My Introduction (Introducing Mmyself)

My Name Is Christine! I Love Traveling To Many Different Places! I'm A Teenager Living An AWESOME life. My Hobbies Are Gymnastics, Cheer, Drawing, Making Youtube Videos, And Blogging!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WELCOME TO MY BLOG<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<...more

The struggle to stay on key

My son was singing in the bathtub. This is not new. What was new was what he was singing. There, echoing off the bathroom walls, in his slightly off-key, boys soprano came the classic lyrics of:...more

SATC Talk: Bay of Married Pigs: Can Single Women and Married Friends Be Friends?

This is the third episode of the first season and is actually a question I wonder about. Now, I’m not talking about friends you already have who get married or become single. I’m talking about attracting new friends who are married if you are a single woman. And I mean meaningful friendships....more

Game of Thrones Sons of the Harpy Episode Rundown

The weakest scurry, fanatic cults rise, and Jon Snow knows nothing again, WHAT, in this week’s Game of Thrones Sons of the Harpy Episode Rundown. Yes, we finally got a glimpse of Dorne in the opening credits with a wrapping, open mouthed snake rising toward the sky. We know something ruthless will come out of this new location. So, without further adieu let’s discuss our top three moments of, Sons of the Harpy....more

Who Is Your Pop Culture Doppelgänger? I Am Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!

My husband came to me and asked, "Have you seen Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?""No. Why? Is it any good?""Oh, man! YOU have to see it. It's uncanny!" He continued, "It's about this girl who escapes a cult and decides to take on New York City with her positive, can-do attitude..." Then he raised his eyebrows and did this slooow nod, like, You know what I'm saying. Ha. Ha. ...more

China Through the Looking Glass: Metropolian Museum’s New Exihibit

Wear flats, this new exhibit is on multiple floors at the Metropolitan Museum. -PJ Gach...more

Boss Fragrances Have New Masculine Muse, Theo James {Fragrance News} {Celebrity & Perfume}

Boss parfums are preparing to release a new masculine composition - name and appearance still undisclosed - except for its scent ambassador, actor Theo James...Read more at Perfume Critic Chant Wagner...more

15 Female Action Heroes Respond to the Sony-Marvel Fail List, in GIFs

So you think female action heroes are a bad business move, huh, Sony? That's cute. ...more
Well unsaid lolmore

Why I'm Worried About Honey Boo Boo

dirtyandthirty.comThe other day I found myself worrying about Honey Boo Boo. Yes, there I was wondering wh...more

Only at a Star Wars Convention: 7 Things That Surprised Me!

Last month, I went to the Star Wars Celebration convention in Anaheim, California.There are things that go on there that I doubt happen anywhere else. Here are a few:...more