Ten Great Break-Up Songs: I'm Getting Divorced, That Makes Me An Expert

If you've read my personal blog, Mommy Wants Vodka, you probably know that I'm going through the Big D (or The D Word, as I like to call it). If you don't read my personal blog, let me fill you in: I'm getting divorced. It's been a challenging time - with three kids, a house, and moving out on my own for the first time (ever), this has been a particularly HARD time. Probably one of the worst so far....more
I always think of the Jeff Buckley version of Hallelujah, such a beautiful song.  I would also ...more

Not sharing my X with Paul Ryan

You have a candidate whose agenda promotes a series of policies that are anti-women rights, anti-health such as Medicaid and birth control, and anti-gay rights and these are all Human Rights....more
Really? The best you can come up with is his taste in music? Before you decide a man is ...more

New Music // Devyn Rose // "Pieces"


The Olympics Catapult Music Up the Charts

Music plays such an important role in my life. I get such visceral reactions as I hear a song and can pinpoint a moment in time when that song or band meant something so very important to me. Music helps to tell my life story and so many others do the same as we think back to fond memories of mix tapes to sleepover dance parties to that song that played when you danced at your wedding or to that tune that reminds you of a missed family member or friend. And when there are even bigger stories behind the music, it makes it that much more palpable for all....more
All of the performances at the Olympics tonight were amazing. I especially loved the return of ...more

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was pretty spectacular in my opinion. On Friday night I went to Millennium Park with Kevin and met up with some friends for a classical music concert. We enjoyed some appetizers, desserts and wine and celebrated my friend Lauren's birthday. ...more

Mummy does not always know best!

Can you show me again how to do this, darling? I still cannot do it! A few years ago my oldest friend decided it was a good idea to start learning an instrument with her children. Her youngest, then 9 and fiercely competitive had just decided to take up the guitar. Much cooler than the recorder – which is what her older sister played. My friend lives in a rural area and has to hang out during her kid’s music lessons....more

Things I'm Loving Thursday

What a busy week I am having--oh my. Exhausting and that I do not apreesh! But I think I can find a little time to talk about the things I'm loving this week, even if the week itself is not getting too much love from me (and it's sure as hell not loving me either). ...more

Affordable Care Act and Vocal Artists: How much will it help?

Does the Affordable Care Act help Vocal Artists? Some, not enough.Singers, actors, public speakers: as the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) morphs from political football into real changes in healthcare access and financing, how will it affect you as a vocal artist?  The good news: Once all the provisions kick in (2014), you'll be guaranteed some kind of health insurance, and the government will help you pay for it....more