Your Valentine Horoscope: Are You Astrologically Matched?

Valentine’s Day, Thursday February 14th, isn’t just about the flowers and candy. It can also be about acknowledging delightful partnerships. A special someone? Remember that party mixer question from the 70’s – “Hey, what’s your sign?” That pick up line changed eventually, but it’s a valid question if looking for good company. Zodiac signs are grouped from Aries to Pisces – all 12 have a partner. Does it mean that the sign opposite yours is your “soul mate” – no, but, there may be undeniable heat and attraction. ...more
We are. Not that I actually think that makes one bit of difference, but, well, there you go. ;)more

New Moon in Aquarius – Marches, Speeches, Barricades!

There is a friendly, unconventional Aquarius New Moon occurring on Saturday February 9, 2013. Power and possibilities for this Uranus ruled Air sign usually involves something to do with gathering with others, belonging / creating movements to defeat the status quo, something revolutionary. Whatever the weekend activities, it will probably speak to Aquarian independence and love of the different.  ...more

Sassy, Sensual, Sizzling Scorpio Moon 2/2/13

All those “S” words can make for a lot of fun possibilities this weekend. However, a descriptive list, for the 8th sign of the Zodiac, would be incomplete without including others, such as powerful and passionate. This Water sign is intense. Tons of emotion can make for what Ms Davis called, in that great movie All About Eve, “a bumpy night”. Just hold on tight for the ride – Saturday and Sunday could be exciting!...more

Weekend Horoscope: Lights! Camera! Action! Full Moon in Leo!

A dramatic, fun, open and generous Leo Moon sets the tone for any weekend festivities, whether they be planned or unplanned. Exciting “look at me” melodrama is always possible with the fiery 5th sign of the Zodiac and since the Lunar orb is also in its “Full” phase, lit by its opposite Sun in Aquarius, fireworks are possible. Strive for calm. Turn down that theatrical flame a little, try to sparkle in moderation on Saturday and Sunday, if that’s even possible. ...more

Sadhvi Sez: Becoming Born Again

This past week it rained and rained and rained.  I don't remember a rain like that, for so long, nonstop, day and night, except for the monsoon season in India.  The rain filled up 3 of my wheelbarrows.  My husband dug a circular ditch around the house so that the water could have a place to go instead of our basement.  I looked out t...more

Let The Aquarius Sunshine In! 1/19/13

The Sun freedom walks its way into the independent, people oriented, humanitarian, 11th sign of the Zodiac, Aquarius. An Air sign ruled by unpredictable, unconventional, Uranus, we may feel an urge to join a rally, march and protest for any cause deemed to be just. It’s all about “We/Us” rather than “I/Me”.  Caring about neighbors and the community, being involved and determined to find resolutions to issues that touch them is the Aquarian way of being. We can all tap into these vibrations regardless of our personal Sun sign....more

Weekend Horoscope: The Bull Brings Love AND Money!

It’s a Taurus Moon beginning Friday evening January 18, 2013. Feeling beautiful, stubborn and material? It might be the vibrations of this fixed, finance focused Earth sign guided by the elegant, luxury loving planet Venus. There may be choices to be made about weekend plans. Either tackle those finances (taxes anyone?) or indulge yourself (along with a significant other?) with one of those decadent little chocolate cakes with the red raspberry filling! Money vs Romance – remember, not all things are either/or. “AND” can often work very well too....more

Weekend Horoscope: The First New Moon Of 2013!

The first New Moon of 2013 happens today, Friday January 11th. The Lunar Orb is in ambitious, career-minded Earth Sign Capricorn--a great way to start the year when you want to devise goals and plans for a status upgrade--strategize! Like all New Moons, it always occurs in the same sign as the current Sun placement intensifying and powering its Astrology traits, characteristics. As I’ve said before, New Moons are always full of “beginning” possibilities, this 10th sign of the Zodiac can supply the pragmatism and discipline to go forward and pursue a path to success....more

Horoscope For The First Weekend Of 2013: Moon In Artistic Libra

The 1st Friday of 2013, January 4th, gives us a Libra Moon so that we start the weekend off on an artistic, relationship focused, harmony loving note. Persuade someone over to your point-of-view? Find a compromise? This Air sign fosters good feelings, people activities, beauty and creativity. Smile and enjoy it....more

Kelly Cheatle + Larry Moss = Airigami!

This month I'd like to introduce you to Kelly Cheatle and Larry Moss.  And together they are the extraordinary Airigami- the fine art of folding air!...more