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Brahmatvam - The Sound

Here's the signature track of The Cocoknot Theori - Brahmatvam. Do listen and share if you like it.

Road Trip or Chilling? Your Weekend Playlist

 It’s Friday again and that means 'get your groove on'. This weekend I'm going on a road trip to the river, which means I want a chill-sing-out-loud-gender-friendly playlist. Hope you love our 'road trip playlist' full of  sweet tunes.1. Riptide - Vance Joy...more

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Heights of Subjectivity in Music

Music, just like any other art form, is subjective. That's what we've been told and many a times, I've felt it too. The subjectivity is typically, associated with the emotions generated in us when we listen to a piece of music. ...more

Hash Pipes and Ass Wipes

(I do not have permission to use this photo. However I feel that if Weezer took the time to get to know me, they would think I am amazing and be totally OK with this. If I'm wrong, guess what... Weezer would still have contacted me. Win/Win.)...more
KnowWhatlMean Perfecto! You get it!!!! Thank you! The amusing part is this.... my kids are ...more

Why Musical Notes are Just As Important as the ABCs

Mabel found the piano. It was in the same place it’s always been: the living room. And it was in plain sight, although years back it was moved from one side of the room to the other side of the room, inching closer and closer to the basement door, its eventual resting place among the dust and cobwebs of the lowest level. Occasionally, I’d walk past and pull the cover over the keys, recently exposed after Mabel played an old recital song on a whim. But, in general, unless Marge came for a visit, the old spinet sat upright and forgotten....more

Meeting Travis Tritt

How I met Travis Tritt......more

Celebrate Women & Music at the 4th annual Word*Rock* & Sword Festival in NYC (Sept 14- 21, 2014)

Activist, Blues, Soul and Folk singer Toshi Reagon is hosting the 4th annual Word* Rock* & Sword Festival from September 14 to September 21 in NYC. The week long festival comprises of nine events that focus on various topics such as women's well-being, LGBT issues and music from talented artists (Nona Hendryx, Sting, and let's not forget the lady who made the festival happen, Toshi Reagon). Check out the summery of events for the Word*Rock* & Sword Festival: ...more

Hey, U2, Get Off Of My Cloud

Me in 1991: I spend the night camped out on a sidewalk in the tiny town of Palatka, Florida. The small downtown record store was one of those hidden treasures with an efficient staff where you had a chance to score a spot in the front of the line and therefore a chance to get tickets through their Ticketmaster system. I was fifth in line and I held my power position. Tickets went in a few nerve-wracking minutes.  I scored! I am filled with ecstatic joy from my badassery.  ...more
I don't care about it one way or the other. I'm not a big U2 fan, so it's sitting undownloaded ...more

Hey Krishna - Music Video

New music  video from Sou's Voice is out. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.