Amazing Women: Dr Andrea Marshall, a true Pioneer

Dr. Andrea Marshall is one of the leading marine scientists and pioneers of our time.  Growing up in California, she learned to dive at age 12, and like many marine enthusiasts, her first interest was in shark conservation.  On a vacation to Mozambique Andrea discovered a stunning aggregation of manta rays off the eastern African coast.  There had virtually been no research on these incredibly large and charismatic animals, and Andrea was fascinated by the friendly giants....more


Salads are just great! You can experiment with ingredients and combinations and enjoy the flavors you prefer all in one dish. Tonight we wanted a fresh yet flavorful dish so we prepared a Potato Salad with a mix of vegetables. We used boiled potatoes cooked in water seasoned with black pepper, chilli flakes and rock salt....more

On a Plane headed to NYC from Indy

Drove on Monday from Chicgao Aqua Land to North Indianapolis for a trade show where we were speaking on Tuesday and leaving on Wednesday.  Now in plane headed to NYC to rent a car to drive to Milford, CT and then spend the weekend in Long Island and NYC to see 50 Shades off Broadway....more

#WomensLives - Because Women’s Lives Are Newsworthy

I was recently invited to participate in a new media partnership between Public Radio International (PRI) and SheKnows Media called #WomensLives....more

Partnering with #WomensLives

My morning routine is pretty well set at this point. I wake up to my alarm at 6:00, take a quick but delightfully hot shower, take my thyroid medication, make myself a cup of coffee and while I enjoy just a minute or two of “me-time” before my kids wake up, I check my emails. This morning, I had a particularly special one in my inbox: READ MORE... ...more

A Chance Meeting Brings Peace To Another

Yesterday I went out despite my own inner best advice with this ongoing interruption in my health.  I view colds, flu and viruses as an interruption to our health.  A time when something greater wants us to be silent to listen.  I don't view it as an illness.  As I was walking a cafe on my way to work I saw a woman with the kindest face and she was crying.  As women we can usually sense when someone is delusional or like something is really wrong.  I walked over to her and asked if she was okay.  She was well dressed.  She said no....more

Create the Life You Deserve

What if you were given the opportunity to get paid for sharing information that you already know to other people and get paid for it? That’s exactly where we find ourselves today my friend....more

Too much hate on the elf on the shelf

so you probley have heard of the elf on the shelf by now-they have been coming incredibly popular but also has hate in the elf many people complain that they don't like cleaning up there messes-the elf doesn't have to be naughty! It doesn't have to make messes! That's your choice-second because its creepe and it stalkes you and crap. Well I'm sorry if it creeps you out but do you really have to ruin it for other people the elf in a tradition in my family and Belive me kids LOVE IT!!...more

DIY Christmas Decorations 2014 – 3 Great Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a mere two weeks away, and people are filling the stores to find great Christmas presents. They are also filling the stores to find the best and most top of the line indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations. They are many to choose from in all styles, shapes, and sizes. If you are one of the many who loves to decorate the outside of their home with Christmas decorations, but has no idea what to buy for decorations this year, have no fear....more

♥ Honored and humbled ♥

Wow, I sometimes shake my head in awe with a humble heart as I'm reminded of my mission in life... This touched me deeply & brought me to tears as it is yet another beautiful reminder, and I wanted to share with those who care... My book was released some 15 months ago, and because it's been such a raw topic or some, I've not even kept taps on it much....more