These Lines Really Aren't So Blurry ...

Robin Thicke's latest song, "Blurred Lines," a No. 1 hit, has raised some controversy, but is it the song, or the video, or both that offend? Thicke has been compared to Justin Timberlake, but Timberlake's latest singles are much more romantic than the blatant come-hithering of Thicke's song, where he is abetted in his attempted seduction by Pharrell Williams and T.I....more

The Brass Factory

News and updates of brass ensembles from all over the world. "Breaking news" concerning the last developments of music instruments, accessories and sheet music....more

I'm a hater...

This is my best friend Steve: ...more


Music Saved Her Life: The Day She Found Her Voice

It starts with a pulse inside my head. The beating of my heart; hard as lead. Can't get the music out of my mind. The rhythm of the words, the melody, the time. Melodies of sorrow, melodies of hate,; used to be my story, but now that's changed. I found a shining light and a brand new way, to live the rhythm of my life. The words have changed, the story's rearranged; to fit a life lived with a little less pain. Now I feel for the music, the music that saves. ...more

Beyond the Candelabra

 I don’t know if anyone else caught this movie made for HBO starring Michael Douglas as Liberace and Matt Damon as his lover, Scott Thorson.At first I thought, ugh, two male actors in those roles, but as in the teaser they give for the film, Michael Douglas says you quickly forget who they are as actors and \ how well they pick up the relationship. Both Douglas and Damon are married, so they portrayed the dynamics of the relationship quite well indeed.You followed their ups and downs, and the sadness was unavoidable at the end....more

Please help out!

Hello, I know htis is a weride request for all of the ladies out there but I need help!  I promote a band out of Los Angeles.  Singer is family!  They were just voted top 9 in California last month.  I need to get votes for them in a talent contest so they can get a spot in a huge festival.  Please open the link below and vote for them by hitting the like button.  I am pretty sure you have to have your Facebook account to do it (dont know if I am supposed to say that here), but I need your help!  Please vote!  Thank you Ladies!...more

The Voice Recap: The Finale

We have reached the finale of The Voice, and it seems relatively clear that the results may not go my way. Let's face it, with Judith and Sasha dismissed, the results already haven't gone my way. Everyone in the finale seems nice. Is talented. Has a lot of great potential. I have just perceived The Voice to be less about potential and more about being fully baked than, say, American Idol. This season put that idea to rest once and for all....more
Boo...I really wanted Michelle to win. I am sure she is on her way to a successful career since ...more

I Draw the Line at Led Zeppelin (and Billy Joel and ... and ...)

We listen to the radio a lot in the car when we're out and about. I get sick of all the Kelly Clarkson/Taylor Swift/Katy Perry stuff on the pop station that my daughter likes, so we frequently switch to the oldies station — my mom, who has dementia, actually perks up and recognizes all of her favorite artists from times past, like the Bee Gees, Bruce Springsteen, Beach Boys, and the Eagles....more

11-Year-Old Sebastien De La Cruz Is an Inspiration to Kids Facing Racism

[Editor's Note: Even if you don't follow the NBA finals, you need to check out the 11-year-old sensation who sang the national anthem two nights last week. Sebastien De La Cruz first sang at last Tuesday night's game in San Antonio, Texas. People made racist comments about the Mexican-American boy dressed in a mariachi outfit, but the real story is how he responded gracefully and was invited back to sing again. Like many watchers, Monica at Mommy Maestra is inspired by Sebastien....more
He is a true talent and a delightful spirit.  He captured our National Anthem beautifully!  ...more