Cancer Moon Weekend: Friends, Family, Food!

The Moon is content this Saturday and Sunday as it sits in the Zodiac sign it rules. Water sign Cancer sets us up to enjoy the comforts of home. Domesticity has its merits, make yourself, and anyone who happens to stop by, comfortable. Kindness and grace and a good meal can be so soothing for everyone....more

Aries Moon – Action, Risk, Energy

Beginning on Friday 7/26/13 thru Sunday, we are influenced by the impatient, aggressive sign of Aries. (Think “Action figure”)  This Fire sign is the 1st sign of the Zodiac and is ruled by the planet Mars – the patron saint of warriors. Arian Moons are perhaps best for movement rather than mental activity, but still a good time to initiate, take charge- just think it thru and go for it. ...more

Addiction, Cory Monteith and Me

The passing of Cory Monteith has left me rattled. I am not a fan in the sense that I followed his career or life but I have watched Glee since the beginning.This news was especially difficult to hear because it came on the heels of the verdict in the George Zimmerman case. I was absolutely appalled that he was found not guilty in the murder of Trayvon Martin....more
@Miss Pancakes Thank you very much for reading and commenting. (Sorry for my delay in replying ...more

Oh, The Unmitigated Joy Of A Giant, Cruising Wiener

I dragged myself out of bed today and it wasn't easy. I had the most vivid dream of my life and it involved a man I've never met before but would very much like to - especially after that dream. Whoa.OK, so I really need to start dating. Soon.Anyway. I was groggy and cranky and a dozen other irritable adjectives as I climbed into my car and began my forty-plus mile commute into work. The road droned on ahead of me, slow people got in front of me in the left lane and somebody stupid was too afraid to pass a tractor-trailer.Same old, same old....more

Duchess Kate, We Need to Talk Mom to Mom

 Duchess Kate, it's time you and I had a conversation, mom to mom.Right now, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed. Forget about the fact you just gave birth to the third in line to the throne. There’s some things you really need to know....more

Why did Corey Monteith die?

Why did Corey Monteith die?...more

Here Comes The Sun: Leo!

The Sun rules the 5th sign of the Zodiac and you can tell. With the influence of the “Sun King”, we all should feel upbeat and magnanimous – it’s all that regal, “all about me” stuff. Leo’s are generous, dramatic (great performers), attention seeking, creative and full of a lion’s pride. When the Sun struts into this Fire sign, expect to have some fun for the duration of its stay....more

Domestic Violence Affects Men Too

Hollywood actor Emma Roberts was recently arrested in Montreal on domestic violence (DV) charges. She and her boyfriend had gotten into a heated dispute that attracted the attention of other guests in the hotel where they were staying. Police were called and found Roberts' boyfriend, Evan Peters, with a bloody nose and bite marks. Ms. Roberts was then arrested and taken into custody, but later released when Mr. Peters declined to press charges....more

My Parenting Advice for Princess Kate

Princess Kate is due any day with the future heir to the British throne. Which means she is probably desperately waiting for this post from me chock full of my parenting advice!So, dear Princess, here is what I would like to share:...more