How to Begin

This is my first time participating in NaBloPoMo and also National Novel Writing Month and already I am sooooo addicted to this I will have to hide it from my husband. (good luck with that). I am three chapters into my first novel and my editor is MAKING me do this. She wants more PAGES. I am doomed. While it might be true that if I sit down every day and write 1500 words I might form a better habit than driving to Starbucks and ordering White Chocolate Macchicato and sitting there sipping it and pretending to write, it remains to be seen. I know you will be watching and waiting....more

Disney Classics Box Set Now Available On CD - Pre-Order Today!

Disclaimer: I am participating in a blog post campaign from One2One Network and Walt Disney Records. All opinions are my own....more

It's Beginning to Sound a Lot Like Christmas Already!

In six short days, a war is going to break out in my otherwise (somewhat) peaceful household. November 1 starts the annual “War of the Christmas Music.” ...more
I love Christmas music too, and agree that it just gives me the warm fuzzies. And if I might ...more

The Soundtrack of your life

Movies are filled with music from which we take cues about how we should be feeling in a particular scene, or it may suggest what is coming next. Can you imagine a movie without it?Since we can’t live our lives with movie music following us everywhere, I’m glad that somebody invented the portable transistor radio, the portable CD player and now the iPod – because those boom boxes were really getting heavy....more

Parents of musically gifted children: Get out of your own way so your child can flourish!

Parents of gifted young musicians can support their child’s musical growth by understanding their own reactions and feelings....more

Old But Gold

My father was a person who could appreciate a good tune who also tinkered a bit with electronics. Every Sunday, he would set up his reel-to-reel player, and fast forward and rewind, ad infinitum.Since it was not just about playing the music, but getting the best sound possible, there were many nights when I would fall asleep with the refrain, “left channel front, right channel rear”, ringing in my ears, long after he finished testing the speakers....more

Miley Cyrus from child star to...

I think Miley Cyrus has lost her mind!  One day she will look back and regret her actions with the vma and her nudie music videos.One day she might have kids and I would doubt that she would them seeing how their mom  had acted in the past! I shudder to think of such things,but never the less that is something I have been wondering about since  I've been hearing about all her latest escapades.Some people might like to watch a trashy acting person,but not me. I give her a big thumbs down....more


thats right blog world, i am starting my very own weekly segment. don't hold your breath though...who knows how long this will last :) so a week or so a go, i was flipping through my instagram and found this picture from Jamie Nato....more


i was sitting at plums a few weeks ago (the weekly open mic i play at, aka church) chatting with my buddy Eric and he was talking about his top ten songs he wishes he had written. i started to contemplate it and decided i should probably share what 10 songs i wish i had written. easy, right? not so much...this list probably changes month to month but here goes. also note that these are NOT my favorite songs, but simply songs that i resonate with to the point of wishing i had written them...hope you enjoy!1. let it be by the beatles2. first day of my life by bright eyes...more

Parenting a musically talented child: Understanding your own reactions so you can encourage your child

Part One: Awareness Most parents delight when their child performs in a recital or school concert. Yet they usually recognize that these musical efforts are an enriching activity and not a future career path. What happens, though, when parents realize that their child is musically gifted?...more