Happy Veterans' Day!

I’m a Daddy’s Girl (and proud of it!). ...more

FREE Kindle Download of Robin's Blue the Novel Nov. 5-9th

Free Kindle Download promo of Robin's Blue the Novel Nov. 5-9th!Robin’s Blue is an addictive read about a suburban girl turned high-class call girl, set against the backdrop of the Reagan-era 80’s.“Robin’s Blue” is a brilliantly vivid time capsule of blank generation 80s decadence fused with a poignant and sensitive coming of age tale that’s totally timeless. - Erik Himmelsbach --Contributor, Los Angeles Times...more

Texas Governor Rick Perry & GenNXeix Biotech Inc CIO Rose Conrad Reports that Breast Cancer Stem Cells Treatments are Here to St

Barron’s Medical Journal Reporting From Houston’s MD Anderson In The Houston Medical CenterTexas Governor Rick Perry & GenNXeix Biotech Inc CIO Rose Conrad Reports that Breast Cancer Stem Cells Treatments are here to stay...more

BlogHer's Best-Kept Secret

Tucked away in a corner of the BlogHer website is a special page. It’s an exciting page that changes every day. It’s a social page where BlogHer pros, casual BlogHer members, and first-time members all make appearances. When I wake up in the morning, I can never be sure quite what I’m going to find on that page, except I know I’ll find something that will make me laugh and something that will leave me pondering, and I know it’ll be fun.I’m talking about the Chatter page. ...more
So awesome that I found and clicked on this post! I was starting to wonder where my chatter was ...more

Out of touch with the present may mean massive dangers for the future

Recently I read an article on the Toronto Star saying that Amanda Todd's mental health was the reason she killed herself, bullying according to this author, had nothing to do with it. This disturbs me, on several levels. As a child the bullying I encountered became so bad I tried to kill myself in several disturbed and rather creative (I thought) ways. At thirteen I had tried rat poisen and blowing myself up. By twenty three I had gone so far as to mix morphine with codine and tylenol 3 pills with a few bottles of whiskey. Clearly I got lucky. ...more

Time Magazine's Man or woman of the Year: The Rabble-Rouser!

Time journal recently granted its vaunted Man or woman of the Calendar year title to "The Protestor."...more

Excerpt Robin's Blue the Novel available November 1st

I don’t remember Mommy dying, only the finned taillights of my father’s car pulling away from Nana’s curb, the smell of skinless paprika chicken baking in the kitchen, the chime of a grandfather clock. Fragments: Up, Up and Away by the 5th Dimension, Chanel No. 5, a guitar. Mommy’s death marked the passing of my happiness but since I learned early that people didn’t respond well to gloom, I achieved an astounding ruse of lightheartedness. ...more

Mamiverse Books: A Commitment to Our Children’s Future

As a mami, Latina, and book publishing professional, I am positively thrilled to participate in the launch Mamiverse Books, and thankful to the fantastic Mamiverse team for their wholehearted cooperation and support for the effort....more

special needs children= post

I can understand the mom's frustration on that. I have two special needs children who are teenagers. But I can also say I have become a better mother because I have them. I also have run a nonprofit for 12 years for families of children diagnosed with a severe neurological speech disorder called Apraxia, which give support and resources to all. I have just published a book called He Talks Funny. Please feel free to pass the info along, check out my websites and calander. thanks. JeanneBuesser.com, and apraxianetwork.org...more

Spring fashion, fall showers: NY Fashion Week takes a turn toward seasonless dressing

Maybe that's why leather is as common in these previews for spring and summer 2013 as the pops of color and chiffon you might expect."You can wear those leather jackets all year long," said stylist June Ambrose. "They're sleek enough to go under a parka or a vest and buttery enough for spring."Designers have been moving away from seasonal dressing, meaning that models at Rag & Bone endured layers of leather in a roasting un-air conditioned preview on Friday....more