Theatrical Leo & Practical Virgo

This weekend, beginning March 22, 2013, the Moon will shift us thru different moods. It’s all good, we can handle it.The Lunar orb is in generous, dramatic (great for actors), attention seeking, creative and full of a lion’s pride Leo on Friday and Saturday.  This fun loving Fire sign may make our weekend full of melodrama, but we will be active, upbeat, and magnanimous, which can make for a really good time....more

Aries Sun and Vernal Equinox = Spring, Yay!

On Wednesday, March 20, 2013 the Sun moves into the dynamic first sign of the Tropical Zodiac – fiery Aries. The Sun has transited all 12 Astrology signs and the cycle starts anew. We also celebrate the Vernal Equinox on the same day – 1 degree of Aries. Spring is here with new, fresh chances to bloom!...more
Ha, the weather just refuses to cooperate :) , but, i'll hold on to the belief that "March comes ...more

Weekend Moon: Solid Taurus & Flexible Gemini

IDK what you’ve got planned for Friday March 15th, but with a grounded, earthy, Taurus Moon you could start your weekend stubborn and determined. We can use its often Bull like nature to get things done. This 2nd sign of the Zodiac, ruled by lovely Venus, also loves the sensual, so some romance, some good food are not bad to add to the agenda....more

New Moon Plus 5 Planets in Pisces – Wow!

Monday’s New Moon, March 11, 2013, is in Pisces. It won’t be alone. Neptune, Mercury, Mars, Venus and the Sun are also transiting the 12th sign of the Zodiac thereby doing major amping of Piscean themes in addition to highlighting a Moon phase that spurs on beginnings and the “new”. This sensitive, dreamy, imaginative Water sign makes it a perfect time to explore the spiritual while grounding ourselves in real life. Take notes and write down suddenly vivid, technicolor  dreams, but keep a grip, don’t float away in a haze....more

Weekend Scorpio Moon – Passion and Mystery!

From Friday morning, 3/1/13,  until Sunday afternoon, the Moon will take residence again in the emotional Water sign of Scorpio. The 8th sign of the Zodiac often impels us to dig deeper, to peel back layers – secrets and mysteries will not  be safe. Superficial chat will not satisfy.  Regardless of what is discovered, don’t take it too personally. Don’t waste too much time with an “it’s all about me” scenario. You may want to do something else a bit more constructive.  Use Scorpio’s sizzling power and fierce focus for whatever you decide is  delicious and positive.Have an awesome weekend!- See more at: Friday morning, 3/1/13,  until Sunday afternoon, the Moon will take residence again in the emotional Water sign of Scorpio. The 8th sign of the Zodiac often impels us to dig deeper, to peel back layers – secrets and mysteries will not  be safe. Superficial chat will not satisfy.  ...more

How To Survive The First Mercury Retrograde of 2013

Another “first” for 2013 – the first Mercury Retrograde period officially began on Saturday February 23 and continues until March 17, 2013. It occurs 3 times annually and this time, our Communication planet goes backward in the sensitive, imaginative, impressionable Water sign of Pisces. Mercury is not just associated with reading and writing, but is also connected to travel and transportation, education, manual dexterity, small electrical gadgets, etc. We just need to pay extra attention to the details to get thru without too many mishaps.  ...more
Hi astrosandy. I have been feeling the negative effects in my work arena. Oversights and misses ...more

Welcome That Pisces Sun; Focus on Sensitivity And Imagination

Yesterday, Monday February 18th, the sun moved into compassionate, dreamy, Pisces, the 12th and final sign of the Zodiac. Its a Water sign ruled by imaginative, mystical  Neptune, therefore, remember to pay attention to your dreams (jot them down). The subconscious is a treasure trove of ideas. However, if too much “feeling” leaves you unsettled and fuzzy thinking, focus to stay grounded and connected to reality. Over sensitivity to adverse energy or vibrations is no excuse to drift or evade life. Be steady, be productive, be creative – which can be great for anyone associated with the arts. Innovations regarding music, dance, theater will probably bubble to the surface faster than usual....more

Solid & Stubborn Taurus Moon Weekend!

A couple of weeks ago, we experienced the first Taurus Moon weekend of the year and hopefully we all enjoyed its lovely Venus influenced sensual vibe. This time, beginning early on Friday February 15, 2013, we get the same loving earthiness along with some Taurean “fixed” traits. (There are reasons why a Bull is the symbol for this 2nd sign of the Zodiac.)...more

Your Valentine Horoscope: Are You Astrologically Matched?

Valentine’s Day, Thursday February 14th, isn’t just about the flowers and candy. It can also be about acknowledging delightful partnerships. A special someone? Remember that party mixer question from the 70’s – “Hey, what’s your sign?” That pick up line changed eventually, but it’s a valid question if looking for good company. Zodiac signs are grouped from Aries to Pisces – all 12 have a partner. Does it mean that the sign opposite yours is your “soul mate” – no, but, there may be undeniable heat and attraction. ...more
We are. Not that I actually think that makes one bit of difference, but, well, there you go. ;)more

New Moon in Aquarius – Marches, Speeches, Barricades!

There is a friendly, unconventional Aquarius New Moon occurring on Saturday February 9, 2013. Power and possibilities for this Uranus ruled Air sign usually involves something to do with gathering with others, belonging / creating movements to defeat the status quo, something revolutionary. Whatever the weekend activities, it will probably speak to Aquarian independence and love of the different.  ...more