NaNoWriMo/NaBloPoMo – Day 4 and other things

 So I am informed by Ye Trusty ole NaNoWriMo Word Count stats cruncher that:...more

Sad Songs Say So Much

This is a great list! So many songs pull at my heart strings. I wouldn't even know where to begin...more

I still miss Adam Yauch....


Happy Weekend!

Well, let me start off by saying a big THANK YOU to everyone who read my first post. It means the world to me. People who know me, know how important the story is, and if you don’t know me, you got a pretty good picture of myself. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, please read “An independence shout out” and you will understand. Moving on, yesterday marked my fourth anniversary in LA, five and half in the US. So many things have happened during this time that I will in the future share some of these stories....more

Devyn Rose / D.E.V.Y.N EP

My Letter to Toby Keith

So, John Hamm and I are spending this weekend in Virginia with Apollo (because he has no friends and we needed to come out here and cheer him up/wing-girl for him friendship style).The very first thing we did after showing up at his apartment and having a beer was to go out to dinner.We ended up at Toby Keith's I <3 This Bar & Grill....more

BBC Reports On Another Child Prodigy

BBC NewsA recent news article by  BBC news reminded me of Jackie Evancho, the 12 year old prodigy singer who has taken the world by storm. She has a unique story in that she started singing after watching the Phantom of the Opera when she was 8 years old. She came into the scene at the heels of young Filipino singing star Charice Pempengco who came into the limelight when she was 16. What is truly amazing about these young stars is the talent that they have which is usually seen in older artists who have had formal training and preparation....more

The Lady Godivas of Folk-Blues

I wanted to make a collection of softly angelic songs by female singer-songwriters of the '60s and '70s—my project went into a different direction: I was drawn to the depths of female folk music, ardent with wild emotions and independence. I explored female musicians in American folk, folk-blues, and found hints of folk-roots in modern garage rock. Why the "Lady Godivas of Folk-Blues"? Because these women come to us raw—their voices are pure, coming straight from the visceral core of their emotions; they sing about outcasts,  callous hearts, and independence....more

Song of the Week

Michael Buble is one of my absolute favorite artists. He is talented and brings back the classics to present day. I have every album and have listened to each of them more than once. This week, I chose one of the many covers he has done and it is amazing. I love when he performs too. He just commands the crowd in a way that is mindblowing. ...more