Day 7 - NaBloPoMo - A Life Moved by Music - November 7, 2013

I was hoping to "cheat" today and merely post an outstanding photo of something or someone, write a little quip and be off to do the hundred things I need to do today, but, oh, no, not me!  I had to stop by Word Press' Daily Post, just in case something interesting might truly validate an honest effort to write something today, and there it was, jumping out at me, "Moved by Music."  I knew in an instant, I had to honor this subject by writing a little more than just a quick quip....more

September Mixtape and a little Drooling

Only slightly late ;) Here's what I listened to in September. The Avett Brothers song was on CONSTANT REPEAT. It very well might be the best song I've ever, EVER heard. I'm not just saying that because Scott Avett is a hottie (but he is - LOOK!) ... Read more at Julie101. ...more

Moved by Music

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” ...more

Choir Chatter: Notebooks

Fed up with the scraps of paper/worksheets getting thrown in the trash, I wanted something that students would hopefully reference and grow from, so we began with notebooks.  After a positive experience last year, I recommend using notebooks in your choir or general music classroom, especially at the secondary level.  In the age of Common Core, incorporating writing is extremely important, and I’ve found that my students generally enjoy it.  ...more

Remember Albums?

Last night I heard a song in a bar from U2's album Achtung Baby and it brought me back.  I found myself singing along and feeling the same feeling I had back in the early 90's when I listened to it on my cassette tape in my bedroom.  When I got in my car to drive home, I searched Achtung Baby on Rdio to listen to for the ride home.  I listened to songs back to back, singing along, not skipping any of the songs but listening to all of them in their entirety.  When one song ended and the next one began, I continued singing.  And then it hit me--we ne...more

10 Songs to Keep You Motivated & Inspired

Do you wake up in the morning to certain songs to get your day started? Do you have that special playlist of songs that spice up your day and keep you MOTIVATED and INSPIRED? If you were to take a peek into my iPod you’d be able to see my variety of playlists that I have saved. My workout list, my cleaning list, my theme songs-inspirational list, my  bob ya head list, my gospel list, my jazz list, my writing list… I’m quite sure you get the picture. LOL ...more
I have nominated you for the Superstar Blogger ...more

Day 5 - As You Wish

I love the movie (and the book) "The Princess Bride."    If you've lived a cave for the better part of your lifeand haven't heard of this movie (and book by William Goldman)it's about a grandfather who comes and reads...more


if you haven't caught on that i am a bit of a romantic...just go here. i love where i live so freaking much that it tends to come out in my songwriting. i wrote this little diddy a while back and have recently dusted it off and started playing it again. i really want to start writing more stuff on my ukulele and playing this inspires me to do so....more

Weekly Writing Challenge: Music

Oh, I’m excited to write this one.  I’m excited about this post.  WordPress feeds me prompts, and this one — this one I can write about.Music.  Sweet, sweet music.Whenever people ask me what I’m into, I have to throw music in, because I can’t picture life without it.I play it, I sing it, I listen to it often....more

Ahh, the Earworms!

Earworms by definition are songs, jingles and tunes that get lodged in your brain and you can't shake them free. Okay, so that is my definition not found in Webster's Dictionary.These earworms are annoying at times, fun at times, and can cause you to burst out in song anywhere you might be. Sometimes at inappropriate times. Like I said, fun....more