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Can music counterbalance us?

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Meghangal (OST) - Lyrics & English Translation

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What can we learn from taking part in reality shows & college culturals

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Only the Winds - Reinterpreted Lyrics

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The paradox of choice in music

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Discover the Seductive Charm of 60s Pop Icon Françoise Hardy

I discovered Françoise Hardy through the world of Scopitones. Back in the day, I was given a private screening of a Scopitone program a local theater owner was putting on, in the hopes I’d write something about the event. Scopitone films were forerunners of music videos, short films featuring a musical performance that you viewed on a jukebox-type machine called a Scoptione. They were most popular during the 1960s, and the films veered toward kitsch, with their bright primary colors and the camera’s tendency to position itself to better highlight the female dancers’ bustlines. ...more
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Music Career Vs. NBA?????

Contrary to the sad populated "belief" that everything should all be about money....well ex NBA Player Daniel "Booby" Gibson expressed his truth recently on the very high profiled radio station based in New York 105.1 BreakfastClub. Daniel  turned down millions and put his NBA career on the backburner to pursue his passion, in which is a poetry based rap career. Daniel "Booby" Gibson and his music seem to be very different from the unfortunate "rap" image and style  of today.  His music doesn't generally have the money, clothes, b*tches and h*es lyrics....more

Outlived - Lyrics

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