The Rejection of My Favorite 80’s Boy Band…By My 3 Year Old

Yesterday my almost 4 year-old son was a passenger with me on the way to Wal-Mart when I cranked up some New Edition. Figuring that these fierce early 80’s beats and 13-year-old falsettos would appeal to him, I indulged my inner fangirl.I started off with the first New Edition song I’d ever heard: ‘Cool It Now’. I was at Hugo’s roller skating rink when I first heard them singing about how their ‘lite wings have changed’.30 years later I thought that sounded a little weird and Googled it. It turns out that ‘life brings a change’....more

The top 4 reasons why I can’t stop listening to Teedra Moses Cognac and Conversation

Wow, its been awhile since I blogged on BlogHer! Well let me play catch up and share some new music posts! New Orleans songstress and songwriter Teedra Moses is back with her new album Cognac and Conversation! If you love honest R&B and Soul music, you would adore this album! Check out my review of Cognac and Conversation on my music blog Soul You Know!

Ice Music - The Scandinavian way of making art


Are amateurs the new professionals?


Ark-Nova - World's first inflatable and mobile concert hall


Hard to pick a favorite anymore


'Jam Econo' - A financial tip for indie musicians

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Complex yet, safe

Pondering on the future of classical music. Read more here. ...more

Country Music Sunday and Other Ties that Bind

Tomorrow is Country Music Sunday. Oh, you’ve never heard of it? Really, it’s a “thing,” at least in my little sliver of the world.No, you didn’t miss some kind of nation-wide hype about celebrating the country music scene. The weekly observance was designated by our Zack and his group of friends several years ago, when they were young teens, assigning obscure and quirky themes to each day of the week. Well Dressed Wednesday, Polo Shirt Thursday. You get the idea....more