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Paul Revere May be Gone, but the Music Lives On

Paul Revere, leader of the good old ‘70s rock ’n’ roll band Paul Revere and the Raiders, died last weekend.Wow. I remember the Raiders' wacky Colonial outfits with the three-cornered hats, and their smiling faces. We used to groove along with them on the TV show “Where the Action Is.”Their music was uplifting and had a great beat; it boosted your mood and made you tap your feet.And I still remember the lyrics to their biggest hits… Have been singing “Kicks,” “Hungry” and “Good Thing” for days since I read the sad news....more

Why Writers Should Watch 'The Voice'

Last spring, my husband traveled seven weeks in a row for business. My ten-year-old daughter and I bonded with him over The Voice. ...more
I'm agree with you.more

Progressive Rock as seen through Carnatic musician's eyes

We would like to call 'ProgRocKlassIndian' as how progressive rock is viewed through an Indian Classical musician's lens. In this post,Soumya writes about her evolution as a musician. She also, offers her perspective on Progressive Rock music as an Indian Classical musician. Here's what she had to say....more

Neath the cover of October skies "Well, it's a marvelous night for a Moondance...more

Is Glastonbury Worth The Ticket Buying Hassle?

Come Sunday morning, the nation will be shaken awake by the collective groans of thousands of music lovers as they drag themselves prematurely from their beds hoping to get tickets to Glastonbury Music Festival....more

Interview with Jon Anderson and Jean-Luc Ponty

Aspenbeat Radio: Interview with Jon Anderson and Jean Luc Ponty Sep 13 2014Broadcast on Aspen Public Radio"It’s a celebration of making music, because music is more important than anything really, as far as we’re concerned." --Jon Anderson, Sep 2014, Anderson Ponty Band ...more

3 Bands You Should Be Listening To: Electronic Indie Edition

This week’s version of 3 Bands You Should Be Listening To has a theme: electronic music.  I’ve been on a kick....more

5 Tips for Getting Glastonbury Tickets

How did we get to Glastonbury-ticket-buying time of year already? It seems like only yesterday  I was stumbling off-site, exhausted but with the biggest grin on my face as a result of the last five days spent at my most favourite place....more