Kim & Kanye's Nude 'L’Officiel Hommes' Cover: Isn't She Still Married?

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, but they sure make one smoking hot couple! The parents-to-be showed some passion on the cover of French magazine L’Officiel Hommes. They appear to be nude, so it certainly leaves a lot to the imagination the things we can’t see.  Some people say that Kim shouldn’t pose nude and that she is going back on her recently revealed ‘privacy policy’ where she vowed to keep their lives less public. Um, okay....more
Seriously? She's all upset about still being married to another man when her baby is born but ...more

Music Review: "Rule The World" by Max Gomez

If you haven't heard of Max Gomez, you will. Hailing from Taos, New Mexico, this young singer/songwriter has what it takes to make it the long haul. His music is lyrical and immediately captures your heart. Raised by an artisanal furniture craftsman, Gomez has worked with his hands (and dare I say his  heart) his entire life. While he splits his time between New Mexico and Kansas, it is the artistic culture of Taos has nurtured the growth of his talent. ...more

A Call To Ban Assault Guitars

A citizens' action group called E.A.R.P.L.U.G.S. has started a petition to ban assault guitars and to demand that guitar stores must do more thorough background checks on  people who purchase guitars and amplifiers. ...more

Taylor Swift's Red Carpet-Ready Up-Dos

Here at the beauty mark, one of our favorite things to do is to recreate celebrity looks. One of our favorites this award season was Taylor Swift's People's Choice awards up-do. ...more

Creating Rihanna's Grammys Red Carpet Look

Pop songstress and style icon Rihanna was arguably one of the best-dressed on the red carpet at this year’s Grammy Awards. She showed up rocking a long goddess-like red gown, and a complimentary beauty look that made heads turn. Instead of her edgy rocker cut, she sported long, wavy locks, paired with a bold red lip, red nails, and a sultry cat eye. ...more
She looks beautiful, but the dress would not work well on everyone. You need just the right shape.more

"Jessie is a friend..."

"Jessie is a friend..."  If those words incite you to scream a little when you first hear them, you must be a Rick Springfield fan.  If they don't and you're not, you won't be able to understand this writing.  There's something about being a long-time Rick fan that only fellow Rick fans seem to value, or so I've found.  Since I was 11 years old I've been "Rick's biggest fan."  This fact bonded me forever to my then-and-now best friend as she's his co-biggest fan.  ...more
Wow!  Thank you both!  I'm jealous of the profile pic, Debbie.  The UP would be a many-hour trip ...more

Create Janelle Monae’s Sultry Grammys Makeup Look

At Sunday’s Grammy awards, Janelle Monae hit the red carpet with a matte face, bold red lips, and luscious lashes. Although her signature color palette is black and white, her makeup always seems to tie in with her classic ensembles. Her face is always nothing short of flawless, with bold pops of color. ...more

2013 Grammys Fashion Recap: Never Mind the Dress Code, Look at All That Skin!

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards came with some much-mocked dress code restrictions -- "no side boob" or "butt crack" was to show on this year's red carpet. Nevertheless, celebrities came dressed to impress. In fact, I think there was a bit of a rebellion going on, considering all the skin that was showing, especially The Leg Out trend. ...more
Lots of stunning looks this year.  There were several dresses that made me say, "What was she ...more

Grammy Highlights: Alicia Keyes and Adam Levine Burn Up Stage and More! [VIDEO]

My favorite part of the Grammys (aside from seeing Chris Brown lose to Frank Ocean because...*sigh*) are always the incredible musical matchups. Last night was no exception. Below, a few of my favorite Grammy moments, just waiting to be relived over a cup of coffee. ...more

How To Stay Red Carpet-Ready Like Beyonce at the Grammys

It was Grammy Awards night, and what that means in 2013 is another night on the red carpet for Beyonce, fresh off of her Super Bowl half-time appearance last week. All entertainment eyes seem to be on Bey all of the time, but this season, and on Grammy night? They're magnified. ...more