About Those Sun Signs

We are NOT one dimensional – we have Astrological layers! There are 12 signs of the Zodiac. In addition to the characteristics that are assigned to a Sun sign, each will also have traits of one of 4 Elements – Air, Fire, Water, Earth and exhibit the behaviors of one of 3 personality types (modes)-  Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable. The attributes that are associated with these Elements and Modes add depth to the personality of our Sun sign....more

Feisty Aries Moon Weekend!

Saturday and Sunday will have us guided by the energetic influences of an Aries Moon. Aries is a Fire sign, ruled by the warrior planet Mars and when the Moon transits this 1st sign of the Zodiac, we feel braver, more physical, more “up for anything”. Depending upon what the “anything” is, it could be a really good time....more

It’s Baaaaack! Mercury Goes Retrograde on 6/26/13

Mercury, the planet of communication, transportation, manual dexterity, stops motion and begins its travel backward in the sky (“goes retrograde”) beginning Wednesday June 26, 2013. This time, the retrograde motion happens in the nurturing, sensitive, water sign of Cancer; however, regardless of the sun sign, my cautions are always the same. With the sluggishness of retrograde, energy may be blunted and snafus can occur. Project initiation/creation would be best delayed if possible –- if not, be meticulous; be careful. (Jump all over the details.)...more
@WhyAlwaysRegister Mercury will stop its backward motion and go Direct on July 20. Hold on, ...more

Sagittarius and Capricorn for the Weekend!

Friday June 21, 2013, starts off the weekend with a Sagittarius Moon. The possibilities for adventure are endless. Take a short trip, spread a little cheer or have a deep and philosophical conversation about something (an often forgotten Sag trait)....more

Cancer Sun/Summer Solstice = Ice Cream!

“Summer’s here and the time is right for dancin’ in the streets” Our Summer Solstice, Thursday June 20, 2013 (PDT), coincides with the Sun’s move into Water sign Cancer. This Moon ruled 4th sign of the Zodiac will nurture us thru the longest day of the year. Cancers can be emotional, moody, restless and sensitive, but– will always take care. Family, real or created, is the focus. Just be careful about going overboard with eating urges and/or needing to be needed. Know what is best for you – with both food and people.   ...more

Weekend Moon: Gemini & Cancer

 Friday and Saturday 6/6 and 6/7 finds us in the throes of a chatty, variety loving Gemini Moon. The Sun is also in this youthful, Mercury ruled Air Sign right now so don’t be surprised if you’re in constant movement and constant communication. It can be fun and/or just busy. You decide....more

Weekend Moon: Sweet Pisces – Explosive Aries

On Friday May 31, 2013, the Moon is in the emotional water sign of Pisces until Saturday evening. Dreamy, fuzzy, sensitive – focus may be difficult. Don’t take on the troubles of the world. Good news for artists – great time for creativity and imagination....more

Sagittarius Full Moon Holiday Weekend!

The Moon moves into the 9th sign of the Zodiac – let’s have an adventure Sagittarius – on Friday afternoon and becomes “Full” in the evening. This is a good thing – we can have fun as we prepare for the holiday weekend. During a Full Moon, the luminaries are exactly opposite each other. The Moon is fully lit by the Sun (in the opposite sign Gemini). Lovely, dramatic, but nothing to fear ....more

Gemini Sun May 20 * Be busy, Have Fun!

The Sun moves into Gemini later this afternoon and it will give us the urge to chat up all who pass our way. Mercury, our communications, education, transportation planet, rules the 3rd sign of the Zodiac and it wants us to add variety to life and just generally perk things up. ...more

Let’s Talk! Gemini Moon All Weekend

A Gemini Moon, beginning today, May 10, 2013, will have us searching for people to hear us, listen to us, or read us this weekend. We got something to say! Lucky Jupiter lingers in the natural chatty, twittering energy of communication maven Gemini making us feel that all is possible and we can’t miss.  But, let’s not get too full of ourselves. A snippy Twitter or FB post can grow legs and follow you around for a few days. (You’ll have to spend time next week deleting & apologizing, deleting & apologizing, deleting & apologizing…)...more
Ha, that's funny.  We live in interesting times! Have a great weekend - tape and all.more