Downtown Vinnie releases a new cd called "The Sting of Fire"

Downtown Vinnie releases another CD called "The Sting of Fire" playing more than several of his cigar box guitars. Eugene Oregon musician shines through in this fourth CD.This will get your toe tapping. It's on bandcamp. Check it out

No More Week

It is so common for victims of domestic abuse to also have to choose between being homeless and being abused. Most victims do not have a place to go or the financial resources to move.It’s not that easy to just leave. It should be but it’s not....more

Meghangal (OST) - Promo for a short film

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Blog Roundup - Feb 2015

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Six Things I Learned About Kim Gordon from Reading ‘Girl In A Band’ and Seeing Her Book Tour Appearance

In Girl in a Band, Kim Gordon presents an overview about her childhood, the underground music and art scene in 1980s New York City, her years in Sonic Youth, her interests and influences, motherhood, and the dissolution of her marriage to Sonic Youth co-founder Thurston Moore. ...more

Brahmatvam - Music Video

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Access v/s owning music

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I Drive a Volkswagen, but I Love the Acura RDX Commercial (Thanks to Blondie)

 If you were a teenager in the 1980s then you'll remember Debbie Harry, the platinum-haired songstress known as Blondie....more

Old Music Review: Bic Runga

I have decided to review old music CDs.  I think that most of the new music is crap, mostly beats with nothing more to offer.  I own a ton of old CDs and have even more older songs on my IPOD.  With this being said there are some CDs and artists that may have been lost in the fray.  I would love to review them now and hopefully I can interest even one person.  I was going through CDs trying to look for something that was low key that I could jam to whilst working on stuff on the computer and not waking my son up.   Bic Runga jumped out at me, and made me r...more

Soul Searching Is A Smooth Jazz Fusion Album From Mitchell Coleman Jr. That Will Funk You Up

“Soul Searching” is a smooth jazz fusion album from Mitchell Coleman Jr. that will funk you up. It’s a perfect mix of Funk and Jazz, that’ll get Funk on your Jazz and Jazz on your Funk … Mmmm sounds good!! This album has it all: heart, soul, and collaborations with Motown legends that bring his lifelong dream of sharing music with the world to life. Co-writing all but one of the songs on his album, Mitchell Coleman Jr. is a true smooth jazz musician....more