Early Morning Swim

I woke up a zillion times last night concerned that I might oversleep.  Finally, at 5:25, I just got out of bed and got ready for the pool.  It was good to be back in the pool.  I swam just over 3/4 of a mile and reflected back to last year when I first went in the pool.  Back then I didn't like it at all.  It's boring going back and forth and there's all these little things like water in your ears and foggy goggles that get in the way.  As well, I can't lose myself in thoughts while also counting my laps....more
Oh, geez, now I feel bad. Since it is Friday, hubby is picking up Chinese food, and I am sitting ...more

Chicken and Dumplings

Sometimes, your choices for dinner are compromised due to time, money and accessibility. The other night was one of those times. I was running very late getting home and needed to stop at the grocery if we were going to have any chance of eating dinner that evening. I was rushed, tired and not in the mood to plan a meal so I did what I assume most women would do in this situation – I headed for the prepared foods section of the market and grabbed a hot, fully cooked chicken. In my defense, I was in my local organic market, so I can only hope the chicken was organic too....more




Hello everyone this is my first post on my blog and wanting to say hello ...more

"Children remind us to treasure the smallest of gifts, even in the most difficult time." - Allen Klein

   Author of comtemporary childrens' books dealing with realitic and social issues.tourettemama2012.blogspot.ca/http://talesttttt.wix.com/danicasurette#...more

For Those Who Suffer...

For Those Who Suffer…Posted on December 17, 2012 by Follow Me Films...more

It is unbelievable to me that they won't let you delete your own post

 So I have to just fill this post in with whatever.... delete...!...more

Reading Between the Lines: Conversation with My 14 Year Old

My conversation with my son yesterday morning went something like this:Him: Can I go to Kareem's birthday party tomorrow?Me: Sure....more


My name is Win Charles. In 1987 I was born in Aspen, CO where I continue to live. I am a self-taught artist and became interested in doing artwork as a way to cope with having cerebral palsy. My inspiration for my artwork is life in general as well as roses, orchids and the flora and fauna of the Bahamas; I always had a life long admiration for the Bahaman Islands and it’s people and the flora and fauna of the Bahaman Islands.What is my medium i use digital artLinks to aspen rose artshttp://wincharles.wordpress.com/...more

Happy Veterans' Day!

I’m a Daddy’s Girl (and proud of it!). ...more