I'm with the Band

Well, not exactly but I did go to see a friend's band play at a cool local venue last night. My friend Meg's boyfriend Brandon is in a band called Bane Like Ivy and they were playing last night at Subterranean in Wicker Park. So fun for a random Wednesday evening. I definitely enjoyed the band--these guys have some serious talent and I do see them doing well on the local Chicago band scene (which I am admittedly quite unfamiliar with, but our neighborhood has so many cool venues that I do want to start checking out some more bands)....more

Musical Interlude

(originally posted @ My Really, Real Reality) There is something very joyful about sitting in a tiny, uncomfortable school auditorium and watching young people learning to play and developing an appreciation for music.  I am not personally musically inclined.  I don't play any instrument.  I can't carry a tune in a bucket.  That's not to say that I don't enjoy music.  I do.  A lot.  I enjoy listening to music.  I also enjoy singing along.  ...more
 @HomeRearedChef Yes... forever.  Someday I'll show it to the grandbaby and tell him :  "all ...more

Punk Rock Is Good for Those Kids

Forewarning*: I know some people will probably read this and tell me a horror story about how so and so music is wrong and ruined their cousin’s great-aunt’s brother-in-law’s brother.  I don’t think that ALL punk rock is good for ALL kids. There are unstable people in every group and you never know what will set them off. There are always a few bands who aren’t ideal, in fact they probably shouldn’t ever play, for anyone. In the end, if you don’t like the music, don’t listen to it. ...more
Remember Punk Rock isnt just music, its a different attitude altogether.  Noone ever understands ...more

90s Girl Groups We’d Love To See Make A Comeback

Since SWV has made a comeback, it got me to thinking about other girl groups that I missed from back in the day. You know the girl groups from the 90s that made all the songs that came to mind when you were mad with your man or those songs that made you remember why you were so in love with your boo.Here’s our list of top 5 girl groups from the 90s we’d love to see make a comeback:...more
Awww man! This brings back so many memories! I used to love SWV, Escape, EnVogue...all of them! ...more

Playing it By Ear

Planning is overrated.  My experience is that even the best-laid plans go awry.  No matter how meticulous you are, how thorough your due diligence is or how accurate the data backs ups your assumptions, given the unpredictability of life, something is bound to change.  And change can bring down the titans of strategy, the leaders of tomorrow, and the stalwarts of today.  I’ve often wondered why the MBA programs, the college-bound courses in high school or the technical training institutes neglect to teach how to lead in the midst of chaos or how to find the path by follo...more

The Heart and Soul of DC

Check out www.aworknprogress.com for more! Y’all! It’s a sad, sad day – the legendary, Godfather of go-go, the one and only, Chuck Brown has passed away.“What is go-go,” my co-worker questioned.My other co-worker, a DC native said, “you can’t explain it. You just gotta hear it.”And then he sent him some links to Chuck songs, so he could be in the know....more

Little Man's Guitar Recital

(I apologize for all the shaking, drifting, and refocusing.  I was trying to hold onto a sleeping grandbaby while shooting video with one hand       He started lessons in August 2011.  This was his first recital....more

New Music / Tanya T6 / "World Is Mine"

  After releasing several buzz singles “Fly Away” and “Silhouette” off her “Pieces” EP, Harlem Singer/Songwriter Tanya T6 is currently finishing up her new mixtape, “Watch Me Take It” dropping July 4, 2012, which is led by the single “World Is Mine”. ...more

He Promised NOT to Steal our Kidneys, Just Get In!

I was tickled my ten year-old "lucky pants" still fit and I could wear them to the concert.  But...there are no pockets on the butt?  I don't remember them not having pockets....more
 @All that makes you... LOL! It sounds like a lot of fun!more