Music of The Moment

Ever since I started driving I have always loved the way a good playlist on a long drive makes you feel. It can change the whole mood of the trip, even if you are just popping out to run errands for the day. Now that I have purchased my own car I have been burning CDs like a madwoman. I have yet to purchase, or figure out for the matter, something to link my sound system to my ipod....more

(INTERVIEW) Alicia Keys: Grammy Winner ... and Tech Innovator

You may know Alicia Keys as the Grammy-winning recording artist of season-defining songs like this past fall's "Girl on Fire." When I sat down with Alicia yesterday, though, she was working in an entirely different role: as the Global Creative Director for BlackBerry, an app developer, and moderator of a panel about Women, Tech & Ambition....more
Great interview, Elisa. Makes me SO excited about her. Always great to know women in the public ...more

Happy Birthday, Guy in Shades!

Today in history was a good one. Today in 1610 Henry IV was assasinated, leaving the throne to Louis XIII. In 1940 on this day the Netherlands surrendered to Germany. Israel became an independent state in 1948. All of these are important, but perhaps the most important of all was that today, 30 years ago, this lovely gem of a song was released. ...more

American Idol Recap: The Top Three Go Home...But I Skipped That Part

Last night the Top Three got to make their heartfelt visits home (whereas the 4th place finisher Amber just got to, you know, go home). But I will make a confession: I got home late last night, and I skipped over all the heart string pulling and went right to where I wanted my heart strings pulled...the singing.So how'd that work out for me? Let's dig in....more
@Patton I totally did NOT think Angie would go home. That was shocking to me. And now, if ...more

The Voice Recap: The Live Playoffs!

Welcome to the "live play-offs" of the Voice.16 singers will face the voting public for the first time. Two from each team will be "saved by America". One will be saved by their coach. And one will go home....more

Music Review: "Girl Who Got Away" by Dido

I'm sure you remember Dido from her earlier hits like "Here With Me" and "White Flag", but her latest album, "Girl Who Got Away", solidifies her as one of the best singer/songwriters out there. The first single, "No Freedom", deals with the concept of being able to love and be free to be yourself at the same time....more

American Idol Recap: The Top 4 REDUX

Last night we experienced the Top Four Ladies all over again, since I'm guessing the producers weren't happey with whomever America wanted to send home last week. #AIconspiracytheoriesEach contestant sang two songs, one form 2013 (yay!!) and one standard. And Harry Connack Jr. returned as a mentor...for both rounds....more

'The Voice' Recap: Oddly, the Knockout Rounds Delivered Few Knockouts!

These last two nights we have graduated from the Battle Rounds to the Knockout Rounds on The Voice. One of the things I love about The Voice is that the coaches often utter exactly the feedback I was thinking...and last night, one consistent message was: If this was supposed to be your chance to knock your competition out, why did you pick that song?...more
Haha! I thought the same thing about Sasha. Kerry Washington looks, powerful voice. What was ...more

Stagecoach 2013


Shut Up About Radiohead, Avril Lavigne

My husband and I got back from a road trip a few days ago.We listened to a lot of music along the way. A lot of very forgettable music.But one song stood out. Not because it was good. It was pretty bad, actually. It just happened to feature a particularly incongruous namecheck that kinda bothered me.The song was "Here's to Never Growing Up" by Avril Lavigne. The lyrics were about wanting to drink and dance and party and be immature. Typical pop-song stuff....more
I thought about it as well as I first heard the song and I imagined she would get reactions like ...more