A Snappy, Versatile Full Moon in Gemini 11/25/15

The Sun is in Sagittarius, which means that this month’s Full Moon, on Wednesday November 25, 2015, is in the opposite sign – Gemini. While the Moon is in the Mercury ruled 3rd sign of the Zodiac, communication is key. Speaking / writing can tend towards the witty and the clever, but with “Full” energy, our interactions can also be purposeful, powerful and precise. I love this quote from Deepak Chopra: “Language creates reality. Words are magical power. Speak always to create joy”Let us all do that!...more

Spontaneous, Sagacious, Sag Sun 11/22/15

The Sun prances into Sagittarius on Sunday November 22, 2015 - let the fun times begin! The Sun is in this Fire sign and we can all enjoy it’s qualities of energy, optimism and adventure. Ruled by lucky planet Jupiter, the king of positive thinking, we just won’t have enough space for all the goodies anticipated. Everything is “BIG”- ideas, actions, themes. There is this underlying sense of “can’t miss”, “it’s all great!” Just remember to pause occasionally to look over the landscape – not only to enjoy the view, but also to realize that some of those “sure things” are not and might cost you more that you can afford - aim for controlled excess. ...more

Video Vednesday: Buffy Studies and The Future

I like my Video Vednesday theme so I thought I'd do another, especially since I've recently discovered a new YouTube channel that I really enjoy. I also found another really fun video today, so I figured I'd share them both. One is about the future in (not of) movies, and the other is about one of my favorite television series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. ...more

Best Gift Idea for a 7 Year-Old Boy (Or Any Kid Who Loves Minecraft)

I never write product posts. I don't have that sorta blog. So you're probably expecting me to be snarky or something here. But surprise! I just have to share this with you because the holiday season is coming up and you probably need present ideas that don't suck. Ohmygoodgawd do I hate buying something for my kids and then tossing it out a year later after it's been played with twice. ...more

The Hardest Part about Being a Woman: There's No One Answer

Poor Caitlyn Jenner.  How quickly the accolades change to attacks, all because of a few poorly chosen words....more

Nobody Loves A Fat Chick And Why Gabourey Sibide’s Clapback Was Epic

Apparently, the fat chick can’t get any love. Let’s rephrase that… The fat chick SHOULDN’T get any love. This appears to be the sentiment after last Wednesday’s episode of “Empire” where Becky (portrayed by Gabourey Sibide) gets it in with a chocolate hottie before she has to go to work. I was giddy watching two chocolate folks swinging a sexy ass ep on a rooftop. Hell, I need some ideas. I have to keep this marriage fresh! Anyway, Facebook was in rare form (even rarer than normal if THAT can happen) afterwards....more

If You Read One Article About Marilyn Monroe Vs Dorothy Dandridge Read this On

Marilyn has no colour. She is the perfect presentation of womanhood and beauty. Marilyn ...more


I drove down to the Central Valley to visit my octogenarian parents for a few days recently.  They live out in the country and generally spend their evenings watching TV, my father in the pitch dark of the spare bedroom, volume turned up to deafening decibels, my mother in the family room with all the lights on.  Sometimes they even watch the same show from opposite sides of the house.  Most often, however, my father is watching a documentary or drama (the more violent, the better), while my mother contents herself with BBC reruns or whatever reality show beams in clearly eno...more

Alert! Alert!

Attention. May I please have your attention. Blogging on This Is Fifty With Lil has been interrupted due to Twitter going bonkers over freaky glowing something or other with trailing long, blue-green streak that appeared in the sky over Los Angeles, California.I was napping at the time that this "UFO" sighting occurred, and had not heard or read anything about it until my phone battery was done charging. I always miss the cool stuff when it happens. Thank goodness for Twitter, right?...more