Location of Incident is Hosting A Kickstarter To Showcase Their Upbeat Rock and Dance Music On Tour

Location of Incident is hosting a Kickstarter to raise money for promotion, distribution and touring for their upbeat Rock and Dance music. Check out their kickstarter.com so you can come and see them in your town! They have just released their album “Strong Without My Fears” that is full of the Classic Rock sounds we all love and R&B inspirations....more

Dance Fever Friday Playlist

To celebrate #TGIF let’s boogie to the dance fever!Yes, its Friday again and its time to put your party pants on. This week’s music post has dance fever written all over it. Hope you ‘get on up’ and get those happy feet in motion....more
Denise I'm so glad you liked the playlist!more

The Birthday Post

32 years ago my brother got his first little sister. I wish I could sit here and write about all the wonderful things that have happened over the last 32 years and all the lives I've touched and people I've saved. But, nah. There's not really anything special about my 32 years. I made it this far, I guess that's pretty cool. ...more

World Cup Songs #TGIF Playlist

Let’s Rejoice In The Beautiful Game And Sing Your Hearts OutEvery fours years the world joins together to celebrate the largest sporting event. The beautiful game of soccer can unify nations and fans to root for the best....more

#TGIF! Get Your Vocals Ready & Dancing Shoes On To Our 90s Rock Playlist

We all need a little music in our lives, and why not belt it out in our offices or cars? In our effort to ring in every #TGIF, we welcome you to our weekly playlist.So, get your vocals ready and dancing shoes on for this week's 90's rock playlist. Let me know if I left out a crucial song? ...more
TheSuperAmanda Great suggestions. Thanks for the feedback. Love it!more

I Wanted My Own Bitchin Camero

 It’s the mid 1980s. Bands like REO Speedwagon, Foreigner and Wham! ruled the charts. But there’s an underground movement bubbling up — punk rock.Listening to my Sony Walkman late at night, the local college station would spin strange songs and bizarre artists. Sometimes, the songs were so awful my ears hurt. Other times, the music seemed plain boring and vanilla. But some magical nights, the DJ was speaking directly to me....more

Because I’m "Happy" Listening to Jeremy Green’s Amazing Rendition

You know a song is played a lot when people begin saying they’re tired of hearing it....more

It's Friday So It's Dance Party Machine Time

Last Friday KROQ's Kevin and Bean show had a dance party machine instead of their usual programming. Since that was so much fun for a Friday I thought I'd share a dance party machine playlist for your listening pleasure. What would you add to this list?  1. Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby ...more
Karen Ballum   LOL I promise I wasn't! But I was dancing my toochie off with this playlist last ...more

If your son invites you to a concert... go!

Mother's Day gift this year?  A cross country flight to visit my son at college.  He was a fun and gracious host, enthusiastically introducing me to roommates, friends and teachers.  Best part? Front-row seat at his a cappella concert. The music was magical and brought me to tears.  So if you get an invite to visit your adult child's world... go for it.  Here is a taste of what I so richly enjoyed: http://voqel.com/i/1891   ...more