Winter is Here & So Is The Capricorn Sun!

The Sun enters Capricorn on Friday December 21, 2012, and it also heralds the Winter Solstice, the official start of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. This Earth sign, ruled by Saturn, believes in duty, responsibility, and loves being in charge. Regardless of our birthday, we may all feel some of the ambitious, “being the Boss” Capricorn energy until January 19, 2013 when the Sun moves into rebellious Aquarius.  Also, note that feisty, in your face Warrior planet Mars is visiting Capricorn until December 26, 2012. Be careful with others as you tell them what to do (Christmas tree decorating is supposed to be fun). You can be authoritative with honey, rather than vinegar....more

Scorpio Seeking Solitude

                 I never realized how much I enjoyed my own company until I was no longer able to enjoy my own company.  I think I am finally coming to the root of my depression....more

Sun Signs & Their Body Connections

 Our Zodiac Sun Signs have their colors, their birth stones and their personality traits. According to traditional Astrology, they also have jurisdiction over particular parts of our anatomy:...more

Not Sure What To Put On Your Wish List? Get Inspired By Your Star Sign

Just about everyone knows their Astrology Sun Sign based upon their date of birth. But there are also certain gemstones and colors that express each sign. (The gems listed next to the Sun Signs below may differ from the traditional “Birth Month” stone that you’re used to.)...more

Weekend Moon – Compassionate Cancer

Arriving on Friday morning 11/30/12 and remaining until Sunday, the Moon, Water sign Cancer’s ruler, makes us sensitive and feeling vulnerable when transiting the 4th Astrology sign. Be creative, be pro active, try to keep any mood swings at bay. You can always cook something, set a pretty table. It’s the perfect outlet for all that “nurture” driven energy for which comfy, caring Cancer is noted. Domesticity has its merits – make family and friends comfortable. Make everyone feel at home....more

Weekend Moon:Capricorn & Aquarius – Be Flexible!

The Moon visits Capricorn on Friday and Saturday, then moves into Aquarius on Sunday. Utilize wherever / whenever possible the energy of the particular sign the Lunar orb is in: *Reliable, Saturn ruled Capricorn: Authority, ambition, organization*Spontaneous, Uranus ruled Aquarius: Friendly, innovative, thrives in groups with a cause...more

Holiday Horoscope: Welcome That Lucky Sagittarius Sun!

Are you ready for a busy, bouncy, upbeat good time? Well, that’s what we get when the Sun prances into Fire sign Sagittarius tomorrow, Wednesday November 21, 2012. (The symbol for the optimistic 9th Astrology sign is the half man/ half horse Centaur – usually with a wine pouch.) Perfect, just in time for a holiday gathering. Share laughs, share food, share Sag philosophical wisdom. Spread cheer!...more

Love & Luxe: Libra Moon Weekend

The Moon will be in the charming, genial Air sign of Libra on Saturday and Sunday, November 10th and 11th. It’s all about relationships. Couples of all kinds (business? romantic?) should be cloaked in a spirit of cooperation and finding balance – a “can’t we all just get along?” sort of spirit....more

Mercury in Retrograde Dates for 2013

Plan ahead for Mercury in Retrograde 2013 by knowing when it will be here or look back to discover what your strengths and challenges were during those times. To understand more about Mercury in Retrograde and how it affects you, read my other post.The following are the dates Mercury will go Retrograde and when it will “station direct” or no longer be in retrograde. Read the remainder of the article and get the dates here:
I wrote my teen novel, MERCURY IN RETRO LOVE, based on this occurence.  I'd love for you to ...more

Last Mercury Retrograde of 2012 – On Election Day!

It happened in 2000 (remember those "hanging chads"?) and it happens again on Tuesday, November 6. Mercury goes “backward” on the day we vote. This is the planet of communication, travel, manual skills, fact gathering and analysis – things that have to do with being with people, places and things. When Retrograde, the possibilities for confusion, frustration, impatience are heightened. However, we can prepare ourselves so that fallout is reduced. We just need to be careful and pay attention. It can be done!...more