Dim All the Lights: Disco Queen Donna Summer Dead at 63

Singer Donna Summer died today, her family said in a statement. She lived in Florida in recent years, with husband Bruce Sudano, but no cause or location of death has yet been reported. She was 63 years old. ...more
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The Heart and Soul of DC

Check out www.aworknprogress.com for more! Y’all! It’s a sad, sad day – the legendary, Godfather of go-go, the one and only, Chuck Brown has passed away.“What is go-go,” my co-worker questioned.My other co-worker, a DC native said, “you can’t explain it. You just gotta hear it.”And then he sent him some links to Chuck songs, so he could be in the know....more

Little Man's Guitar Recital

(I apologize for all the shaking, drifting, and refocusing.  I was trying to hold onto a sleeping grandbaby while shooting video with one hand       He started lessons in August 2011.  This was his first recital....more

American Idol Recap: The Top 4 Serenade California

And not one Katy Perry song among them! The premise last night was that each Idol would sing one song in tribute to California (if there was a reason for this tribute I missed it) and one song that they wished they had written. I like that approach because theoretically it's about craft and talent, as opposed to pure treacly "inspiration". I'm not sure it really worked out that way, but I could see the possibilities....more
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New Music / Tanya T6 / "World Is Mine"

  After releasing several buzz singles “Fly Away” and “Silhouette” off her “Pieces” EP, Harlem Singer/Songwriter Tanya T6 is currently finishing up her new mixtape, “Watch Me Take It” dropping July 4, 2012, which is led by the single “World Is Mine”. ...more

American Idol Recap: The Top 5 Are Down to the Wire

And it's a nice crop of talented youngsters.This week Jimmy Iovine brought Little Steven as a mentor, so most of their mentoring seemed to consist of them ribbing each other and ignoring the Idols. Not sure how helpful that was....more
@ElisaC I agree, Phillip was off pitch in #2 and can't stand those shoes on the girls!!!! they ...more

He Promised NOT to Steal our Kidneys, Just Get In!

I was tickled my ten year-old "lucky pants" still fit and I could wear them to the concert.  But...there are no pockets on the butt?  I don't remember them not having pockets....more
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Are you Old School or Nu Skool?

Have you ever heard a parent describe their little child as an old soul? I hear it quite often and though I understand what they are saying, I did not always relate to it. I have a sister who fits this category and I’m married to an old soul. Both of them are mature beyond their years and do not seem to have any patience or desire for current trends. I have not quite figured out what the opposite of an old soul is, but it may bring to mind ”kidults” who never move out of their parents homes, or cougars on the prowl for fresh meat....more

My "Lucky Pants"

"Do you want to go to the Van Halen Concert?" my husband asks me over the phone a couple of weeks ago.I am thinking about where I will be at mentally Saturday with the three boys and the never ending "hillbilly hand-fishing" swamp clothing I have been washing and and say quickly, "YES!"...more
 @@BehavioralChild I think I had stretchy plastic on my side!  Haaaaa!more