March 2013 Central Florida Talent Showcase

Excerpt, "The location Martinez chose for the 2013 Central Florida Showcase embraced me in total Aquarian-friendly eclecticism, neon lights and hookah smoke.  You didn’t have to be high to experience the remnants of the interior designer’s revolutionary LSD trip.  Images of the Lion of Judah, Hugo Chavez, psychedelic dragons and Bob Marley pop art quickly made me forget about the fourth dimension I’d just left behind....more

Surprise Date Night: Rihanna's Concert In Chicago

We were driving to the city for our date night and I had no idea where we were going. Hubby knows how much I love surprises, so many date nights are like this.Though I knew this date was different since I asked him earlier in the day whether I should wear heels. He advised against it. Hmmmm. That usually means I’ll be dancing....more

Music & Harmony & The Rest Of Life

Besides finding the time to practice, and keeping to a regular schedule, I find that the hardest thing about learning music as an adult is feeling like it is this separate entity, this separate hobby, that must have clear justifications to continue.But that’s just the thing....more

The Freshman and The Piano Man

The People You Meet at a (All-Ages) Concert

Monday night, I went to the House of Blues in Chicago to see ...more

Soul Singer Teena Marie birthday is today

Today is the birthday of the late "blue-eyed" soul singer Teena Marie. Check out Soul You Know! for more on Teena Marie!...more

Music for March

As the winter blues are strumming along, listen to some of my favorite tunes playing through my phone as I'm getting ready in the morning. It's like a bunch of theme songs for my blog. I couldn't pick just one. XOXOXO,  TheBackwardsOwl ...more


so call me maybe by carly rae jepson good song...more