Music Video: Travel Back In Time With Bleached

 I love the name, I love the concept and I love the music. Bleached – led by sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin from the little burg of Los Angeles, just might be my new favorite band. Previously members of Mika Miko, these sisters have musical lo fi DNA in their blood....more

My Letter to Toby Keith

So, John Hamm and I are spending this weekend in Virginia with Apollo (because he has no friends and we needed to come out here and cheer him up/wing-girl for him friendship style).The very first thing we did after showing up at his apartment and having a beer was to go out to dinner.We ended up at Toby Keith's I <3 This Bar & Grill....more

BBC Reports On Another Child Prodigy

BBC NewsA recent news article by  BBC news reminded me of Jackie Evancho, the 12 year old prodigy singer who has taken the world by storm. She has a unique story in that she started singing after watching the Phantom of the Opera when she was 8 years old. She came into the scene at the heels of young Filipino singing star Charice Pempengco who came into the limelight when she was 16. What is truly amazing about these young stars is the talent that they have which is usually seen in older artists who have had formal training and preparation....more

The Lady Godivas of Folk-Blues

I wanted to make a collection of softly angelic songs by female singer-songwriters of the '60s and '70s—my project went into a different direction: I was drawn to the depths of female folk music, ardent with wild emotions and independence. I explored female musicians in American folk, folk-blues, and found hints of folk-roots in modern garage rock. Why the "Lady Godivas of Folk-Blues"? Because these women come to us raw—their voices are pure, coming straight from the visceral core of their emotions; they sing about outcasts,  callous hearts, and independence....more

Song of the Week

Michael Buble is one of my absolute favorite artists. He is talented and brings back the classics to present day. I have every album and have listened to each of them more than once. This week, I chose one of the many covers he has done and it is amazing. I love when he performs too. He just commands the crowd in a way that is mindblowing. ...more

Radio Two


Music Review: "Babel" by Mumford & Sons

The wait for the new Mumford & Sons album is finally over, and it was well worth it. I never thought I could love an album more than their previous one "Sigh No More" but this one might change that. A folk band from England, Mumford & Sons are extraordinarily talented musicians in every way. The sound that they produce from their instruments is unlike any I've ever heard. Rather than the typical setup in most bands, the members each play a variety of instruments, some at the same time. Marcus Mumford (vocals, guitar, drums, mandolin) has a voice so unique....more

Five Things I Learned At The Symphony

My wonderful father-in-law invited me to join him at the symphony this weekend.  We listened to a pre-lecture, drank some wine and enjoyed the amazing sounds of the symphony.  I also started thinking more about this world while sitting next to a man snoring loudly two seats down.  Here’s five things I learned at the symphony: 1. I would like to know how much training is involved in playing the cymbals in the orchestra. Years of training or just a few clashing together of the cymbals?  I’m convinced that my one year old son would excel in this field. 2....more

Do You Know What Gangnam Style is About?

By now, I'm sure you've heard of "Gangnam Style" the sensational YouTube video from Korean pop star Psy. The funky-tuxedoed singer has been featured on shows from Today to SNL and launched a thousand flash mobs. While Psy may be the first Asian to rocket to this level of stardom in America, Helen Lee of Urban Faith wonders if the song's social message has gotten lost in translation, leaving the pop star to be just another quirky one-hit wonder. Read on and tell us what you think... It’s fun....more