Blog Roundup for July

#blogroundup  Here's a glimpse of what happened last month at #sousvoice, in case you missed. Do check it out: #throwbackthursday

***Review*** MoleHill July 18, 2014 Kansas City, MO CZAR BAR

The Czar Bar sits downtown in Kansas City, Mo. At first look you begin to wonder, but nearby you have the Crown Center and the Sprint Center. The Czar Bar is known for the local and long distance bands. I was given the pleasure of being invited to hear the popular Chicago band "MoleHill". So I scheduled a plane trip and made my way to hear the band that seems to be having people talking and talking a lot. MoleHill can be described as poptastic rock or in some cases alternative with a twist. They have recently debuted a video "MoneyLife". You may find this video on YouTube....more

The President's DJ

Today I'm bragging! I'm bragging about my cousin Mel who I like to call the "First DJ of the United States of America". "Kuya" (big bro) Mel and I are first cousins, his mom and my dad are brother and sister (two of 12 siblings)....more


Turn Back the Time #TGIF Playlist

 Get Your Groove On With Our 'Time' Playlist This was a short work week for me since we got back from our vacation on Wednesday. Though the work week was short the days seemed to drag on. Vacation time definitely goes by faster then work time. Since we can’t turn back the clocks and still be on vacation, I can at least dedicate this playlist to it....more

Turn up the Volume to Terrance Hunt on iTunes Now to Hear Hot New Hip-hop Music

Wanting to hear new and popular Hip-Hop music? Terrance Hunt is the artist to look out for on iTunes! His music is influenced by the sounds of hip-hops greatest – Nas and Notorious to Tupac and Jay-Z; Terrance Hunt is creating music to be heard and shared by the world. After a car accident at the age of eleven, Terrance used expression of poetry – in-turn his poetry into rap verses. Now signed with Indie Record Label Raw Entertainment, Hunt is bringing “songs that speak pain, love, and everyday life,” to people all around the world. ...more

Let Her Go

Egypt's Newest Music Style: Mahragan

 There is a new underground music style quickly gaining popularity in Egypt, especially around the suburbs of Cairo....more

My love for small time bands

I have this thing for small bands of the unkown who are on the brink of making it big. I am new fan of this group SYNDROME OF FIRE. They are just coming off the Beyond the Blackened Sky Tour. I highly encourage you go to YOUTUBE and check them out. Another group with a dear friend of mine playing is MOLEHILL . They are on their Equinox tour. I encourage you to come out to Kansas City MO on July 18 and check out this band of all bands. Show suport for new artists alike. Micah Oser and Devin Staples play drums for both bands mentioned....more