Where Bruno Mars Got it Wrong: If You Leave, It Will *Not* Rain Everyday.

I like Bruno Mars. There's something about his style -- the voice, not the hair-- that really speaks to me. In fact, I love crooners so much that I produce an internet radio show (Wednesdays at 9 pm EST) complete with ridiculously sappy love songs. Because we all need a good cry during the middle of week and no one has 14 hours to spare for a Lifetime movie marathon....more

Melissa Ferrick-Everything I Need in a Musician

We saw Melissa Ferrick in concert over the weekend. This double-header of shows didn't count as our first shows and hopefully not our last....more
I have never heard of Melissa Ferrick. Sorry! I sort-of grew up listening to Motown, but in the ...more


 This was just a really pretty song/music video that I had to share....more

Life In A "Fly Over State"...

I was born and raised in a “destination” state…I live and will grow old in a “fly over” state…For those of you that are Country Western music fans, Jason Aldean has a new song out.  It is entitled “Fly Over States”.  My girls and I heard it on the radio recently, and I loved it.  It talks about the Great Plains region of the United States—at first from the perspective of someone flying over at 30,000 feet from New York to LA, and then later from someone who actually lives in a fly over state....more

Local coffee shop band in the 70's and now

“Come together - over meeee” throbbed the musical instruments, wordlessly. The aroma of coffee permeated. Heads and shoulders and feet tapped or bobbed in time.The keyboard player wrapped his focus up in the music and let it float....more
It does still rock! And makes for a very fun time between friends :)more

Mike deaths

          "I love you once, twice, I love you, I love you more than beans and rice."...more

My Take on SXSW 2012: Film, Music, Interactive, and More

SXSW aka South-by-Southwest, the event that takes a week of my time every year in Austin, Texas, seems to get bigger and bigger every March, not to mention more global....more

What You're Missing at South by Southwest (SXSW)

Last year I went to South by Southwest (SXSW), a huge music festival in Austin.  It’s grown to include a technology conference, film festival, and basically anything that can be prefaced with SXSW and attract hipsters: SXSWedu, SXSW Eco, SXSW Elderberry Liquor Tasting, and SXSW Big Lebowski Clothing Expo.  Official disclaimer: I made up the last two....more

Flavor of the month

I have been a music lover since childhood. I remember waking up one Saturday morning to my father’s impressive vinyl collection blasting from the den and asking him who his favorite artist was. He gave me a stern look and replied, “Honey, to choose only one musician would be like committing to just one flavor of ice cream for the rest of your life.” This was an excellent correlation to make to a four year old. Today, I find that this is often still the case. So instead of elaborating on my favorite artist ever, I shall divulge my favorite artist right now....more