Dec 12 2014: I refuse!

Guess who got prescribed these monstrosities today for my severe carpal tunnel?These things...Now, guess what purple haired girl wore them for 10 minutes and said NOPE!That’s right…this girl…...more

Dec 11 2014 - Challenges and contests

I’ve decided, since I’m giving my eyes and brain a little break from working on The Path of Redemption, that I will fill some of my time, while still writing and getting some of this creativity out, by entering writing challenges and contests.Some contests require a fee, and as long as it isn’t something outrageous, I’ll consider it. But I’ve found a lot that are free to enter....more

Dec 10 2014 - Making things appealing

So I am trying to make my site more appealing, more user friendly, and more informative. I am working on compiling some link so sites and blogs I find interesting and wish to share with others....more

Dec 9 2014 - Monday on Tuesday

Well, I managed to get very VERY little accomplished today. It is now 5:30pm and I am still in my pajamas. At this point, why bother?I did over-haul the website, new design and whatnot. I like the look of it. I’m not done just yet, still have some tweaks to make and stuff. I just lack the motivation at the time....more

A BlogHim @ BlogHer Pro

Do you feel comfortable here with all of these women.” Kaitlyn Wagner, a young copywriter from New York asked me....more

Dec 8 2014 - Home sweet home

I’ve made it home safe and sound from my wonderful little min-vacation in Pensacola, Florida. Yes, I stayed tucked away in my hotel most of the time, enjoyed my balcony view of the Gulf, and got a lot more accomplished than anticipated....more

Hearts Toward God

Hearts Toward God  Reviews and interviews at Book Readers ...more

Dec 7 2014: Flash Fiction

Started my own blog space!

Happy birthday to me!!  As a gift to myself this year, I had my own blog space created.  Yes, a place that is all mine to do with - or not - as I would like.  As I describe in my first post there, I am very grateful to BlogHer.  BlogHer has been my nurturing friend and my posse of well wishers and supporters.  They accepted me before I would even accept myself as a blogger.  But, I am leaving the boarding house and moving down the road.  This means that I will continue to cross post and read other posts.  However, my home will be separate....more
Denise Thanks!!more

Dec 6 2014 : A writng challenge accepted

This was a challenge presented by BDHESSE was a good challenge, as I am not good with writing short stories. But it was an interesting topic matter. So here we go….Faith Undone: by Zoe Ambler...more