The Question & Answer method to weave a tale through music

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Can we give personality to melodic modes in music?

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What Heaven Feels Likeby Calee ReedMusic AlbumJuly 7th 2015 by Shadow Mountain Records  Product Descripti...more

If You Are A True EDM Fan You Will Love The Electro Funk Sound Of Rising Star Grace Valerie

If you are a true EDM fan you will love the electro funk sound of rising star Grace Valerie’s music. Valerie is on track to be the next big thing that EDM fans are craving! A Dance-Pop superstar in her own right, Grace Valerie will have fans hitting the dance floor all night long! Her talent is limitless, as is the effort that she puts into her music and her artistry. She is a singer, songwriter and master performer all wrapped in one; as a music lover and critic I wouldn’t be mad if that was my present for Christmas....more

Birthday Shuffle V - Day 8 - Here I Am (Come and Take Me) I can still him standing in the kitchen, making us dinner...UL3 (unrequited love #3).This song was playing in the background. He was so cool.  He was so confident.He was so out of my league,but I fantasized about a relationship with him anyway.And, he was a friend......more

The shared 'music' economy is for real

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How can we implement mindfulness in music?

Some tips to make the music listening and making process more meaningful. Click to read:  ...more

Amazing Grace

America’s Violinist Jenny Oaks Baker Website...more

Birthday Shuffle V - Day 6 - Are You Gonna Go My Way?

I first heard this Lenny Kravitz song when he appeared onthe David Letterman Show.I liked the beat, and I immediatelydeveloped a girl crush on his drummer. This song is on my cycling playlist because I canrock out and keep pedaling to the beat. Of course, Lenny Kravitz is more familiar nowas Cinna on the "Hunger Games" series. ...more