Subverting the Princess

I have always loved fairy tales, but I'm not a huge fan of the Disney princess, especially in its recent hyper-marketed form. I never prevented my daughter from seeing any of the animated films featuring fairy tale princesses like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc., but was happy that she was just as impressed with Hercules and the Aristocats as she might have been with the Little Mermaid. Not to mention Fiona from Shrek, a more subversive (and secretly Mommy-approved) princess....more

Music Covers I Love

What are your thoughts on covers? No, not the warm, cozy kind one might curl up under on a cold winter's night... I think we probably all share a similar viewpoint on those! The covers I'm talking about are of the music variety, defined by Wikipedia as follows: ...more

Music Monday! Sweater Weather

Music Monday! Sweater Weather We thought it was Spring.But no.Even though the calendar says Spring,Mother Nature has other plans....more

Play it again, Mom

Often, on a long car ride, I hear a polite voice from the backseat of the car, asking, "Mom, can you turn on my music now, please?" So, I switch on my son's music, and I am missing out on a great opportunity....more

Mujer Revolucionaria fuerte, bella y valiente .. "Arriba Mèxico Cabrones" ..

Last night a clock radio saved my life

Sometimes I'm not entirely sure how I became such an OCD freak about music.Neither of my parents was really into music (my dad liked 70s folk/rock/pysch stuff and my mom's tastes skewed mainly soft rock)....more

Flamenco, My first 12 Years

Interview with Jazz Vocalist Giacomo Gates

Jazz From Aspen interview:  GIACOMO GATES“In this kind of music it’s about intention, honesty and what comes through in your voice – the Experience of Life” – Giacomo Gates “If it don’t feel right, then there’s probably something wrong”  (attributed to some of the jazz greats, Monk, Miles, Duke, Louie Armstrong)...more

Confidential to My Enemies: Tips on How to Kill Me

My Favorite Albums of All Time   This post has been in progress for many years. I have added, deleted, reorganized, and edited my selections countless times. If you ask for my favorite albums, I have ten questions to qualify the list before I can even begin to answer. What’s my mood? Am I at work or at home? Am I driving? In commuting traffic or on a road trip? What’s the weather like? Am I alone or with someone? So many variances…and unique sets of circumstances....more