Easy Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas

Bored with being a generic devil, cat or ubiquitous Freudian Slip again this year? I know you are. A costume drawn from pop culture hits all the marks, because it lets you find your tribe of fellow fans and lets you enter a universe you love without the long term commitment of cosplay community forums. Also, pop culture costumes are typically pretty easy to pull off. ...more
Clever post!more

“It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like”…Naw, Too Soon!

I’ve held off and was able to control my shock and horror when I saw the “Christmas in July days” advertised on assorted Home Shopping channels. I’ve even refrained from snarkish mutterings while rolling my cart past twinkling displays in Costco. A TV channel (not to be named) is launching Christmas themed movies on Halloween. I am NOT a Grinch, but, it is too soon....more

Get Out of Renee Zellweger's Face

After a 5-year absence from the red carpet, Renee Zellweger recently made her reentry into Hollywood.  And the crowd went wild. Her face is-well- different. She just doesn't look quite like our vision of herself, or how we remember her at least. But the onslaught of comments that followed her step back into the limelight is really quite unbelievable. Why do we care so much if she's had a little work done?...more

Larry the Cable Girl

I know, I know....I haven't been blogging lately and I feel like a lazy, bad person!! But in my defense- I spend so much time on Twitter and some on Facebook, plus checking emails. I have also been writing and filming some new material....blah blah blah. Ok, I'm just going to stop with all the excuses because it's quite pathetic! Who am I kidding? Most of my time is spent watching reality tv,  entertainment news or eating my feelings. The other day Kim Kardashian was shown out in public somewhere showing most of her boobs as usual....more

What Does The Whiteness Project Really Show About Race in America?

Watching the videos from the first installment of The Whiteness Project—24 clips filmed this July in Buffalo as part of documentary filmmaker Whitney Dow's project—was uncomfortable, and sadly revealed nothing surprising. How do you reject white privilege? How do you deny responsibility for humane speech and action towards others? How do you co-opt other people's struggles? It's pretty easy, apparently.  ...more
Rita Arens Thank you, Rita. Some of these comments make me want to scream. The denial of ...more

Non-Fantasy Books for Game of Thrones Fans

After watching the first season of Game of Thrones, I did some screaming and started reading the series the next day. I'm not one to wait. I'm also not one for fantasy, so I don't know what it was about George R.R. Martin and his world, but it drew me in. Since then, I've made attempts at reading other fantasy series, but nothing seemed to click the way A Song of Ice and Fire did. So, what is there to read once you've devoured all of the books and happen to be in between seasons?...more

The Faja or Weight Loss Girdle is Back, but Why?

So the use of the faja has infiltrated popular American culture huh?...more

Have We Become a Botox Nation?

Oscar and Tony award winning actress Frances McDormand has always relied on her immense talent, remaining committed to a Botox-free existence.  At 57, she saw the need to develop her own material since the film industry has no hunger to portray women of a certain age, as if “older” should mean “un...more

What the Ladies of Vivid Radio Taught Me

You may remember that I got a new (well, used) car earlier this year, and with that car I got 3 free months of Sirius XM, which included the Vivid radio station. You might also remember that I became slightly obsessed with listening to the numerous porn star ladies hosting the various shows on the channel. Then it ended. My 3 months was up and no more Debi Diamond, Mary Carey, Christy Canyon, Ash Hollywood, or Alexis Texas and her big ol' booty (I'm only taking her word for it. I don't really know how big it is)....more

Once Upon A Time, Season 4: Episode 4 - Captain Hook And His Naughty, Naughty Hand

We begin this week's tale with a visit from our old friend Zoso – remember him? I must say, his dental hygiene has improved. He’s here to provide valuable plot fodder – specifically, we learn that the reason The Dark One wants the sorcerer’s hat is because it’ll free him from the dagger and give him unlimited power....more