Bill O'Reilly throws serious moon-sized shade to Lady Beyonce. And maybe this time, he's right

Oh big whoop, Bill O’Reilly doesn’t have anything nice to say about AfricanAmerican pop stars. This time he has pushed his hate-odometer to the socially acceptable standard for black women, Lady Bey herself, or Sasha Fierce, or Mrs. Carter, or Jay Z’s baby mama – or whatever they’re coining her today....more

"I Don't Want to Listen to Johnny Cash Today, Daddy" (and Other Country Music Songs Beggin' To Be Written)

They will each have 3 stanzas, like all good country songs."Mama, Don’t Be Funny (You’re Driving Me Nuts)" "She Doesn't Look Like She's Wearing Clothes (She Looks Like She's Been Bedazzled)" "It’s Just Like Ozark (Just a Little Farther Away)" "Santa Claus Ain't Coming (If You Don't Clean Up Your Room)" "He Was an Outcast among the Rejects (In the Shade of the Penske Truck)" "I’m So Excited about Sleeping Late (I’m Going to Bed Early Toni-ight)"...more

The New Normal, the Oscars, and, I'm Happy!

SADHVIHave you noticed how a LOT of people are really into their smartphones these days?  I just got back from Las Vegas, and it was just so weird to see how many folks with their he...more

Sly and The Family Stone - You Haven't Heard it All

Everybody is a StarThe best thing that could have ever happened to me and Sly was the release of the new box set - Sly and the Family Stone, Higher!...more

Composers, Comparisons, & a Light bulb

One of my favorite movies of all time is Amadeus. In my essay, “Music and Beer, (p. 60)” I talk at length about being taken to see that movie by my music teacher when I was a young child, and how the movie began my love affair with classical music and my adoration of the brilliant composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. To this day, I feel love anytime I hear any of Mozart’s music or play one of his pieces on my flute....more
I loved AMADEUS too, and think you have named the real point of it. Even if we are not as good ...more

How The Beatles' First Appearance On 'The Ed Sullivan Show' Brought My Family Together

The Beatles first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show was on Sunday February 9th, 1964 at 8:00 PM.  There were over 70 million viewers that night and my two older sisters and I, my mom and my dad were all part of that momentous TV viewing occasion. Image: Library of Congress, United Press International, photographer unknown, via WikimediaCommons I was 7.  Yes, I confess.  I'm that old. ...more
.jenwag57 Ths for the RT, Jennifer!more

On daily Bases I Need To Cuss.

Any blog. Confession time...I can't leave a comment on one type of comment format. Believe me I'm not picking on Living rich on cheap. But any blog using this type of comment on blogs won't let me comment. It won't let me sign in to my google account. It almost seem like browser promblem but I can comment on the blogger that uses this format Suzie the foodie....more

Super Bowl Halftime Recap: Oil Meets Water

In general, I don't like talking about things so topical they literally expire in one day. I don't. But since I've got some time to kill before tickets go on sale, I'm going to give it a shot.If you know me, even a little bit, you know that I'm a huge fan of Bruno Mars, going back to the days of Nothin' on You. Let's also say that, since then, I've basically attained groupie status. His voice has so bewitched me, I've yet to break the spell. Basically, I'm in love with him, and nothing will ever change that....more