Rock & Roll Half Marathon - inagural Liverpool

I am not sure if it was the carbs in the beer or what, but after about 3 sips, I heard angels singing and my legs started to feel so much better. When I’d finished the pint, I wasn’t hurting anymore. Or maybe I was and my buzz just caused me not to notice.Hey!  Here is my blog post about going to Liverpool to run the Rock & Roll Half Marathon.  If you like it, let me know!  I would love to connect with other runners, especially other wannabee World Rockers!Jill...more

The Caged Bird Sang - and Flew Free. Farewell Maya Angelou.

I just learned that Maya Angelou died this morning, at the age of 86.Her legacy is long....more

14 yrs old

June 10th, 1994 at 10:30 am I walked up on the stage to accept my Elementary School Diploma, I had graduated from 8th grade from Clinton Dewitt Elementary School in Chicago Illinois....more
I enjoyed reading your story. It's definitely a beautiful example of how precious life is - and ...more

BlogHer '14

I've been part of the BlogHer network for a few years and because of various scheduling conflicts, I've yet to attend a conference. However, I think this might be my year! Not only is the conference right in my backyard in Silicon Valley, a great place for women in tech and business, BUT one of the women I look up to most in the industry is the keynote speaker...Arianna Huffington. ...more

I said yes to the dress!

Friday night my mom, sisters, and I set an appointment at David's Bridal to try on wedding gowns, and to look for bridesmaids dresses. I thought this would just be us trying on dresses to get an idea of what I want. Who knew that after trying on only three dresses I would have found the one I loved!...more

Fashion Trends: Newport International Group Runway Blog Buzzy Fashion

A common sense guide to the latest buzzy fashion trends A city-dweller in a Stetson and a fringed poncho and brand-new Lucchese boots is going to look like she's on her way to a costume party instead of work ...more


Raven in the trees..... perched on a branchThe sun begins to set on the waters edgeGleaming ripples sparked by the sunsetAs the raven fly s over the dancing watersSun catches his wings gleaming of a touch of blueShining black like the Cherokee tear stoneHeld in hands open to the worldRaven calls to the last momentAs the curtains drawn to a close...more

What Are Goals...Without Accountability?

 by Tracy D. Holloman, MA, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP  A question that many of us should be asking ourselves daily as we look to grow our businesses is, “would I be fired today for the work that I am not doing if I worked for someone else?   Think about it, if we worked for someone else, would we be able to get that other load of laundry in or, take a quick trip to the store midday and get to writing the newsletter, bookkeeping or networking  later?  Probably not!...more
Timely- I am an equity partner in a med device company.  It is a juggling act between goals and ...more

Use MailChimp to Develop a Thank You Message

I'm liking MailChimp. Let's Develop a Thank You Message. We are going to do steps similar to Blog #13.02 but with a little different twist. In Blog #13.02 we created a form so a visitor could sign up for our emails....more