Song of the Season [Summer] - Wilted - Video & Download

Read the story behind my new original single, Wilted. Also, available for free download and streaming.

Birthday Shuffle V - Day 17 - Sweet Caroline

 I LOVE Neil Diamond... His music has been a part of my life since high school.I have a lot of his music on my iPod,and today this song came...more

Headbangers, rejoice!

I came of age in the 1980s. My husband, being 10 years older than me, came of age in the 1970s. This creates some difficulties because he thinks real music was 1970s music and 1980s stuff was awful. I think he’s delusional. Besides, 1970s “music” is depressing. Go Duran Duran!...more

Birthday Shuffle V - Day 13 - Try

Colbie Caillat: Try I'm alway listening for new inspirational music, andI know from the moment I heard this song I had to have it.So I immediately added it to my collection. I especially enjoy listening to music like this when I'm out riding...Enjoy...!...more

Boyfriend as Music Blogger?

Do you write only for yourself, or do you use your blog to try to connect to other people?In the beginning, I wrote mostly for myself because I had only a handful of followers. So it was like talking to myself for quite awhile.Since I didn’t want to talk to myself all of the time, I learned how to connect with other people. It’s not my strong suit but I try....more

Birthday Shuffle V - Day 12 - Living Life

When your husband surprises you with thisfor your birthday...  One song just isn't going to be enough... &...more

The Question & Answer method to weave a tale through music

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Can we give personality to melodic modes in music?

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What Heaven Feels Likeby Calee ReedMusic AlbumJuly 7th 2015 by Shadow Mountain Records  Product Descripti...more