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To get 1 writer, you say 3,500 calories above the calorie total indispensable to affirm your embody weight. The common weak being needs roughly 2,500-3,000 calories for radical fix, so to gain one to two pounds per period, you would need to have an additionalKetone Slim XT...more

Boo, School

I'm anxious. Maybe my ADD meds are too strong.  Maybe my thyroid meds are off. Damn,  it sucks to be old.  I've had this looming sense of dred for the past week or two.   It's because school is coming, and it's going to take away the people I love most.  I won't get to be with them.  We will have to have less fun. Make fewer memories.  It's like raising them... is partly over. Damn, I hate school.  I hate that my kids are gone all day. ...more

What’s Your Potion…? – by Carey Lea

What’s Your Potion…?...more

Rock & Roll Half Marathon - inagural Liverpool

I am not sure if it was the carbs in the beer or what, but after about 3 sips, I heard angels singing and my legs started to feel so much better. When I’d finished the pint, I wasn’t hurting anymore. Or maybe I was and my buzz just caused me not to notice.Hey!  Here is my blog post about going to Liverpool to run the Rock & Roll Half Marathon.  If you like it, let me know!  I would love to connect with other runners, especially other wannabee World Rockers!Jill...more

The Caged Bird Sang - and Flew Free. Farewell Maya Angelou.

I just learned that Maya Angelou died this morning, at the age of 86.Her legacy is long....more

14 yrs old

June 10th, 1994 at 10:30 am I walked up on the stage to accept my Elementary School Diploma, I had graduated from 8th grade from Clinton Dewitt Elementary School in Chicago Illinois....more
I enjoyed reading your story. It's definitely a beautiful example of how precious life is - and ...more

BlogHer '14

I've been part of the BlogHer network for a few years and because of various scheduling conflicts, I've yet to attend a conference. However, I think this might be my year! Not only is the conference right in my backyard in Silicon Valley, a great place for women in tech and business, BUT one of the women I look up to most in the industry is the keynote speaker...Arianna Huffington. ...more

I said yes to the dress!

Friday night my mom, sisters, and I set an appointment at David's Bridal to try on wedding gowns, and to look for bridesmaids dresses. I thought this would just be us trying on dresses to get an idea of what I want. Who knew that after trying on only three dresses I would have found the one I loved!...more

Fashion Trends: Newport International Group Runway Blog Buzzy Fashion

A common sense guide to the latest buzzy fashion trends A city-dweller in a Stetson and a fringed poncho and brand-new Lucchese boots is going to look like she's on her way to a costume party instead of work ...more


Raven in the trees..... perched on a branchThe sun begins to set on the waters edgeGleaming ripples sparked by the sunsetAs the raven fly s over the dancing watersSun catches his wings gleaming of a touch of blueShining black like the Cherokee tear stoneHeld in hands open to the worldRaven calls to the last momentAs the curtains drawn to a close...more