Hey Krishna - A Malayalam song from Sou's Voice

Here's a cover version of the popular Malayalam song , Hey Krishna from the movie, Kizhakkunarum Pakshi composed by the late Raveendran maash. Do listen to it and let me know your thoughts. http://bit.ly/heykrishna...more

The Objectification Pt. 1

Music videos are becoming more and more like soft core porn. And it's sad. Case in point, Nicki Minaj's new video for her song "Anaconda." Needless to say, I was pretty sure the video was going to display her ASSets, but this video is doing a bit too much for me. It's sad that some women in the music industry are OK with objectifying themselves, as if the men in the music industry don't objectify women enough as it is. The over sexualization of women in the music industry (and in general) is just sad. I know, I know...sex sells but where and when will we draw the line?...more

The One '70s Album You Should Share with Your Daughter

Quick: What’s the first thing you think of when you hear Marlo Thomas? For me, it’s That Girl and Free to Be You and Me. Apparently, not everyone remembers her the way I do, though: Me: I used to love That Girl. Marge: What girl? Me: Marlo Thomas. Marge: Marlo Thomas wasn’t in That Girl. What’s-her-name was in that show. Oh, what’s her name? You know the one who was in that show with Ed Asner? ...more
You have just brought back a ton of memories for me. I'm going to go in search of this album to ...more

Why are musical metaphors beautiful?

The story behind Sou's Voice

There's always a story behind building one's dream, one's mission. Watch this video where I speak about the story of my website, Sou's Voice.  Look forward to your support and good wishes.http://bit.ly/thestorybehindsousvoice...more

The Tryst with Destiny

On this 68th Indian independence day, we would like to share with all of you a glimpse of the dance drama we were a part of. This musical dance drama, called The Tryst with Destiny, is a story about the last phase of the Indian freedom struggle. We were fortunate enough to be a part of this drama in the music and the acting departments. ...more

It's the day of mothers

Who is a mother? I'm sure the internet/dictionary shows up several brilliant definitions for the term 'mother'. ...more