Betsy Ross, Thank you

Alrighty, today I need to remember important women who have shaped the world and my first thought is Betsy Ross. I know that may seem cliche but the reality is to create a symbol that has lasted over 200 years. Yes, there is a series of doubts and undocumentation but she was a seamstress whom had nothing more to show the dear George Washington what she had made....more

March On In

So, I am totally cheating here as I really do not have an editorial plan for March aside from doing #NaBloPoMo in part because I am getting older which when that stops well, I guess eventually my posts will stop too. ...more


I am doing a few NaBloPoMo posts in effort to adhere to an editorial calendar so today's NaBloPoMo post is Tuesday, February 24, 2015Have you ever attempted to make your own clothes? Tell us about the results....more

Life and Death in the Haiti Earthquake

True Story ...more

Words That Inspire, Catch Fire #1000Speak

Words that Inspire, Catch fire....more
It was a fantastic idea they had. It was amazing reading all of those posts. I'm still making my ...more

“And those whose names were never called when choosing sides for basketball” #1000speak

I was not going to participate in #1000speak today because and only because, if given a subject and then told; “Okay write!”, I draw a blank. I was sure that in a week or two I would think of a hundred different posts that I could have written, but they were not coming to me when I first heard about this....more
Tina L Porter  Thanks you so much for reading and commenting. It's always good to know we are ...more

$100 Disney Gift Card Giveaway!

$100 DISNEY GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY!!!Posted on February 20, 2015 by Debra...more

Are Bloggers the New Mean Girls?

Are Bloggers the New Mean Girls?In this day and age, bloggers are quickly climbing the social ladder to stand next to the likes of Beyonce and others who have claimed celebrity or cult status, but are we becoming the new mean girls of the internet? Awkward Tension...more
AineBeauty Hi Aine! It was a brand event ran by PR and the brand founders. It was in a small ...more

Must You Be Sneaky To Be a Successful Blogger??

  No! You just need to have a good memory to recall these devious tips:7 Tactics That Truthful Bloggers Will Admit TryingNo...more
weartochat ps.  And now I've just gone to your incredible fashion blog and realize who you are. ...more

Kanye has NOTHING on Carter's, ya'll.

 It’s New York Fashion Week.What does this mean?It means I’m destined to be out of style.Because, apparently, this is fashion:...more