Friday the 13th, Astrologically Speaking – No worries

 A stubborn, determined, sensual, Venus ruled Taurus Moon can make December 13, 2013 an exciting, rather than frightening Friday. It’s all about life’s beauty and pleasures, but it also brings forth the obstinate bull in us. Is there such a thing as inflexible love? Nobody wants to lose, give up/ give in, change direction. “Stickin-to-your-guns” works, until it doesn’t. Pay attention and accept when it stops working. Regardless, luxuriate in good food, good people and good times. ...more

Small Talk at The White House (yes – that White House) and other Holiday Parties

Great tips! Enjoy your party(err parties!)more

Weekend Moon: Radical Aquarius, Then Dreamy Pisces

The unpredictable, independent, Uranus ruled Aquarius Moon on Friday December 6, 2013 might give us some surprises. If that makes you nervous, imagine all the fun you can have this weekend under the influence of this unconventional Air sign. Just think thru any extreme plans that might cross your mind. There may be consequences, fallout. ...more

The Kitchen Think: Hot Food Trends for 2014

 If the Gurus of Food Trend Predictions are correct, in 2014 you’re going to be eating a lot of gluten-free Brazilian food that is locally sourced from an environmentally sustainable garden.This food trend forecast is not as wacky as it sounds....more

When Reality Emulates Art (or, I Don’t Like Being #CapitolCouture)

I’ve written before about my obsession with the Capitol Couture campaign. It’s stunning to look at and elegantly executed. It serves as worldbuilding that enhances the Hunger Games movies and rewards readers of the books for their fandom and insider knowledge. A unique and creative concept, excellently executed. And hey, it’s a lot of fun....more

Who's Ready for an Epic Chick Fight?

Thanksgiving's overlap with Hanukkah and the ensuing seamless transition into Christmas decoration and shopping season has me in need of a palate cleanser.  I love a weepy week full of enjoying Love, Actually while bemoaning Black Friday as much as the next Elf on a Shelf, but two back-to-back months of it? I feel a need cultural exfoliation in between my sweet-and-cheesy seasons, thank you very much, just as I need a green-smoothie cleanse to make up for my recent Week of Butter and Breakfast Pie. ...more

What We Can Learn from the "Elan Gale and Diane in 7A" Hoax

On November 28, Elan Gale decided to entertain the world by making up a story that we have all experienced in one way or another. He tweeted that he'd boarded a US Airways flight on his way back to Los Angeles, that the flight was running late, and that one passenger was furiously yelling about it. Soon, Gale was live-tweeting a fictional battle with a woman immortalized as "Diane in 7A." What unfolded on his feed can only be described as a how to on behaving badly. What made it so hard to look away is the same thing that makes reality TV the addictive thing it is. Is it time to reconsider? ...more
I couldn't help but think when I was reading this tale that Gale's behavior was totally ...more

Optimistic Sagittarius New Moon 12/2/13

A New Moon in Sagittarius, Monday December 2, 2013, gets the month off to an upbeat start. Abundance, fun, bigger is best, far reaching ideas, etc. are all part of this Jupiter ruled Zodiac Fire sign....more

EWPH’s response to Grimes’ response to criticism from dogmatic asshole vegans

Ready to take back control of how you eat + feel + live? Now’s the time.Eat Well. Party Hard. will help you make it happen.And now, back to your regularly-scheduled post!***...more

Links loved: November

Ready to take back control of how you eat + feel + live? Now’s the time.Eat Well. Party Hard. will help you make it happen.And now, back to your regularly-scheduled post!***...more