Why is a Raven Like a . . . Blackboard?: Heeding the Messages in Our Dreams

            I can’t recall exactly when it was that I began instructing clients to pay attention to their dreams.  As with most of the truly important things that happen in my practice, it just suddenly seemed especially relevant.  Given my background in dream-interpretation, one would think this would have been part of my work from the get-go, but with rare exceptions, I had never been a particularly vivid dreamer myself.  Those dreams that I could remember were often no more than butterfly wisps, stained-glass snat...more

Weekend Moon Combo: Sag and Cap – Cool!

Time to perk up! Early Friday morning, August 24th, the Moon will bounce into optimistic, jovial Fire sign Sagittarius for a 2 day visit. Take a risk, spread a little cheer or have a deep and philosophical conversation about something (an often forgotten Sag trait)....more

Mid Week Horoscope: Get Down To Earth As Sun Moves In To Virgo

The Sun is in Virgo as of today, Wednesday August 22. Whether its your birth sign or not, we will all feel the effects of this practical, hardworking, service oriented, Mercury ruled, 6th sign of the Zodiac until September 22. While being grounded, efficient and responsible, you can make it fun and still get results. If you want to work better and/or want better work, this is an excellent time to put together the building blocks needed to create something substantial. ...more
Yes, Its funny how often Mercury Rx seems not to have any effect at all. Then as soon as we let ...more

Planet Moves: Mars in Scorpio = HOT

Mars: Warrior planet, ruler of Scorpio (and Aries), high energy spark plug of the universe will be transiting sizzling, sensual, seductive Scorpio for 6 weeks beginning Thursday August 23, 2012. Heat squared!...more

Uncage Your Inner Lion: Moon in Leo

 “New” Moon in Leo on Friday – both the Sun and the Moon are in the generous, colorful sign of Leo. With the Sun as ruler, this Fire sign is all about joyous confidence. New Moons are best for creativity and beginnings. ...more

Let’s Talk! Chatty Gemini Moon All Weekend

 A Gemini Moon, beginning on Friday, August 10, 2012, will have us searching for people to hear us, listen to us, or read us this weekend. Lovely Venus just moved out of this 3rd sign of the Zodiac into Cancer and the natural chatty, twittering energy of communication maven Gemini may sharpen and bite a little more than it had been since April 2012 when the loving, charming planet began its transit, so watch your tone. A snippy Twitter or FB post can grow legs and follow you around for a few days. (You’ll have to spend time next week deleting & apologizing, deleting & apologizing, deleting & apologizing…)...more

The Gift Of Life

You have been given the gift of life. For what purpose are you living your life. There is no appreciation for what you have been given, so you do not give care to what has been gifted. Your body is a vessel in which you will help others as well as yourself. Why would you not care for it, so that it may serve you better. If not taken care of, it will cause you much discomfort. There are so many ways that you can care for yourself, but you deny yourself that luxury. It is not weak to nourish your body or give it strength. You avoid caring for yourself, for your indulgences....more

Another Imaginative Pisces Weekend Leads Into Saucy Aries

On Friday morning August 3, 2012, the moon gentles its way into vulnerable, sensitive, creative, often mystical Pisces. A Water sign, ruled by impressionable Neptune, the Pisces Moon may have you looking for an escape to another world by any means handy, but stay grounded, stay in body. Don’t let “feelings” overwhelm you or lose your grip on the real. Be as caring and compassionate as you wish, just don’t be taken in by any sad stories or promises too good to be true. ...more

Believing In Yourself

It is not enough to have faith in the universe, it is time to believe in yourself. Trust that you have all that is needed to achieve what you want in life. You are more than capable to see that your goals are achieved and to reach your destiny without the burdens of your fears. Your fears are only your way of blocking what you want in life. They are real enough in your mind to prevent you from stepping up to the plate. It is time to move forward as the year progresses to an end. There is little time for you to ponder the “what ifs”....more

Full Moon in Zodiac Activist Aquarius 8/1/12

A Full Moon glows in the 11th sign of the Zodiac on Wednesday August 1, 2012. We will feel the influences of friendly, unconventional Aquarius more intensely than a usual 2½ day Moon transit. A stubborn, group oriented, caring sign, it is about the “We/Us” rather than the “I/Me”.  ...more