Full Moon in Zodiac Activist Aquarius 8/1/12

A Full Moon glows in the 11th sign of the Zodiac on Wednesday August 1, 2012. We will feel the influences of friendly, unconventional Aquarius more intensely than a usual 2½ day Moon transit. A stubborn, group oriented, caring sign, it is about the “We/Us” rather than the “I/Me”.  ...more

Have a Great Weekend! The Moon Is On Your Side

A Sagittarius Moon from early Saturday until Sunday afternoon will have us getting out and about, seeing people, being optimistic. An enthusiastic “We can-do-anything” frame of mind is a definite trait of this good natured, Jupiter ruled Fire sign. Pay attention to any urges for travel and adventure – they can add up to a fun weekend.   ...more
 @victorias_view  Yes! a compass sounds like an excellent idea. You and the kids will make it to ...more

Leo Sun 7/22/12 * Ready For Your Close up?

“Good day sunshine” as we all experience the dramatic, upbeat, Fire sign, Leo Sun for the next few weeks. The 5th sign of the Zodiac is noted for its enthusiasm, generosity, “stick with me and great things can happen” approach. Of course it’s ruled by the Sun, therefore Leos demand rightful attention and will appreciate those that revolve around them. Take advantage and bask in all that light and warmth (I don’t mean the weather) and do “La Dolce Vita” stuff. Time to step up and step out. ...more

Weekend Moon Vibes – Colorful & Practical

 Colorful and upbeat, Friday’s Leo Moon can be a nice kickoff to the weekend. This Fire sign always adds fun, creative possibilities to life. Be kind and generous in spirit this weekend, have a good time. (The Sun will in Leo early Sunday morning)  ...more

How to Manifest Your Reality

Gemini Moon – Saturday & Sunday

 Saturday and Sunday will have us talking more, writing more, interacting more due to the Moon’s transit of the 3rd sign of the Zodiac – Gemini.  Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communications, sharp and clever Gemini will not only entertain, but also analyze and discriminate. Even though Mercury just went Retrograde, we will still have a compulsion to share our verbal and/or writing talents. Dial back on the sarcasm and testy wit, be charming and ready for anything new and different....more

Hang On To Your Hats! Mercury Is In Retrograde!

Heads Up !  – As of Saturday at 10:16PM (EST) Mercury will be in its notorious Retrograde cycle.  Mercury, the planet of communication, transportation, manual dexterity, appears to move backward in the sky 3 times a year in different signs. This time, Mercury will be Retrograde in fiery, flirtatious, fun seeking Leo, the 5th sign of the Zodiac until August 7/8, 2012.  This sign’s typical charming, “look at me scenarios” can turn to high melodrama as a result of misunderstandings/ miscommunication, etc. Be careful with what you say or write. Cement plans, confirm directions, back up files, make sure all those little electronic gadgets are working, to cut down on any possible confusion or hurt feelings....more
Yes, I agree! Mercury is one of the hardest working planets in a chart. we just need to pick up ...more

Moods! Feelings! (Blame it on the Moon)

 The Moon affects our subconscious (the Sun = conscious). As the Lunar orb  moves thru the 12 signs of the Zodiac, about 2 ½ days in each sign, our moods and feelings can change according to the characteristics of each sign. It can make us sensitive to emotions, undercurrents, vibrations that surround us and influence how we act/react during a day. (Whenever I write something like this, I hope no one gets visions of those Full Moon Werewolf movies from the 30’s and 40’s.)Not everyone is affected by Moon transits all the time and in the same way. Sometimes the mood won’t be picked up on. There are always additional planet activity in a chart creating other energy. Often, there is so much going on in a life, time isn’t taken to notice that because the Moon is in Gemini people get way too chatty, or if the Moon is in Capricorn, too many want to take charge of a work project and boss everyone around. If you don’t “feel” the difference, don’t worry about it – your subconscious is still doing something :)...more

Dream on: Moon in Pisces for the Weekend

After the Moon glides into Pisces late Friday night July 6, 2012, the 12th sign of the Zodiac will spread its sensitive, emotional vibrations for the entire weekend. This vulnerable Water sign can give us vibrant dreams and imaginings. Keep paper and pen handy to jot down any genius moments that may result. This can be great for creativity – paint something, draw something, write something, compose something. ...more

Cosmic Courtesan: July Horoscopes

 Intuitive horoscopes for women that taps them into their senses A divine bomb of sensuality, sexuality, and spirituality.....more