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Wedding Planning 101: Please Don’t Stop the Music!

The day after you attend a wedding, what is the first thing that comes to mind?THE MUSIC.If the DJ was amazing, you will still be talking about it the next day. If the band was out of this world, you and your friends will still be talking about how awesome their rendition of “Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé and Jay-Z was and how so-and-so grabbed the mic and was rapping along side of the band.Bottom line. Booking the right type of music is the most important aspect of your wedding planning. And so is the music choices you will have to make....more

Picking yourself up

Here is a tip for all musicians and artists -

No boy bands for me

As my family left a science museum on our vacation, we passed hundreds of girls lining the streets near a local arena. They were dressed in fan gear - shirts, shorts, socks, buttons, jewelry, hats - from head to toe and were holding signs, banners and flags for One Direction. And despite the heat and that it was four hours before the concert was supposed to start, there they were....more

Better late than never

Sometimes things take time, but, that doesn't mean it will never happen. All that requires is a little patience. This is applicable when it comes to singing as well. Read more here:

When music gets smarter and wearable

New smarter and wearable innovations in music to look out for:

Resistance or Audacity?

When certain art forms hesitate to change with advancements in technology, are they being resistant to change or just audacious? Read more here.   ...more

10 Emerging artists in Hip Hop and R&B to watch

Over the last year, we’ve heard hits from Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Drake among many other heavy hitters. However, just because someone has not landed on the Billboard charts does not mean that they are not a great artist. You may or may not have heard of them, so check out the list of 10 emerging artists in Hip Hop and R&B music to watch....more

Post No. 5: Nicki Minaj vs Taylor Swift

I’ve been eye-raped, and it’s my own fault. In Post No. 3, I mentioned being proud of not knowing any Minaj tunes.   After a few more headlines with her complaints about “a little funny business goin’ on” because Anaconda was not nominated for Video of the Year, I decided to see what she and Anaconda are all about....more

Wait, Nicki Minaj Can't Even Be Frustrated? What Emotions Am I Allowed To Have As a Black Woman?

Years ago, my visiting sister and I were teasing each other about one of those random topics siblings joke about. My roommate overheard us as she climbed the stairs in our apartment and gently admonished us: “Now girls, don’t fight.” My sister and I turned to each other with the same puzzled expression. We weren’t fighting. We were joking around, having a good time. What was she talking about? I considered my roommate’s perspective: she saw two sisters in conversation with raised voices, using animated gestures. ...more
McBlog thegrlnxtdoorisblack They lost their business because they put their values in display ...more

The 10 Best Bachelorette Party Songs

It’s bachelorette party time! (Well.. almost… one and a half weeks but who is counting?)...more
That's such an awesome list!! Soo perfect for a bachelorette party!!more