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Birthday Shuffle V - Day 4 - Music

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Birthday Shuffle V - Day 3 - Cold Hearted

It's always sad to lose a friendship, and worse when it's over something stupid like a man.   I went to college in San Diego, and I had a close circle of friends;  in particular, two friends that I had made while living in the residence halls....more
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Enigma: The Principles of Lust

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RIP Chris Squire of Yes

Just yesterday, one of my favorite bass players passed away.  Chris Squire, one of the founding fathers of the rock band Yes, died from leukemia at age 67.  Although not necessarily a household name beyond those well-versed in the breadth and depth of rock and roll, he was an amazing bass player.  Amazing enough for my high school best friend and me to input his initials in our yearbook quotes for our senior years (weren’t we cute and oh so rock and roll?! Please don’t judge — I was 18!)....more

Background Score for 'Healthcare Reforms'

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Analyzing music the Aristotle way

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What it's worth

It seems like we live in a time where we just throw away the old and buy new and the same holds true for pianos. There is no market for older pianos; most people want a new piano that has a warranty.  And, good used pianos are hard to find. For every well-maintained older piano we see, there is half a dozen that aren't even playable.  And, the cost to fix those kinds of pianos can be very expensive.  So how much is your old piano worth? ...more

40 Songs for Turning 40

40 SONGS FOR TURNING 40This week two of my very dear friends will be turning 40! I can tell that they are approaching this milestone with some angst.  I wish I could explain to them just how great being 40 is.  We are still young(ish) in our 40's. Yet old enough to care more about what really matters (like family, friendship, and comfortable shoes) and way less about what doesn't matter (like fitting in with everyone, showing off, or ridiculously high heels)....more

New Music Video From Adult Contemporary Singer Cory Charles Is Getting National Play On The Cool TV

The new music video from Adult Contemporary singer Cory Charles is getting national play on TheCoolTV. The video is for his new single “If I Could Change Anything It Would Be You”, which stars Cory and the gorgeous model Erika Jordan portraying the funny but true parts about relationships. The first time I heard the song, I was an instant fan!...more

Bathe in music, literally

Here's a treat for all music lovers. Hope this kickstarter campaign becomes a success. Read more at: