Why are musical metaphors beautiful?

The story behind Sou's Voice

There's always a story behind building one's dream, one's mission. Watch this video where I speak about the story of my website, Sou's Voice.  Look forward to your support and good wishes.http://bit.ly/thestorybehindsousvoice...more

The Tryst with Destiny

On this 68th Indian independence day, we would like to share with all of you a glimpse of the dance drama we were a part of. This musical dance drama, called The Tryst with Destiny, is a story about the last phase of the Indian freedom struggle. We were fortunate enough to be a part of this drama in the music and the acting departments. ...more

It's the day of mothers

Who is a mother? I'm sure the internet/dictionary shows up several brilliant definitions for the term 'mother'. ...more

The emerging need to becoming independent

As India celebrates its 68th independence day, the significance of the word 'independent' has become more relevant than ever. From a national level to a personal level, the feeling of becoming independent has given rise to different possibilities in our everyday lives....more

Keith Urban Raise 'Em Up Tour Virginia Beach. What an amazing night!

Karol and I have seen Keith Urban perform 4 times.  Our very first date was to a Keith Urban concert.  We would ride around in my car with the sun roof open singing Keith Urban songs together even before we were a couple.  "Our" song was Love Somebody Like You by Keith Urban.  So I suppose you could say he is part of the bedrock of our relationship....more

How did The Cocoknot Theori come to be?

Music is simple and elementary. You need a story and you need an expression in music to explain it. The simplicity of this approach to music is what inspired the formation of this band. We look to life with curiosity and find stories to tell....more