EWPH’s response to Grimes’ response to criticism from dogmatic asshole vegans

Ready to take back control of how you eat + feel + live? Now’s the time.Eat Well. Party Hard. will help you make it happen.And now, back to your regularly-scheduled post!***...more

Jamaican Videos: Hilarious review of Why Tessanne Chin Had to WIN the Knockout Round

In Jamaica, for the Fall 2013 season of NBC's The Voice every Jamaican with a TV set, computer, laptop or any digital device that ...more

Jamaican Videos: Hilarious review of Why Tessanne Chin Won the Battle Round on NBC The Voice

By: Denise N. Fyffe. Copyright © 2013, Denise N. Fyffe...more

Now, THAT's entertainment

Do you remember when regular network television showed old movies, mostly late at night? I do. I especially remember staying up late to watch old movie musicals--you know, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly, Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland, the ones with supremely idiotic plots (especially the oldest ones) and fantastic musical numbers? I loved those. I loved them even more after seeing That's Entertainment with my parents on the big screen in a movie theater: ...more
Not to shabby, I kind of like it.more

Here, have a song for Chanukah

It's Friday, and a short Friday at that, made even shorter by the fact that I'm going to my sister's for Shabbat. Which is lovely, but that means I have No Time to blog...so here's the latest Chanukah offering by the Maccabeats (the Yeshiva University a cappella group): Video by MaccabeatsVideos. ...more

Day 21 - Road Tunes... AKA Singing Alone in the Car and Not Caring

 I drove to Sacramento today to start a ten day run of shifts in two of the local ED's here....more

It's not exactly hoarding...

I just spent some--too much--time moving my media files (you know, iTunes library, some movies, that sort of thing) over to a new external hard drive, as they were in danger of choking the life out of my computer's internal hard drive. ... Okay, not really. But they come to about 100GB, and my internal hard drive has only 320GB of space (it's an old machine), so that's a substantial percentage, and I haven't even ripped the great majority of my music CDs because I was afraid of the space they'd take up, and now I can go ahead and digitize to my heart's content. ...more

Making random Jewish references in a Chanukah song

Hey! Just one week from tonight is the first night of Chanukah! I've been so busy trying to take care of everything before my cataract surgery on Monday I practically forgot. So, for a happy-time break--which has nothing to do with procrastination, nothing, I tell you!--I went and downloaded some Chanukah songs. ...more

Fifty Things from My iPod

For the rest of this week, I have decided to tackle list prompts. Partly because work is busy and, well, I'm lazy.  I am also being a bad rowmie/columnmate on the YeahWrite grid and need to catch on reading y'alls blogs too....more