Scorpio Full Moon – Go Passionate, Go Deep!

Beginning Friday evening, we will be under the influence of a powerful, determined Scorpio Moon. Things get even more intense this weekend as the Lunar orb goes into its “Full” phase on Saturday night, May 5, 2012. The 8th sign of the Zodiac is a sensual, sensitive Water sign and the force of the Full Moon can distill all of its passion into a cauldron of “feelings”. Tuck in all exposed nerves. Pause before responding to slights or barbs, (real or imaginary). The comment or action that brought you to either anger or tears may not have been as snarky as imagined. Instead, use that Scorpio sizzle and passion to rock your partner’s world in a delightful way.  ...more

Emotional Cancer and Dramatic Leo Moon This Weekend

As you know, the Moon changes Astrology signs every 2 to 2 1/2 days. If you don’t like the Lunar energy one day, wait a few days – it will change. This weekend is no exception. Variety is good!...more

The Big “10″ – Get to Know Your Planets!

Yes, there are only 8 “planets” (I still keep Pluto on the list even though it was reclassified as a “dwarf” in 2006), but the 2 luminaries – Sun and Moon – are always included when discussing Astrology. Planets are the spark plugs in an Astrology chart. They each have a job to do as they energize the many facets of an individual’s personality and life. In addition, a planet is said to have “rulership” of a particular sign (it will be at its happiest and most potent energy when transiting there – fully expressed)....more

Talented, Terrific Taurus New Moon This Weekend!

 Early Saturday morning, April 21, 2012 a New Moon joins the Sun in the 2nd Zodiac sign. A great time to initiate new projects involving Taurean themes – romance, creativity, finances. Both luminaries are in the same sign, so harness all that energy and start something. (Time for a new love, a new song, a new budget?)...more

“Bull” Works! Sun in Taurus April 19, 2012

The Second sign of the Zodiac, Taurus, has the Bull as its symbol. Perfect! The Sun moves into stubborn, steady, strong, security focused Taurus on Thursday April 19, 2012. However, since it is ruled by the lovely, romantic planet Venus, this sign has several other dimensions. ...more

Friday the 13th Weekend Horoscope -- Get Outside That Box!

Friday afternoon April 13, 2012, a “Triskaidekaphobia” Day, begins an unpredictable, innovative, freedom craving Aquarius Moon weekend. This Air sign is noted for its stubborn resistance to the status quo. Ruled by eccentric Uranus, it influences us to create something “new”, resist authority, and refuse boredom at all costs. It can truly lead to interesting times!...more

Weekend of Charm & Sizzle – Libra / Scorpio Moon Transits!

 Smile seductively this weekend as Friday afternoon April 6, 2012, heralds the Full Moon in lovely Libra, the relationship focused, Venus ruled 7th sign of the Zodiac, to be followed by seriously scorching Scorpio on Saturday and Sunday. Charisma and heat – the possibilities are endless.  ...more

Do You Know Your Zodiac Sign Gemstones and Power Colors?

Just about everyone knows their Astrology Sun Sign based upon their date of birth. But there are also certain gemstones and colors that express each sign. (The gems listed next to the Sun Signs below may differ from the traditional “Birth Month” stone that you’re used to.) ...more

A Tarot Hiatus

If you follow this site regularly, then you’ve most certainly noticed the trend in my posts… leaning away from tarot and towards the hysteri...more
I hear you. Take your time and we are right here to support you ... always!more


Barbara Goldberg, barbaragoldberg.netScorched by the Sun: Poems by Moshe Dor (The Word Works, 2012) is hot.  Poems taste, breathe and smell like Israel.  All that's missing is the hummus....more