also for a good cause. When we submit our application, each participant donates a small sum which goes to Cookies for kids' Cancer. And the brand partners, OXO, Dixie Crystals, California Olive Ranch, and Brownie Brittle, will each match the donations, up to $3000. That's a lot so a big Thank You to all brand partners!...more