The Freshman and The Piano Man

10 Tips to Banish Your Own Boredom

Do you turn to your smartphone whenever you feel bored? It's tempting, isn't it? If you're trying to limit your own screen time, here are some other things to do when you find your mind wandering and get that itchy feeling of being bored (provided you're not at work)....more
@LisaNewlin Oh, of course he would call you "Madam." He's very formal.more

The People You Meet at a (All-Ages) Concert

Monday night, I went to the House of Blues in Chicago to see ...more

Soul Singer Teena Marie birthday is today

Today is the birthday of the late "blue-eyed" soul singer Teena Marie. Check out Soul You Know! for more on Teena Marie!...more

Music for March

As the winter blues are strumming along, listen to some of my favorite tunes playing through my phone as I'm getting ready in the morning. It's like a bunch of theme songs for my blog. I couldn't pick just one. XOXOXO,  TheBackwardsOwl ...more


so call me maybe by carly rae jepson good song...more

Kim & Kanye's Nude 'L’Officiel Hommes' Cover: Isn't She Still Married?

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, but they sure make one smoking hot couple! The parents-to-be showed some passion on the cover of French magazine L’Officiel Hommes. They appear to be nude, so it certainly leaves a lot to the imagination the things we can’t see.  Some people say that Kim shouldn’t pose nude and that she is going back on her recently revealed ‘privacy policy’ where she vowed to keep their lives less public. Um, okay....more
Seriously? She's all upset about still being married to another man when her baby is born but ...more

Music Review: "Rule The World" by Max Gomez

If you haven't heard of Max Gomez, you will. Hailing from Taos, New Mexico, this young singer/songwriter has what it takes to make it the long haul. His music is lyrical and immediately captures your heart. Raised by an artisanal furniture craftsman, Gomez has worked with his hands (and dare I say his  heart) his entire life. While he splits his time between New Mexico and Kansas, it is the artistic culture of Taos has nurtured the growth of his talent. ...more

A Call To Ban Assault Guitars

A citizens' action group called E.A.R.P.L.U.G.S. has started a petition to ban assault guitars and to demand that guitar stores must do more thorough background checks on  people who purchase guitars and amplifiers. ...more

Taylor Swift's Red Carpet-Ready Up-Dos

Here at the beauty mark, one of our favorite things to do is to recreate celebrity looks. One of our favorites this award season was Taylor Swift's People's Choice awards up-do. ...more