Three reasons why antimatter discovery is important to us non-Science folks

For the average Joe, the concept of antimatter is as alien as it gets.It takes more than just a naked search to understand what antimatter is and how it is of importance to man. By definition, antimatter, which is composed of antiparticles, is the opposite of matter that when in contact together, produces significant amounts of high-energy gamma photons....more

WW - Dark Libra Moon

Next week, on October 12 2015 (8:05pm EST, so on the 13th in some areas) the dark Libra moon arrives. As always, I created a graphic. I tried photographing the stones against a mossy background this time. I found the Herkimer Diamond and the Smoky Quartz got a bit lost on my usual New Hampshire granite rock. Not sure if I like it - feel free to shout out in the comments, and let me know if you think the moss is a loss, or the green is keen. *grin*...more

Harvest Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse In Aries, 9/27/15!

This month’s Full Moon, and Lunar Eclipse (Sun. Earth, Moon are lined up), Sunday September 27, 2015, is in fiery Aries. The 1st sign of the Zodiac is ruled by “Warrior” planet Mars. Combustible and aggressive, spark plug Aries’ usual “in your face” traits may be influenced by transiting Uranus, the unpredictable planet of change and revolution. (It remains until May 2018.) You can be radical, honest and direct, rather than just loud and angry. ...more

Sun into Lovely, Lively Libra 9/23/15 * Fall is Here!

The Sun waltzes into Air sign Libra on Wednesday September 23, 2015 along with the Autumn Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere). Even if it isn’t your Sun or Rising, the 7th sign of the Zodiac will still cast a glow. There will be cooperation, genial negotiations and the urge to seek balance in both business and personal relationships. Good things in life are sought after due to the influences of lovely planet ruler Venus – romance, music, delicious food, beauty, graciousness and hospitality. With Mercury transiting Libra until 11/2/15, it should make for even more clever and charming conversation for this very social sign. (Remember, the Communication planet is “Retrograde” until 10/9/15, keep confusion to a minimum by making tweets, emails, texts, etc as clear as possible.)...more

Let Us Prepare – Time For Mercury Retrograde Again, 9/17/15

“People get ready…” Communication planet Mercury will appear to go backwards in the sky on Thursday, September 17, 2015 in relationship focused Libra. The harmony seeking 7th sign of the Zodiac is about partnerships, collaborations, socializing. Don’t be surprised if people from the past - co-workers, lovers, business partners - suddenly pop up to haunt, bite or even please us.Pay attention  to what you write, what you say in order to lessen the possibility of negative impact as you interact with others – slips of the tongue and pen, Freudian or otherwise, can easily occur. Mercury Retrograde is not automatically an event of huge, messy snafus. Back up all the tech stuff, check batteries, be meticulous and be careful. (Jump all over the details.)...more
Oh good grief. Another one? Already? And relationships? Gah. I'm not ready!more

WW - Dark Moon in Virgo with a splash of Solar Eclipse

I had a rather difficult time writing today's post about the upcoming Dark Moon in Virgo (and not just because my brain is melting, thanks to another 1,000 degree day). In this past year, as I've rediscovered my witchy side, I've been reading, researching, and reacquainting myself with basic ritual protocol, but since I'm more eclectic Witch than eclectic Wiccan these days, I'm finding conflicting information. For example, Solar Eclipses are a great time to perform spell work. Nope, wait - Solar Eclipses are notoriously unpredictable, and spell work should be avoided....more

WW - Pagan Pride Day

It's rather apropos that my Musing/Microblog Monday post was about Raymond Buckland (who is considered the first person in the US to openly admit being Pagan), and today's is all about being loud, proud, and Pagan....more

Full Moon in Sensitive, Sentimental Pisces 8/29/15

The “Full” stage of the Moon intensifies the characteristics / energy of the Astrology sign it’s in. So, while the Moon is in Water sign Pisces this weekend, think: emotion, creativity, hazy reality, imagination. If you have something important to do, stay focused. Be discerning. If things seem a little vague, you may want to delay any decisions....more

Virgo Sun – Down to Earth Living!

The Virgo Sun spreads its influence over us on Sunday 8/23/15. Regardless of whether it’s your Astrological sign or not, the effects of this practical, efficient, Mercury ruled 6th sign of the Zodiac will be noticed until 9/23. Adding to the mix is Jupiter, transiting from 8/11 thru 9/9/16, planet of luck, opportunity and abundance. It can add a boost to the Earth sign’s love of productivity – we can accomplish a lot!...more

The Moon is Blue & Full 7/31/15

Independent, unconventional, Air sign Aquarius gives us a Full Moon on Friday July 31, 2015. Since this is the 2nd round lunar orb in the same month, it’s called a “Blue Moon”. (The previous Full Moon was in Capricorn on July 01, 2015. The next will be in 2018.) The humanitarian, 11th sign of the Zodiac encourages spontaneous change, community activism, group fun with a purpose and just contribution in general. ...more