Jamaican Music: Who won NBC The Voice, Jamaica’s Tessanne Chin

By: Denise N. Fyffe.Copyright © 2013, Denise N. FyffeDo you want to know Who won NBC The Voice Season 5? Then read on....more

Drunk in Love: What Does This Video Say About Male Sexuality?

I wrote a post earlier this year in reference to Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime show in which I asked all kinds of questions about whether her performance was empowering or objectifying. I recalled that post today when I saw a news item about her new video, Drunk in Love, which features her husband, Jay-Z. Out of curiosity about how she is presenting herself now, I decided to watch....more

Jamaican Music: Watch ALL Tessanne Chin's performances on NBC The Voice

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Jamaican Videos: Hilarious review of Why Tessanne Chin Made It To Top 3 The Voice

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Jamaican Music: Who is Tessanne Chin, Season 5 Top 3 finalist on NBC The Voice

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My Top 10 Christmas Jams Playlist

Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday hands down. I am excited to delve in and learn/re-learn things about the advent season as I read books to my son this month. I'll let you know if I find any really good ones for little people.  Here are some of my favorite Christmas jams to get you in the spirit, my top 10 favorites. Enjoy! ...more
Oh really? I'll check it out today NikkiMoff! Thanks for sharing!more

Beyoncé's Been a Bad, Bad, Bad Girl...and It Is Oh-So-Good

I will admit that I have been a rather casual fan of the internationally-adored pop culture icon, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter,  even though she has been dominating the music industry for at least a decade.  There is no denying that she is talented, loves her family, makes smart business moves, and is a beautiful person inside and out. My biggest issue was that she had a voice I felt she simply was not using to its fullest potential, both in sound and influence. ...more
Except beyonce is a jerk.  She refused to remove her recordings of the space shuttle disaster, ...more

On Repeat: Songs I Listen to Again and Again

Every time. Every single time. Perhaps because they're beautiful, meaningful, perfect. Or because they speak to my heart. Maybe because they draw out a deliciously aching, perfectly wistful, sweetly nostalgic feeling of longing. Or because they explode with joy and triumph and make me want to dance. Because of this, and this, and this, it's impossible for me to listen just once... I am greedy, I want more, and so I must go back for seconds. ...more
You should do it! Songlists are always fun. :)more

City of Angels

I miss my voice

November 2013 has been the month where, unlike any other, I have battled with my voice.  I’ve lost it as a result of a cold a few times before, but never as frequently and for so long as I have this month.  I was without it for nearly two weeks between a concert and a cold.  I JUST had it back last week…… but…. it’s gone again.  Well, I have half of it.  I got another cold.  I’m a victim of working in an elementary school with little little kids.The thing is… my voice is really important to me.  It’s hard to teach with no voice....more